What?! How did I get here? Where are the OF’s, SP’s and 3B’s?! Where are the thoracic outlet surgeries and 10 day DL stints? How are these guys playing through their blisters?!

Well with baseball season winding down, I’ll be moving from my weekly baseball injury article to taking over the weekly fantasy football waiver wire article. I’ll highlight players under-owned in most leagues who could provide you a boost when your starters are injured, facing a tough defense or are playing in a blizzard.

You obviously won’t see anyone over 50% owned in ESPN leagues. Heck, you might not even see guys owned in 40% of leagues. If I’m feeling REALLY saucy you won’t find anyone owned in over 25% of leagues! SCREW IT! I’M ONLY GOING TO LIST GUYS OWNED IN 0% OF LEAGUES! NO WAIT! ONLY CFL PLAYERS!

Anyway, if you’re still looking for a RCL to join may I recommend: Kerry’s RCL League! We’re drafting Wednesday night, September 6th @ 10 PM. Unless someone falls down the stairs while carrying deer meat at 3 AM on Thursday morning — you won’t have to draft anyone who gets injured before their first game even starts! 

It is hard to make waiver recommendations when we’re all just excited to play our big name starters we spent high draft picks on, but here are some guys whose ownership is going to be going up in the first few weeks that you can jump on ahead of your league mates:

Please, blog, may I have some more?