For a sixth straight season, Razzball will be interviewing NFL-team blogs and site contributors for some actual in-depth football knowledge to shed some additional light on our fantasy football knowledge. Keep your eye out for an interview for every NFL team for our Team Preview Series through the summer. This installment comes courteous of our very own Jennifer Warner.

How do you see Tom Brady’s fantasy season this year? We have him as our sixth ranked quarterback, but Websites such as have him as far down as twelfth. What kind of numbers do you see from him this year? Are you drafting him as a top 10 quarterback?

It is all going to depend on Gronk and whether or not he is able to stay healthy and how the knee holds up. Brady is a solid safe pick for any fantasy team and is very easily considered a top 10 QB. Despite being plagued with injuries to his receivers last year, Brady managed to pass for 4,343 yards but only totaled 25 TD’s. Brady has the same fraternity of receivers coming back this year and if they can stay healthy, I would not be surprised to see him to hit the 4,000+ passing yard mark, or hit 30+ TD passes. I will more than likely try to pick him up in my leagues.

Brady’s supporting cast is very interesting again this year. Do you see Julian Edelman as the top target receiver? Where do you feel comfortable drafting both Edelman and Gronkowski?

Brady seems to be going to Edelman a lot in the preseason practices. He hit 11 of 14 passes to him on the 8/4 joint practice with the Washington Football Team. Edelman snagged in a team high 105 passes last year and I would expect to see those numbers equaled or surpassed. Gronk has always been a favorite receiver for Brady, but it is going to depend on his knee, how it holds up, and if he can stay healthy. I am hesitant to grab Gronk simply because of the knee. I am torn though because Brady relies so heavily on Gronk but I am not sure he can play all 16 games after coming off an ACL tear. I will be looking more at Edelman than I will at Gronk simply because I don’t trust that knee fully. I would go early on Edelman and save Gronk for later rounds, but I have been wrong before.

New England is continuing to have a crowded backfield. How well do you believe Stevan Ridley will perform this year? Is Shane Vereen again a worthwhile flex option? Is there anything else we should know about this backfield?

I am not looking too intently at Stevan Ridley this year. After having a horrible case of fumbleitis last year, he has a chance for a fresh start this year with the Blount trade, but I am just not feeling him. It seems like James White may be shouldering most of the workload on early downs as he’s been taking a lot of repetitions in practice and has been doing a lot of goal line work. Reports do state that Ridley is lighter and faster this off season and that he has been focusing on his fumbling problems, but fool me once…I just don’t trust him. I expect to see White cut into a big part of Vereen and Ridley’s workload. If Vereen can stay healthy, I would expect to see numbers trending heavier toward him over Ridley, but the keyword there is if he stays healthy. Another player to keep an eye on would be Brandon Bolden. He could potentially earn some significant playing time if Vereen and Ridley end up with a massive fumbleitis outbreak again.

New England Patriots 2014 Offense Depth Chart

  1. Max says:

    I have a keeper question centered around Gronk. 14 man; .5 ppr; .1/return yard league. I finished 14th last season but acquired extra draft picks and keepers. I have two 2nd, 3rd and 5th round picks without losing one until the 9th.

    Keepers and round price tag:

    Gronk 4, Montee 5, Foles 14 (last round), Cordarrelle 8, Floyd 7, Reggie Bush 2, Spiller 5, Doug Martin 3, Cobb 3.

    Can you please rank your top 3 in order. Thank you

  2. Doc Matt

    Doc Matt says:


    1 – Nick Foles (he is going to be in Philadelphia for a while and with Chip Kelly as his coach, he will continue to put up big numbers)

    2 – Cordarelle (a ton of upside and you have him at a good price – if Bridgewater can produce, he will be a WR1 in no time)

    3 – Cobb (safe pick here and he is a beast – plus he will have Aaron Rodgers around for a long time)

    Montee’s success is predicated upon Peyton. Once Peyton retires, I wouldn’t be surprised if his touchdowns and production trend downward. Gronk is too risky and the other guys are shaky at best.

    • Max says:

      @Doc Matt: Thanks. If you were to rank them for just this season though would Montee be your pick?

  3. Doc Matt

    Matt Devine says:

    In terms of the running backs you have, yes. Expect double digit scores if he comes back 100% – which he should.

  4. Geoff

    Ralph Lifshitz says:

    If there is one thing I’ve come to learn as a Pat’s fan and a fantasy player “don’t buy Pats backs”. I feel I can never figure out who’s the guy from week to week. It changes based on the matchup and who’s the hot hand. Last year Ridley, Vereen, Blount, and Bolden all had their weeks as the back to own. I loved Vereen last year and could see him being a beast if everything comes together but he’d have to stay healthy, Ridley and White would have to get hurt and be out for extended periods, and he’d have to actually make the catch 15 yards out along the sideline. He kept getting open on that play the last 5 games of last season and routinely dropped the ball.

    • Doc Matt

      Doc Matt says:


      Nice chatting with you during the draft. I agree about the Pats’ backs. This year is particularly difficult because of James White and his upside. I picked up Vereen for PPR purposes and I really like his ability to make guys miss and get down the field. Ridley seems to constantly be in the doghouse and he can’t be trusted.

      I agree about staying away – the problem is that after the top six or so running backs, we are all rolling the dice with timeshares.

      • Geoff

        ralph lifshitz says:

        @Doc Matt: Great chatting with you too, looking forward to the week in and week out grind. Yeah this is the year of the upside down strategy the RB’s outside the top 5 are a crap shoot. Heck the position is a crap shoot.

  5. Mike says:

    I’m joining a 14 team dynasty. I grabbed AP for $77 out of my $270 budget. Thinking that’s crazy high now. Got an offer of Ty Hilton ($27) for him. What should I do?

    I also grabbed Edelman ($9) and Romo ($24) any tips?


  6. Doc Matt

    Matt Devine says:

    What is the rest of your roster like Mike?

    • Mike says:

      I only have these 3 players as of now. The draft of all the players that everyone else drops is this Tuesday. I’m one of 5 expansion teams in the 14 team league.

      There will be many good players available both in the regular draft and the dispersal draft Tuesday. I’m just not sure of what my strategy should be.

      I could also drop AP, romo, Edelman and go into the auction draft with a clean slate.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


      • Doc Matt

        Doc Matt says:


        If you are looking to win now, keep AP. Definitely keep Edelman at that price and with Romo, you are at $110. That leaves you $160 to roster how many players? If it is 13 more players, figure on $12 and change per player. Obviously this figure goes up pretty significantly by dropping AP and going with TY.

        Edelman is the one player that you have that is definitely worth keeping for the price. I am iffy on Romo, because from the research I have done ($280 league) he was an $20 QB. AP should be had for $56, Edelman for $15, and TY for $53.

        Now that I think about it, it might be worth it keeping Edelman and taking TY for $27. This leaves you with two top 30 (or so) starting receivers for only $36. This will help to build a more well rounded, young team, for the future.

        Let me know what you think.

  7. J says:

    How did I do? 4 PT passing TDs.PPR. 2 RBs 3WRs 1 Flex 1TE. Have waited on QB for the last 8 years. This year I switched it up.

    Team 1.
    Rodgers, Big Ben
    Charles, Ellington, Lamar Miller, Freeman, Knile
    Fitz, Maclin, Randle, Marqise Lee, Wheaton, Josh Gordon
    Rudolph, Heath

    Team 2.
    Lacy, Rice, Pierce, Lamar Miller, Blount, McCluster
    Fitz, Wayne, Randle, Marqise, Josh Gordon,
    Gronk, Heath Miller

    • Doc Matt

      Doc Matt says:

      How many teams are in this league? I like Rodgers and Charles and Rodgers and Lacy as starters – your receiving core makes me a bit nervous in both. After Fitz, the rest of the guys are question marks (even Fitz isn’t a sure thing anymore). I would definitely say Team 2 and with Gronk, you should be able to make up for some of the receiver production. I also like the Rice pickup.

      We all have weaknesses though – that’s what makes this so fun!

      • J says:

        @Doc Matt:

        They are 12 team leagues.

  8. Clint says:

    This team is such a mess fantasy-wise. I personally haven’t trusted a NE RB since Corey Dillon and while I still haven’t won a fantasy championship, I don’t think it has a lot to do with it since they’ve been pretty confusing to sort out. I will admit I drafted Vereen last year and felt good about it until his injury so if I had to pick one, he’d be it. After that, only guy I really trust is Edelman and if the price’s right, Brady.

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