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We heard your outcries.  Razzball, do not go gentle into that good night.  Rage, rage against the dying of the light!  We understand but did you have to get all dramatic like that?  You could’ve just said ‘I wanna play fantasy football during the playoffs and want some rankings for it’.  Sheesh.  What were you, a drama geek in high school?  But I digress, I’m gonna drop some meat and potatoes discussing on you and that’s these are rest of playoff rankings, not weekly rankings as per how our friends at fantasy pros are using them.  So if you’re wondering why I have Knowshon Moreno so much higher than Arian Foster, it’s due to my belief that the Broncos will go further in the playoffs than the Texans will.  Hopefully this explains a lot in terms of how a lot of these rankings might surprise.  Yes, Andre Johnson is good but is he going to finish the playoffs as the top receiver?  Gotta escape the first round to do that and I don’t think I see that happening.  So with all that under our belts, let’s take a look at the playoff rankings for 2012 fantasy football…in 2013…


Fantasy Football Rankings powered by FantasyPros

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