Positional flexibility is so incredible. It gives you so many options, and shallows out the need for your bench. Targeting players that carry multiple positions is a sneaky tactic to winning your fantasy league. In baseball.

But would ya look at that…here we are in Week 8 of the fantasy football season and it’s the positional flexibility that’s adding value to players, and elevating a certain someone above the rest of the Pack (pun intended) as we look for targets leading into the second half of the season. Having troubles at the RB position due to the overall suck of the position, the quagmire that is timeshares in the backfield, or the myriad of injuries that could have ravaged your squad? No fear, Green Bay’s providing all the assistance you’ll need by getting creative with their own backfield problems. And giving us something we haven’t had in three weeks as we work the wire…

Here are the top targets to, well…target for Week 8!

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FAAB waiver wire acquisitions time. These recommendations are ghoulish. Ghastly even. I hope you read my post from last week, because it was funny. I hope you did NOT follow the advice I was giving regarding Jay Ajayi because it was terrible. You might even say it was a disaster (believe me). It’s like a skeleton in my closet. I was lukewarm on Ajayi and I basically told a reader not to drop Isaiah Crowell for him, because it would be a “lateral move”. Yeah not so much. Well, we know he won’t continue to be that good. I’ve been led to believe 200 yard rushing games are rare. This week we  will consider Davante Adams, Cordarrelle Patterson, Chris Thompson and Alfred Blue, among others…

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Would it be too much to ask for if this could end in a 3-3 tie? Those are the things you wonder during weekday football, especially on a weekday after that Seahawks and Cardinals game in which I actually got a contact bore. And so, while I didn’t get my wish, last night’s game was full of intrigue, excitement, and none of those things. Don’t get me wrong, the game didn’t turn out as bad as the first quarter had me thinking. I mean, it was still pretty bad, but not historically bad, which Monday Night and Thursday Night Football are potentially capable of. That being said, the game was still over before the half, and I’m sure we’re not the better for it in any way. Add into the fact that Jon Gruden went full tool mode and put forth an interesting observation that with all the injuries this year in the NFL, perhaps the reduction in physical contact practice was to blame…. Yeah, that makes about as much sense as me getting sleepy because I got plenty of rest. Beyond that, well, I’d love to tell you about a football game, but I’m not entirely sure I saw one…

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When I saw that Jay Ajayi (28 CAR, 214 YDS, 7.6 AVG, 1 TD, 53 LONG and 1 REC, 2 YDS, 2.0 AVG, 2 LONG, 1 TGTS) broke the 200-yard rushing barrier yesterday, I assumed it was a career-total type of thing… I mean, what kind of timeline have we been transported to where something like this could happen? We went from:s: It’s Arian Foster, it’s Jay Ajayi, it’s I think I’ll take a pass, to whatever we call this. Arian Foster (3 CAR, 5 YDS, 1.7 AVG, 3 LONG and 1 REC, 4 YDS, 4.0 AVG, 4 LONG, 3 TGTS) is probably safe to ignore now (though I might hold if possible, just because the Dolphins are a weird team that does weird things whenever they can). So now, one has to tackle (see what I did there?) the possibility that we’re seeing Devonta Freeman 2.0. True, the Bills probably wouldn’t be able to tackle Rex Ryan standing still if they tried yesterday, and yeah, the Steelers run defense has somehow morphed into the Colts run defense from the 00’s (zeroes or oh’s?… I have no idea), and that shows up in the numbers: Ajayi has broken as many tackles on 54 handoffs over the last two weeks (13) as Ezekiel Elliott has on 148 touches this entire season. But it’s hard to ignore two 200-yard games in a row, even with caveats. Only three other players have done that: O.J. Simpson, Earl Campbell, and Ricky Williams. Granted, you probably want to most be like Cambell here, in terms of the law (Simpson) and career longevity (Williams). Don’t kill people and get high, maaaaan… But how do we really know that this is legitimate? Well, since the majority of us didn’t see Freeman’s 2015, we can certainly see some similar parallels with Ajayi forming. In 2014, Freeman was one of the top running backs in the draft (like Ajayi was in 2015), and as a rookie for the Falcons, he was relegated to third string duty, totaling just 65 rushes and 30 catches the entire year. He was unspectacular, and his potential finally forgotten en masse when Tevin Coleman was drafted. The exact same could be said with Ajayi last year, as Lamar Miller’s presence limited him to just 187 total rushing yards and 11 catches. And then, Kenyan Drake was drafted and Arian Foster was signed. While it’s hard to say if Ajayi can sustain RB1 numbers for an Adam Gase and Clyde Christensen run offense that has never drawn up a sh*tty play that they didn’t love and do over and over again, it’s certainly apparent that when you make the lazy comparison that Jay Ajayi is the next Devonta Freeman, it might actually turn out to be right. And then you find yourself wondering, can Devonta effing Freeman be the next Jay Ajayi?… And then you wonder how the NFC West didn’t win a game yesterday, even though the Seahawks and Cardinals played against each other… and then you wonder why your head hurts so much.

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The second bi-annual London game has arrived, and along with it comes another mandatory 15 hour drinking period. (Instead of the usual 11 hour one I play for on Sundays.) You may not think there’s a difference, but just ask my liver and it’ll tell ya, there’s actually not a difference. The world is dark and full of opportunities to drink. What can I say, my liver, it drinks and knows things. Beyond the early-early morning game across the pond, not much really stands out matchup wise today. I’d love to harp on the schedule yet again, but then it’d be the seventh straight week doing so and even seven times of anything is too much for me. Except when it comes to chocolate covered pretzels. I could eat those as a meal. You may wonder why I’m talking about chocolate covered pretzels, but, I mean, do you really want me to talk about the Ravens versus the Jets or the Bucs going against the Niners? Yeah, I didn’t think so…

Be sure to check out our Start and Sits for today’s games here, along with Rudy’s updated projections for Week 7 by clicking here. And as always, our updated rankings are available after the jump!

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Loyal Razzballers and deep leaguers, we’re changing the format of the Deep Impact series from here on out. Rather than plug some under-owned options to consider for Week 7, instead, we will talk about all the ins and outs of wedding planning. Who says that planning a wedding should only be handled by the bride-to-be? Men, close your fantasy football apps and be an active part of the process… *answers call from Jay* I’ve been informed that the format of the article is actually staying the same, and also to beg all of you to never, ever stop paying attention to fantasy football for any reason. Don’t go anywhere! Please? You still there? Great! As we’ve been doing every week, let’s take a look at some guys below 10% owned in Yahoo that are worth using for Week 7. If you haven’t been reading every week, well, congrats! You’re probably doing pretty well so far this season.

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NFL: Chiefs v Colts Wild Card game

Welcome to the Week 7 edition of Start Em’ and Sit ‘Em.  I’m filling in for Zach this week, but he will be back next week, so don’t worry. If you are interested in reading my weekly article, I produce the streamer article which comes out on Thursdays.  I picked two players per position to start, and two to sit.  I know Zach usually does three, but I’m not as smart, talented, or energetic.  I’m just better looking. Whether any of that is true or not… well, let’s get right to it with some quarterbacks.

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I’d like to dedicate this week’s Beyond the Numbers to Week 6’s fantasy darling: Jay Ajayi. His 204 yard explosion versus Pittsburgh goes against every data point you could have on the guy, and gives a little bit of credit to a “beyond the numbers” mentality. Everyone seems to be flip flopping more than Ajayi’s mascot about whether he or Arian Foster will be the main man (myself included), and hopefully now we’ve found our answer. That joke would’ve probably landed better if Miami’s mascot was a fish, but hey, you got to work with what you got. This week, I’m on the lookout for the next monster performance, so let’s get to it…

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Well, minus the pants, that was probably the most regular looking color rush game (thank the lord!) of the year so far. But yeah, the Bears (DUUUUUH BEARS, if we’re doing the “iconic” pronunciation) has now officially become the NFL’s very own simulation on the cycles of depression. True, with this game being of the usual Thursday Night Football variety (Jaguars versus Titans next week? Were we Nazis in our previous life? Is that why we get that?), we had a really close game at the half… you know, a 3-6 “close game”, buuuuut there were legitimate reasons for that beyond it being just Thursday. I mean, the Bears were down to their third string quarterback behind a patchwork offensive line, their defensive secondary was in tatters, and on the other side, the Packers had Mike McCarthy (who is pretty much Marty Schottenheimer with a ring.) And while it would have been entertaining if the Bears accidentally derped their way into beating their NFC North rivals for the first time this millennium, alas, it was not to be, as vintage Aaron Rodgers decided to finally show up this season, albeit for two quarters. But I guess Chicago wouldn’t have noticed anyways because: Cubs. Connor Barth kicking. Matt Barkley quarterbacking. Ka’Deem Carey at runing back. Kyle Long not playing (this all must have been Cutler’s doing). Signs of the Apocalypse some would say… or what Chicago calls “normal”.

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Sep 18, 2016; Glendale, AZ, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Jacquizz Rodgers (32) in action during the game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. The Cardinals defeat the Buccaneers 40-7. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hey there, amigos. Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of By The Numbers. I’ll be your personal guide through this maze of numbers and fantasy goodness, so put on your reading glasses (pants) and join me in the quest for a title. Maybe some of you are like me – off to a not so spectacular start in your league. In the Writer’s RCL, I’m mired in a two game losing streak and stuck in 10th place. That’s not ideal, considering there’s only twelve teams. Sure, my team is 2-4, but it’s a good-looking 2-4, I can assure you. No worries, I’ll be okay. I kinda feel like Chuck Pagano each week, just making excuses for why my team sucks and pointing the finger at everyone but myself. Everything is fine, I tell myself…..EVERYTHING IS FINE. You have to have a certain level of resilience to be able to compete amidst adverse fantasy conditions. If you’re still reading this, well, welcome to the club. The first order of business is to get off the couch, put on our fanny packs and crocs and look into the mirror. Yes, we look ridiculous, but that’s besides the point. Stare right into that sucker and say “I will NOT lose my Week 7 match up.” There. Feel better? The truth is, well there is no magic pill we can take to ensure success each week. But we can take a look at the number and take advantage of the best matchup breakdowns we can find. This week I’m looking at a few gems that I think will help push me into the winner’s circle. One of my favorite plays this week is Jacquizz Rodgers and his tilt against the San Francisco 49ers rush defense. The 49ers defensive front was obliterated last week by Buffalo’s backfield, giving up a 44/312/4 line – just two week’s after yielding a 37/172/2 line to the Cardinals. They’re having a bad year, to say the least. I mean, like in a bus with Billy Bush bad. It’s ugly my friends. The 49ers are dead last in the league in rushing yards allowed (174.3) and they’ve given up 9 rushing scores so far this season. Over the past three week’s opposing RBs have averaged 34.7 points fantasy points per game, which happens to also rank last in the league. There’s a theme here if you’re paying attention. Basically, you want to be invested in the Tampa Bay rushing offense this week. If you act quick enough, he’s still available in 61% of ESPN leagues. As of Wednesday, Doug Martin was still not practicing, so there’s a good chance Rodgers will see a healthy workload Sunday.

Here’s a look at a few more of my favorite passing and rushing match ups this week:

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