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One could argue that no other position is affected most by PPR than the running back position. My response would be, why are we arguing bro? I agree with you! While wide receiver and tight end rankings are obviously affected by receptions, running backs are still the cream of the crop when it comes to the fantasy draft. And the PPR curveball (baseball metaphor in a football post? Dangerous and exciting…) certainly sends massive tidal waves that would surely kill some dinosaurs. But only if said tidal wave was caused by an asteroid hitting Earth. And if the tidal wave was actually a tsunami. And if it was 230 million years ago. But that’s besides the point, but not really, because President Reagan cut taxes like a velociraptor, so we know they existed recently. Science bro. But yeah. What were we talking about again?

So, as always, what was stated in the standard scoring ranking’s post for running backs still applies here, but with some variation. Look at Matt Forte, who I wouldn’t mind someone picking number one overall in a PPR league. Not only are you getting his 1,500 yards / 10 TD projection, but also an extra 70 points along with that, just from him catching a ball. I never get points from catching balls. Then again, I probably shouldn’t be touching balls to begin with. Ninja, kittens, etc.

Obviously, going with Jamaal Charles or LeSean McCoy isn’t a bad idea either, and I actually think, that unlike previous seasons, Adrian Peterson will have some bonus value in PPR’s with Norvitus flowing strong in Viking country. What it’s doing in Sweden though is anyone’s best guess.

Reggie Bush, Danny Woodhead, Andre Ellington, and Darren Sproles are the biggest benefactors, while guys like Alfred Morris and Steven Jackson lose some value. I would mention the quarterback still known as the elite-checkdown artist, Joe Flacco, certainly would help inflate Ray Rice‘s value, but then he would just knock-out his fiancée again. I’m sorry, you’re right, how insensitive of me. She’s not his fiancée anymore, she’s his wife. I like their odds.

You may now uppercut the bride…

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