As the title let slyly by, the election is over. Thank god it’s over. I mean, it’s really all over guys. Hope you didn’t love this world, because ohhhhh-ver. Kidding (MAYBE). I live in a blue state, am a “white-ish” male (half is enough!), that works from home, so a Trump Presidency doesn’t affect me. Add a few more shades of brown or a pu**y to grab, well then, the next four years might have been a bit different. And in the pod, we quickly give our take on what it all means maaaan, from a Clinton supporter (yes, I was with her), a luke-warmish Trump supporter (Unbreakable MB), and a Libertarian supporter (Tehol, because of course) who did the resting-Librarian, which is another way of saying he didn’t vote. After just a short six minutes of cordial discussion (that’s what she said), we quickly pivoted to talking football, going over San Diego’s voting no on their stadium referendum, what exactly is going on with the running back situations in Tampa Bay and Seattle, and what we can expect from Ty Montgomery and Dion Lewis going forward along with other topics. Jordan Howard was mentioned, I know that. And then we just kinda decide to stop talking, since Tehol and I aren’t fully caught up with Westworld. What can I say, we have the best endings… (A lot of people are saying it.)

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Greetings! What. Just. Happened? Six months ago, I would have literally bet my life against five grand that Donald Trump had zero shot at being the Republican nominee. Two months ago, I would have bet every red cent I have that he could not defeat Hillary Clinton in this epic battle for USA supremacy. It became quite apparent to me how insanely wrong I was about the whole sitch, right about when Trump did Killary like Frank Dukes did Chong Li in Bloodsport. One can only receive so many consecutive roundhouse kicks to the grill piece before they fall to the mat in a bloody and bruised pile of raw hamburger meat and shart-stained drawls. This is honestly the hugest upset in the history of politics, or maybe the biggest upset of any kind. I’m talking about in the history of the world. I am beyond shocked. A few months ago, I would have said I’m appalled, but Hillary is so insanely unlikable that the fact she could have been the first woman to preside over the United States of America wasn’t even an interesting story. Her campaign became desperate, as she posted edited attack ads going at Trump, making her look petty and weak. Not only did Trump win, but the Republicans managed to still maintain control of both the house and the senate! PLEASE RID THIS NATION OF THE DEATH TAX! This money has already been taxed. What right does the government have to it? Again, this money has already been taxed. I don’t even understand how this is a real thing. But, truly, this Trump shizz is beyond nuts, but kudos to him for staying the course and pulling it out. Imagine how incredible it would feel to win the Presidency after countless celebrities and people like Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban blasted him non-stop. I must say, that that’s quite impressive. You simply cannot deny this. Yes, my goodmen, Donald J. Trump got the last laugh here…

I am Tehol Beddict, and this is Disgrace and Delight! Take heed!

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Ladies and gentleman, America has played its Trump card. Just goes to show you just how much this country dislikes Hillary Clinton. They were willing to elect a man with no political experience over one with a lifetime. Good riddance Killary, and congratulations President Trump. You know what they say, every dog has its day. Well, here are my dogs. Speaking of dogs, has anyone gone to or plan to attend a Temple of the Dog show? If so, I’m jealous. While this might not be the best lineup I have presented, 172 points should be more than enough to bring home a win.

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Nov 6, 2016; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders running back Latavius Murray (28) is stopped short of the end zone by Denver Broncos safety Darian Stewart (26) in the second quarter at Oakland Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, everyone. I apologize for missing last week, but I had a bunch of running around to do and was never able to settle down and hammer out the Week 9 Handcuff Report. Let’s just assume that I gave you great advice last week and that you’re back this week for more. Ok? Ok. Good. Great. Now, about those running backs.

The Oakland Raiders have been really fun to watch this year unless you have been trying to predict running back touches all year. While Latavius Murray was frustrating earlier in the year and then got hurt, but one thing he has done all year is find his way into the end zone. And in a week when a ton of people probably benched him because he was going up against the defense of the Denver Broncos, he decided to get into the end zone three times. Hopefully, you rolled the dice or were forced to start him because of bye weeks and injuries, but I know that many of you didn’t start him. I probably wouldn’t have.

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I’m up in the woods, I’m down on my mind
I’m building a sill to slow down the time.

Bon Iver penned the words and performed it first, then Kanye West went and blewed it all up with a dope remix for his ‘Lost in the World’ track a few years ago. Now, when I’m in the woods, I’m not sure that I pull Chris Pine in Into The Woods like you see above (sorry for that?), but I know it’s definitely a place to reset your thoughts and re-aim your efforts.

Nine weeks into the fantasy football season we could all probably take a little trip up in the woods. Whether it’s readying yourself for a playoff push, climbing out of the middle…

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I’m writing this during Monday Night Football. You’ll (hopefully) be reading this on voting day. It’s a #big day (believe me). Those of us that play in FAAB leagues are free from the tyranny of “reset to inverse order of standings” waiver claims. Free from the passivity of “continual rolling list” waiver claims. We have freedom of FAAB. Freedom to choose Kapri Bibbs or Peyton Barber or Eli Rogers…

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Look, it was either that or “Lockett the Vote”… The world could end later today, and then who’s going to ever know we watched a Monday Night Football game where stuff actually happened? I mean, there were first downs and touchdowns and remarkable levels of referee derp, it felt as if we watched “football” on a weekday for the very first time. You know, like the Madonna song. And while the broadcast served as a strong example of needing a national day of reflection on banning all political ads, both the Seahawks and Bills stepped up, showing everyone that two competing entities can come together and agree on something. In this case, it was agreeing not to play any defense. But if two teams can do that, maybe there is hope for us all… (so no matter what you believe and where you want us to go, you should #vote!)

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Look people, you try to make a pun out of “Ark”… Regardless, it appears that the top AFC teams coming out of the halfway point in the 2016 season are the usual New England Patriots and the… Oakland Raiders…? I honestly wish I knew why this was happening. I… I think the sun is starting to set on where I live, and I mean that in the most figurative way possible, because, you know, daylight savings time. But this is indeed a strange world we live in. The Oakland Raiders, led by the one Carr brother that’s actually not bad, Amari Cooper, and Latavius “I’ll always be 3/4 of an elite back” Murray, have managed to find themselves in first place in the AFC West with an impressive 5-0 record on the road. Because honestly, the only things that do well in Oakland are bails bondsman, and, you know, gentrification. Progress I guess. But wouldn’t it be great if the Raiders could be added that list? As a totally-not-biased-at-all-trust-me Chargers fan (and I’m throwing up a little in my mouth right now typing this), but it’s a shame that the Raiders have a solid chance to have a pretty great year, and it’s being overshadowed with rumors of the team possibly moving. And we’re talking about a post-Los Angeles not being able to be used as leverage timeline that we’re in, and Mark Davis is still able to do this. Maybe they’ll move to a magical place… called Houston. I don’t think there’s a team there… Listen, my life receives no benefit for suggesting such a radical idea as rooting about a specific aspect for a franchise that, at times, was the black eye (literally too!) of the league, but I did it anyways. A Chargers fan speaking kindly of the Raiders? Truly, the end is nigh.

Here’s what else I saw during yesterday’s Week 9 Sunday games…

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There’s a lot of conjecture on the how and why America’s most popular sport is losing popularity. Some might point to it being an election season, which doesn’t make much sense as I’m sure most people are struggling to put themselves as far away from stated election season as much as possible. I mean, talk about bad timing for cut backs at NASA. Could it be the lack of quality matchups on Monday Night and Thursday Night Football? I guess that could be part of it, seeing as how I’ve seen enough of the Bears, Titans, and Jaguars in prime time to think that it’s a deliberate attempt by the league to test the limits of profitability. There was also a compelling World Series, with a ratings-heavy postseason for baseball. And of course, lastly, there is a structural mechanism here that’s in play, the fact that America is moving away from cable viewership, mostly because we as a nation love cat GIFs. And I sort of agree here, all of these aspects do seem to be well-reasoned arguments of why the sport is in decline. But in all this thought-exercise, you’d have to admit that the biggest factor here is perhaps the quality of the sport is in decline… right? Call me crazy, but I’ve been pointing out every week it seems now that the quality that the NFL is providing is not on par with what I think our expectations are. The outlandish reactions to a black quarterback utilizing his first amendment rights, the continued nepotistic boys club of announcers who are just completely awful at what they do. I mean, has anyone understood north of 25% of the words that even come out of Shannon Sharpe’s mouth? Berman, you’ve been yelling RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAIDERS! for fifty years man. You got anything else? I mean, the fact that Ray Lewis held a job with ESPN was the biggest gaslighting I’ve seen from that network. And then you add in all the penalties for jumping two inches off the ground, yet Vontaze Burfict is in the league. Are we the viewers starting to notice? Maybe. All I know is, I love football, but hate the NFL at this point, and I can certainly see that maybe I’m not the only one…

On a lighter note, maybe this is why we have fantasy football! Be sure to check out our Start and Sits for today’s games here, along with Rudy’s updated projections for Week 9 by clicking here. And as always, our updated rankings are available after the jump!

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Hey everyone, welcome to the weekend! It’s been a long week (or at least for me), but we are finally here. It’s Saturday. The ‘Bama game will be on soon.

For those that don’t know, I am currently a student, and I’d like to talk about something I’m currently studying. In my Psychology class, we are going over memory processes, which includes mostly recognition and retrieval; fully understanding an event (or series of events) that has just occurred, or remembering an event (or a series). Some of you may already know a little bit about this. Two of the bigger terms we are covering currently is constructive processing and hindsight bias (lightbulb!). Constructive processing refers to the retrieval of memories in which those memories are altered, revised or influenced by newer information. Hindsight bias, on the other hand, is the tendency to falsely believe, through revision of older memories to include newer information, that one could have correctly predicted the outcome of an event. Know the term “Monday Morning Quarterback”? That’s a prime example of hindsight bias.

Fantasy Football is purely based on interpreting data (doesn’t have to be numbers and charts, it could be just injury news, matchups, etc.) and applying this info to our lineups and teams for the week. But sometimes, past events has a great influence over our future moves. Have you ever said to yourself, “Jesus man, why the hell did you not start ____ against the ____?? Stupid!”. Don’t fault yourself, that is a pure example of hindsight bias. We’ll try to eliminate recent events from our thinking, but it’s nearly impossible to do so. This player has been on fire, let’s continue to ride the hot hand. Should we always think this way?

Let me bring this back to the week ahead, by going back to last Sunday night, where the Cowboys mounted a pretty sizable comeback en route to an overtime victory against Philadelphia. Was this shocking, especially the results of Dez after a full comeback from his injury? I say yes. The Eagles had (and still have) arguably a Top-5 pass defense, and against a WR who hadn’t seen the field in a while, all looked good and well for the Eagles to make a strong statement on prime-time TV. But that wasn’t the case, Dak and Dez looked very good together, especially when you consider they hadn’t had a chance to form completely chemistry. So when we consider all the factors, was the result truly surprising? Sure, it was a tough matchup on paper, but Dez has been one of the best offensive weapons in the last couple of years when healthy, with arguably the ROY lead dog at the helm, we should have been all over him. And, we should be on him as a Top-5 wideout rest of season.

Oh, and this week he’ll play the Browns.

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