What’s going on everybody, and welcome to another edition of my weekly rankings! Well we have another full slate on our hands, now with the 9:30 am EST start time in London between the Jaguars and Ravens, so make sure you wake up a little earlier than usual to tinker with those lineups.

Week 2 was definitely head and shoulders above the first week of the season, so let’s take a look at what Week 3 has to offer, but before we do, let’s recap the week that was!

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Players I Was Wrong About

Carson Palmer: 19/36, 332 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT

Okay I’m done. I gave Palmer a chance heading into this season after a disappointing 2016 campaign. I gave him a chance in Week 2 after a terrible Week 1 performance against the Lions, and now against a pretty bad Colts secondary, he throws for only 1 TD and throws a pick. I understand he has another good matchup this week against the Cowboys, but I just can’t do this to my heart anymore guys.

Brandin Cooks: 2 rec, 37 yds, 0 TD

Well I really expected a better day from Cooks, and I’m not really sure as to why he didn’t do well. The Patriots offense did quite well, but it’s likely that the Saints defense focused all their energy against the receiver, leading the way for Gronk, James White, Chris Hogan and even Rex Burkhead to produce in the receiving game.

Larry Fitzgerald: 3  rec, 21 yds, 0 TD

Okay so see above for Carson Palmer, however Fitzgerald did have a good Week 1 (in PPR I might add) and he’ll most likely continue to have productive weeks in PPR leagues, but my oh my did he have a terrible week against the Colts. J.J. Nelson however, did quite well for himself.

Kareem Hunt: 13 rush, 81 yds, 2 TD

I’m embarrassed. Let’s move on.

Carlos Hyde: 15 rush, 124 yds, 0 TD

Well, as it turns out, the Seahawks are not a very elite rush D, and what was a game that should have been a blowout, but wasn’t, Hyde benefited, and definitely silences the doubt that he lost this backfield over the offseason.

What I’ve Learned This Week

Maybe let’s not react after one week? Ex: The Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s important to react, but not make rash fantasy decisions after one week. Also, we should probably continue to trust the Razzball projections. Seriously, if you haven’t subscribed yet, you are seriously losing money. No other source that I heard from this past week was higher on Kareem Hunt, Michael Crabtree, C.J. Anderson, and Davante Adams than the Razzball projections. Subscribe today!

Players That I’m High On

Kirk Cousins

Cousins has had a bumpy start to his 2017 campaign, but now gets a great matchup against the Raiders defense on prime-time TV, in a game that will likely be the highest scoring of the week, Cousins draws a Raiders secondary that now ranks as the 22nd-best according to Football Outsiders. The rest of his receivers have been pretty ho-hum as well, but I expect them to get going this week, especially Terrelle Pryor, who will likely draw CB David Amerson, the 81st best CB according to Pro Football Focus so far during the season.

Carson Wentz

This is pretty simple. First off, the Giants secondary is a decent one, with some great individual play by Landon Collins and DRC, but Eli Apple and Janoris Jenkins haven’t had a great start to the 2017 season, and Wentz, who plays in an offense that features almost no rushing production. With the volume that you get from starting Wentz, he becomes a Top-12 option almost every week, and this week is no different. I’m high on him this week as is the Razzball projections.

Ameer Abdullah

Matthew Stafford has been playing very well recently, and will likely keep this game close against the Falcons. Abdullah is at home, and although the Lions aren’t favored, Abdullah should be fed the ball a lot against the terrible rush defense of ATL.

Christian McCaffrey

I absoutely love McCaffrey this week against New Orleans. This Saints defense has given up a lot of production to pass-catching backs, in Week 1 versus Dalvin Cook, and last week against James White, and now will face off against McCaffrey. You’re starting him this week, no questions asked.

Terrelle Pryor

(See above, Kirk Cousins) If there’s any time for Washington’s free agent signing to come through in 2017, this is the week against Oakland.

T.Y. Hilton

Jacoby Brissett looked actually quite serviceable for the Colts last week against Arizona, and now against Cleveland, a better opponent, and still at home, Hilton is a nice FLEX option this week.

Zach Ertz

The biggest weakness for the Giants defense is their linebacking play against TE’s, as they have allowed nice games from Witten and Ebron these past few weeks, and Ertz should continue the onslaught.

Players I’m Not So High On

Ben Roethlisberger 

The Bears front seven is a pretty great unit (The Bucs defense blew the Bears out, and although the Bucs offense did well, Jameis only did throw for 1 TD), and that is enough for me to worry about Big Ben on the road.

Jameis Winston

Winston for me will most likely be a Top-10 QB ROS, but I’m not exactly thrilled to start him on the road against the Vikings.

Jacquizz Rodgers

Again, he did quite well against the Bears last week, and it’s always hard to bet against a back that will likely have 20 carries a game, but I’m staying away from Rodgers as he’ll be on the road against the Vikings.

Isaiah Crowell

Sure, it’s a good enough matchup, but Crowell has struggled greatly thus far, and it just comes down to the Browns playing from behind. If there’s a game for Crowell to make some noise, this is it, but I’d rather play it safe and find someone else.

Dez Bryant

In a likely matchup against Patrick Peterson, Bryant has had a very tough start to the his 2017 campaign (although he did score against Denver last week). Again, you should never bench your studs, but I’m quite nervous about this matchup here. Although in terms of real-life football, it should be very entertaining to watch.

Jeremy Maclin 

Maclin will first be at a disadvantage as he travels to London against the Jaguars, but will also face the scary combo of A.J. Bouye and Jalen Ramsey. I’d avoid Maclin at all cost.

Tyler Eifert

I really want to believe in this Bengals offense for Week 3 against the Packers, but it is in Lambeau, and I think you just better find another option.


Alright guys that about does it for me. As always, feel free to leave a comment or question down below about any player you see above. And as always,  I’ll see you guys later in the week to talk about some Razzball certified fantasy plays and our Staff Consensus Rankings!


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  1. steve stevenson says:

    0.5 ppr stash/ROS: 1) B. Marshall, R. Matthews, Kearse or one of the Jags?; 2) Kamara or Perine?

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @steve stevenson: Matthews and Perine. The Saints backfield is a hot mess and Perone should see more snaps with Kelley now out

      • Steve Stevenson says:

        @Zach: Thanks. Same format, offer Buck Allen and Kupp to a RB-needy team for D’onta Foreman and Diggs? Diggs would become my WR3, Mixon would be promoted to RB3 and Foreman would handcuff Miller for me.

        • Zach

          Zach says:

          @Steve Stevenson: Yeah I don’t mind that trade for you

  2. Martin Q says:

    so im in a bit of a pickle, pick 3 to chose from standard league : Maclin,TY hilton, Pryor, or Desean Jackson. I know you wrote avoid Maclin but he does alot of damage in the slot route, doesnt that mean he avoids the two cbs? I dont exactly trust Brisset as a qb for ty hilton.

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Martin Q: I’d go with Pryor here. I understand your thoughts about Maclin, but he should be shadowed by at least one of them. That’s my opinion on the matter. It would shock me if the Jags put Bouye/Ramsey on Perriman if he always lines up outside.

    • The Harrow says:

      @Martin Q: he’s asking which is worst out of those 4. maclin/d-jax literally 1 spot apart if we use FP’s top 30 this year for WR’s (jay’s in it)

  3. Mr belding says:

    Hey zach attack!
    .5 PPR league just seeing if you could help me navigate a trade:

    My roster:
    Qb Winston

    RBs we start 2, could be 3 due to flex: Gordon, hunt, mcaffery, Abdullah, Chris Carson, Chris Johnson & perine

    WRs: we start 3 , could be 4 due to flex: Keenan, alshon , Parker, martavis Bryant, hogan, Marshall, snead & Golladay

    TE we start 1, could be 2 du to flex I just have hunter Henry

    Based on my squad roll w/ Winston or trade for cousins who hosts raiders . Or trade for rivers since I have Gordon, Keenan & Henry maybe thinking of a TD combo between rivers & my guys.

    – cousins is supplanted on the bench on that team his starter is TB12.

    – rivers is the backup on that team that owner has Carr as the starter

    I’d be looking to only buy low & dealing Abdullah for any of those.

    Ultimately I may just stick with Winston just an idea I had


    Trade scenario 2:
    Buy low on brandin cooks? If yes who to offer? Abdullah + Golladay? Abdullah + hogan?

    He’s weaker at RB: he has Stewart, Ingram, buck Allen, sims, vereen
    His WRs: cooks who he’s benching this week , thielen, Cobb, Jordan Matthews, sanu, amendola, and JJ Nelson
    He has Brees & Prescott
    & 3 TEs Rudolph, Watson, clay.

    Trade scenario 3:
    Now this team is in dire need for RB help , he is 0-2 & has zero RB depth.
    His RBs bell then it goes down hill with Lacy, woodhead, Perkins, doug Martin, Bernard

    His WRs Demaryius Thomas, Hopkins Larry Fitzgerald , crowder, doctson.

    Would you do something like Abdullah + either alshon , Parker or Bryant for either of his demaryius or nuke Hopkins?

    Or what about my Abdullah for his doug Martin since he needs RBs now?


    If I make no trades how confident are you with Winston at Minnesota? Available options:
    Wentz vs Giants
    Semien at Buffalo
    Cutler at jets

    — lastly does Marshall deserve to be rostered on my team? If I cut him here are available WRs:
    Decker, funchess ,Beasley, Higgins,as a few options

    Last week I got Cohen off waivers & packaged him with maclin to the j Howard owner for Keenan Allen.

    Thanks man!

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Mr belding: What’s up man! First off, yeah I think you should keep Jameis. He’s great ROS and you don’t need to trade him after one week. Yeah your RB’s are great and receivers could use a little work, so I don’t mind Golladay or Hogan to pair with Abdullah to get Cooks.

      I’m not sure how much I like the 3rd scenario over the second one.

      I would prefer you start Wentz this week out of these options.

      I’d cut Marshall to pick up Decker.

      Thank YOU!

      • Mr belding says:


        Thanks man!!

        What about dealing Abdullah + either Galloday or hogan to acquire Pryor? Or what about Chris Carson + either galloday or hogan to acquire Pryor?

        — I’ve already received two pretty bad offers from the same owner I want to share I think they are comical:

        Offer #1 I received last week:
        I send martavis Bryant
        & I receive John brown, this is the same day John brown was ruled out.

        Offer #2 I just received this AM:
        I send davonte Parker
        & I receive marqise lee.

        Lol! Do I dare counter any of my WRs for his Hilton? Flip side he seems like he wouldn’t want to give any players of value:

        His RBs: CJA, dalvin cook, Crowell, Tevin Coleman, prosise, kerwynn Williams, Henry
        His WRs: Antonio brown, Hilton, marqise lee, Kupp , hurns, John brown. He lost Allen Robinson.

        lol I wouldn’t be opposed to his kelce

        • Zach

          Zach says:

          @Mr belding: Yeah Kelce isn’t bad haha. If you could get Pryor and give up Golladay and Carson, I don’t mind that for your squad.

  4. William Trill Cauley-Stein says:

    Zach, good sir. How are you? I appreciated your advice last week. My team won again. I am in a 0.5 PPR ten team league. Could you please help me with my line up for week 3? I appreciate it.

    QB1- Winston or Mariota?
    RB1-Freeman? Miller? Blount? Coleman? C.Thompson?
    RB2-Elliott? Blount? Miller? Coleman? Henry? C. Thompson?
    WR- C. Hogan or Galloway?
    WR2-Hopkins or Hogan or Golloway?
    F-L. Miller? T. Coleman? D. Henry? C.Thompson? Golloway?
    TE- D. Walker
    D-AZ or LAR?

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @William Trill Cauley-Stein: What’s up Willie!? Congrats! I’d love to!

      Winston, Freeman, Elliott, Hogan, Hopkins, Rams and as for now, I’d be more comfortable starting Coleman, but that could change. Definitely not Miller because it’s a bad move to have a TNF player in a flex.

  5. Brian says:

    16 team dynasty league. PPR. 22 man rosters. would you rather have geronimo allison or ricardo louis? They’re bench depth so more concerned with long term value.


    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Brian: Definitely Ricardo Louis now that Coleman is out

  6. JohnnyBeGood says:

    Hey Zach, which side you like better & want for ROS 10 team PPR?

    Rodgers & Gurley
    Winston & Lev Bell


    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @JohnnyBeGood: WHAT’S UP JOHNNY!

      Rodgers and Gurley. Thank YOU!

      • JohnnyBeGood says:

        @Zach: ahh ok, how about this: trade away Gurley & Hopkins to get Lev Bell ??

    • JohnnyBeGood says:

      @JohnnyBeGood: I have the Rodgers/Gurley side…wondering if you would trade them away to GET Winston & Bell?

      • Zach

        Zach says:

        @JohnnyBeGood: No I would keep onto Gurley and ARod

  7. Yankee My Wanky! says:

    Good stuff. So, with a stanky RB lineup of Murray, West, Cohen, Henry, and Blount, which 2 do you start in a 12 Team Points League with 1 pt PPR? It makes me weep every time I look at it. I am thinking Murray and Cohen, but I really don’t know.

    The fact that my first RB that shows up on your list is at #21 and it’s Cohen makes me so sad. I won’t even get into TE with that piece of shite Eifert.

    Thanks Zach.

    • Yankee My Wanky! says:

      @Yankee My Wanky!: I guess I should also disclose that Gore is on the WW, so if he is an add for anyone, please let me know.

      Continued thanks Zach.

      • Zach

        Zach says:

        @Yankee My Wanky!: I would go Murray and Cohen, yeah. It’s still early, so don’t hit the panic button yet!

  8. Ice Up says:

    Hey Zach,
    In a vacuum, do you like AJ Green, Mixon, & Jordan Howard OR Gurley, TY Hilton, & Jarvis Landry?

    Thanks man

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Ice Up: Green, Mixon and Howard

  9. DiRo says:

    I am in a 12 team 0.5 PPR keeper league and missed out on all the good rookie RB’s to use as one of my keepers next year.

    Here is my team; QB – Brady RB – D Johnson, Miller, Gore, Bernard, Procise, Kamara, Perine WR – Dez, D Jackson, T Williams, J Ross, TE – Gronk, Hooper

    It’s a bit of a hit for now, but getting McCaffrey for the future seems worth it. What do you think?

    • DiRo says:

      @DiRo: whoops, Trade is McCaffrey/Fitz for my Dez/Miller

      • Zach

        Zach says:

        @DiRo: Yeah I would get McCaffrey and Fitz

  10. Wide Right says:

    Someone dropped Crowder in our ppr.. would you dump Cor. Davis for him?

    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Wide Right: Yes I would drop Davis for Crowder

  11. Royce says:

    Stefon diggs and James Conner for Sammy Watkins and Alvin Kamara… or Giovanni Bernard(instead of kamara)


    • Zach

      Zach says:

      @Royce: I would prefer receiving Watkins and Kamara

  12. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    did you say CLE is a better team than ARI (and it appeared you meant defense too)

    • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

      @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: (brissett) “looked actually quite serviceable for the Colts last week against Arizona, and now against Cleveland, a better opponent, and still at home”

      • Zach

        Zach says:

        @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: Sorry, meant worse opponent.

        I wrote this meaning a better matchup for Brissett

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