Why can’t we all just be friends? Random terror attacks all over the world is bad news. My neighbors, a family I had grown up with since I was 10 years old, were actually in Paris when the attack struck. Not fun times. Yesterday at a soccer game between Netherlands and Germany they had to suspend the game due to a potential terror attack. Freakin’ scumbags. I challenge y’all to a fantasy football duel, courtesy of draftkings, to settle this once and for all. There is a new Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, in case you guys were wondering. Apparently he is one of the most beautiful world leaders ever to grace this earth. I would like to see him face Tehol 1 on 1 down the runway, who can create the better Blue Steel. Picture that scenario in your heads right now. Do it. Now that you’ve had to change your pants, let’s talk some football.

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A week after seemingly everybody got hurt, the IDP community collectively had a nice bounce back. Several guys had huge weeks in the tackle department, and there were no major injuries on the defensive side of the ball. Additionally, due to injury or subpar play, there was a general QB shakeup across the league, so defenses will get to feast on the likes of Mark Sanchez, Case Keenum, Brock Osweiler, and potentially T.J. Yates. Backups can take some time to get comfortable with the speed of an actual game, so that opens up opportunities for big plays, and they tend to rely heavily on the run game, which obviously leads to more tackles. So while your NFL team may now be in the hands of a overqualified clipboard holder, your IDP team can potentially benefit.

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Period Accuracy Rank High Low Percentile
Week 10 56.0% 85 out of 128 65.5% 48.7% Top 70%
Week 9 61.2% 34 out of 130 67.9% 48.1% Top 30%
Week 8 56.7% 30 out of 128 66.5% 42.9% Top 25%
Week 7 57.8% 37 out of 129 66.8% 43.1% Top 30%
Week 6 54.0% 84 out of 131 65.2% 45.7% Top 65%
Week 5 54.4% 37 out of 130 59.7% 41.9% Top 30%
Week 4 56.4% 12 out of 135 59.9% 41.1% Top 10%
Week 3 59.1% 18 out of 134 65.0% 42.1% Top 15%
Week 2 53.4% 85 out of 135 65.2% 46.2% Top 65%
Week 1 56.8% 54 out of 137 62.8% 46.3% Top 40%
2015 56.9% 37 out of 125 59.8% 51.1% Top 30%
2014 58.1% 31 out of 125 60.7% 50.6% Top 25%

Here are the Week 11 Rankings and FanDuel Week 11 Cheatsheet…

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Football is one of those fantasy sports where people always hate players they have been previously burned by.  I can count numerous times that I have been burned, seen the player on waivers and looked at him as an option that I would most likely pass on.  For me, that person as of late has been Joique Bell.  That was until I saw how he was being developed into the Cooter offensive system in Detroit.  The Cooter system sounds like some new down in the valley porn organization that does snuff films with deli meats.  Alas, it is not, and you can stop the google search there.  The deal with the Lions offense is that they need to go from this to that.  Now, this to that isn’t something that can just happen, it takes time.  Time Fantasy Football owners don’t really have when it comes down to the season being only 3-4 week longer (playoffs start different in leagues). So why should you invest a look at the Detroit RB situation and why is it something that may behoove you to re-invest some of that burned love toward one of the most commonly passed over options?

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Who are these guys? I’ll tell you exactly who they are. These guys are the players that no one else wants. The players that just sit on your waiver wire week after week, ignored for the hot play of the week. I bet more people picked up Thomas Rawls, James White and Dorial Green-Beckham last week than any of the following undesirable players. But that begs the question, what is your definition of “desirable”? Do you find 189.16 points desirable? If you don’t, I think you might need a new TI-84 and dose of reality. I currently sit in first place in the Razzball Writers league with a record of 9-1. Over those ten games I have averaged 133 points with a margin of victory of 26.8 points. 189.16 points is a little more than 56 points more than my weekly average. These half ass lineups that most of us wouldn’t consider starting even if we were told included players that were going to have a good week, are practically unbeatable.

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And another one… These injuries man, do they ever stop? Can we go a week this season without a slew of catastrophic injuries that impact all of our teams? This week, the Gods of Football claimed Patriots star receiver and JCC flag football legend Julian Edelman. As if it wasn’t bad enough that Dion Lewis was stripped from all our lives last week, this week we lose a top-5 PPR asset. You know the old expression; the Giants defense giveth and the Giants defense taketh away. At this point, we should all be pretty familiar with the immediate pickup in the wake of OG King Julian’s injury. It’s old pal and wavier wire Week 7 darling Danny Amendola. Now, when Danny isn’t rocking suits with no belt (ever heard of a tailor?), he’s acting as the second receiver in the Patriots machine of an offense. Just 30% owned in Yahoo leagues (and an even lower 21% on ESPN), Amendola should be your top priority add this week. I’d expect WR2 numbers from ole’ Danny from here on out. This is going to be one of your few plug and play adds heading into the playoffs, so claim away.

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 Image result for peyton manning picture
  • The soft glowing light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon, caused by the perception and hope that the backup can somehow be better than the inept starter.
  • Hit movie in 2008 that caused panties to moisten, which is the only reason men should know about this movie.
  • A period or state of suckitude.

As you all know, Peyton Manning was benched for the first time in his career due to bad play. I apologize to the word “bad.” Horrific is more like it. 5/20 for 35 yards and four interceptions.

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Another week of football means another crazy week of Fantasy Football. Former number one pick candidate in drafts, Eddie Lacy, was inactive Sunday after just disappointing everyone who owns him this season, and James Starks had a decent, but uninspiring day against the lowly Lions, finishing with 96 yards from scrimmage on 21 touches. Lacy is borderline droppable in leagues simply because of how much better Starks is playing and also the fact that Lacy is injured as well, and who knows when he could even be relevant this season, if at all. In most leagues, he is still worth owning and having on your bench, but won’t be more than a low-end RB3 for Week 11. Starks, meanwhile, will be a low-end RB2 for the time being.

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Smart Ref. I would have been trying to get away from this game all night...

Smart Referee. I would have been trying to get away from this game all night…

8-0 they said. The most balanced team in the NFL team they said. Andy Dalton, finally leaving the Andy Dalton line behind once and for all they said. I present, in counter evidence, last night’s performance. Sure, it’s just one loss, but “Prime Time Andy” showed up once again (last seen two weeks ago on Thursday Night Football against the Browns) and the question isn’t if they are going to the playoffs (that’s pretty much a for sure thing), but how badly they are going to lose their first playoff game. Speaking of which, going into this game, I wondered what point differential would result in a Bill O’Brien firing. Three points ain’t going to cut it, that’s for sure. And in what was probably one of the worst games this season to sit through (here a kick, there a kick, everywhere a kick, kick), your now first place Texans (hole-leeee sh*tballs) were able to pull off a surprising upset win over the BengaLOLs. I’m just going to force myself into believing I watched a high-scoring NHL game to try and stave off this impending post-traumatic syndrome… let’s see what happens.

Here’s what else I saw during Week 10’s Monday Night Football game:

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History has been made. If you watched yesterday’s game between the Chiefs and Broncos, you saw Peyton Manning achieve an amazing feat, one that could only be done in a robust and tenured career. That’s right folks. There hasn’t been a quarterback in the modern era that has done what Manning did. And that’s throw for five or less completions with at least four interceptions and less that 40 yards, something that hasn’t occurred since 1977, and he’s only the sixth quarterback to ever hold this prestigious monument to futility. Oh, and he also broke the all-time passing yards record held by Brett Favre. The man is a true record breaker folks. To be fair, Gary Kubiak, post-game, stated his regret in starting Manning due to major foot and rib injuries, leaving me to believe that Gary Kubiak is a pretty bad football coach, but we already knew that. No matter what it was, Manning has had a truly great career, probably the best quarterback in the history of the NFL. But instead of remembering the game for a truly remarkable moment, we’ll be remembering the game for a truly remarkable moment. Peyton Manning was benched in favor of Brock Osweiler… I honestly can’t see how this can get any worse. Oh, what’s that, Tim Tebow is still alive? This is gonna be good

Here’s what else I saw during Week 10’s Sunday games…

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