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Sing it with me!  His name was Kevin/He was a Cardinal/He had a 6 year 60 mil deal and then played 15 games in 2 years…and on and on and so forth.  What, you thought you’d get the full song outta me?  BUY THE ALBUM!  Kids these days with their Napsters and their Limewire.  You could buy the single if you prefer for .99 cents or the deluxe $1.99 one that has an image of me signing a fan’s boobs.  I didn’t realize I had such a male following but when you dress to impress, you get to sign flesh.  But back to the moral of the story here: don’t sign man boobs when a camera is near by.  And for another moral to a story that’s more relevant to the topic at hand, while NCAA fans were getting treated to a Shocker for the first time this weekend, the Buffalo Bills were signing Kevin Kolb to a 2 year deal on Saturday worth a very incentive-laden $13 million.  Now here’s where I’m about to zig where a million people are zagging and no I’m not talking about those poor Gonzaga fans out there: I like this move.  I’m prepared for the hate, bring it snitches!  Here’s what we know about Kolb.  We know that he was – for the most part – unsuccessful in his stint in Arizona.  However, we also know that no QB was successful in Arizona over the last two years and a majority of this can be put on the offensive line which ranked by many metrics either dead last or in the bottom five for O-Lines in the NFL.  Hard to be good with the ball from your backside unless you’re an escort and Kolb is no different.  But let’s get back to that ‘for the most part’ statement I said earlier.  After stepping in for John Skelton late in week 1, Kolb produced the line of 1,169 passing yards, 8 touchdowns and 3 interceptions and led the Cardinals to a 4-2 start.  In essence, he played 5 games before getting hurt against the Bills.  Extrapolate those stats across, say, 15 games and you have 24 touchdowns, 9 interceptions and over 3,500 passing yards.  Those stats would’ve put him as a top 20 QB for fantasy, possibly a top 15.  Now I’m not saying to go buck-wild crazy for Kevin at this point.  We still have a draft coming up and it’s very possible the Bills draft Nassib to reunite Marrone with his ‘Cuse QB but Kolb is in a better situation in Buffalo.  If he’s the starter for 2013, he’s very worthy of a roster spot in 2QB or 1QB/1QB flex leagues and one to keep your eye on for this year.  Sound crazy?  Well Ryan Fitzpatrick has been a top 20 QB for the last two straight years behind a solid line with decent skill-position players surrounding him.  I do believe that as your floor is exciting enough considering he’ll probably go nowhere near the top 20 QBs come draft day.  And with that, here’s a look at some other news going on from this weekend for 2013 fantasy football…

Tony RomoSigned a 6 year, $108 million dollar deal with his Cowboys and Donovan McNabb was displeased.  Given that the one playoff win Romo had was against him, I’m assuming that’s what had him so angry.  Word on the street was McNabb got so upset, he tried to throw his coffee cup at a camera man’s face but ended up hitting him in the foot.

Fred Davis – Resigned with the Redskins after visiting the Jets.  Fred has all the talent in the world but has been a headcase for most of his career.  Let’s hope if anything would scare a player into getting right with the world, it’s the prospect of Mark Sanchez throwing the ball to you.  Honestly, Fred Davis is a talent to keep your eye on this season if he can come back healthy.