FAAB can be tricky. There’s a lot more nuance with FAAB waivers than waiver priority based waiver claims. This time of year it’s much more difficult for me to put price recommendations on these players because it really depends on your situation. There are some running backs this week that will be useful for another 1-2 weeks. Then there are some players that might not be useful until another 2-3 weeks. There are better acquisitions than Alfred Morris this week, but I think he is still under the radar, that’s why I highlighted him in the title and picture.

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Positional flexibility is so incredible. It gives you so many options, and shallows out the need for your bench. Targeting players that carry multiple positions is a sneaky tactic to winning your fantasy league. In baseball.

But would ya look at that…here we are in Week 8 of the fantasy football season and it’s the positional flexibility that’s adding value to players, and elevating a certain someone above the rest of the Pack (pun intended) as we look for targets leading into the second half of the season. Having troubles at the RB position due to the overall suck of the position, the quagmire that is timeshares in the backfield, or the myriad of injuries that could have ravaged your squad? No fear, Green Bay’s providing all the assistance you’ll need by getting creative with their own backfield problems. And giving us something we haven’t had in three weeks as we work the wire…

Here are the top targets to, well…target for Week 8!

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FAAB waiver wire acquisitions time. These recommendations are ghoulish. Ghastly even. I hope you read my post from last week, because it was funny. I hope you did NOT follow the advice I was giving regarding Jay Ajayi because it was terrible. You might even say it was a disaster (believe me). It’s like a skeleton in my closet. I was lukewarm on Ajayi and I basically told a reader not to drop Isaiah Crowell for him, because it would be a “lateral move”. Yeah not so much. Well, we know he won’t continue to be that good. I’ve been led to believe 200 yard rushing games are rare. This week we  will consider Davante Adams, Cordarrelle Patterson, Chris Thompson and Alfred Blue, among others…

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Hey! Heeeeeeey! Put on your parachute pants, kids, it’s time to take a trip back to years gone by and reminisce of what used to be and what can be. But before you get carried away thinking I’m discussing something from the early 90’s (current Millennial fashion is bringing that back up quite enough), pump the brakes a bit once you get to 2010.

Pump the brakes. That’s what I need y’all to do for me. Just a little bit. Because, see, back in 2010 we saw a ‘breakout’ occur for the one Kenny Britt. What did that breakout entail? 73 targets in 12 games for a 42/775/9 line (18.5YPC) when playing for the Titans. I remember Britt then bring primed for further ascension into the upper echelon of WR tierdom before the 2011 season. However, if you didn’t pump the brake you were duped when he produced a 17/289/3 line in just 3 games. Which leads us to how you should work the waiver wire heading into Week 7 of the 2016 fantasy football season!

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Your fantasy football team is a disaster. I know with these waiver wire recommendations we will make your team great again. These players are winners. With the help of these players your team will be winning again. I know the best players in the world. I know the good ones, I know the bad ones, I know the overrated ones. The San Francisco 49ers running back situation is a disaster. Carlos Hyde suffered a shoulder injury. Mike Davis is his replacement. Dion Lewis could return to practice this week. Don’t know what to do? Here’s advice from somebody with a very good brain that’s said a lot of things…

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For those of you hulking for Chris Hogan, I see you. I’m just not joining in, brother. I know Tom Brady being back means the whole bunch gets an uptick in value, but 3/51/0 just doesn’t do it for me…that’s what Hogan did on Sunday minus his 63 yard reception. That wasn’t for a score. On only 5 targets. I’d prefer volume for my flex or bench options, and won’t spend my FAAB on someone with such a low ceiling, in my opinion. There are too many weapons to rely on him from week to week, and once Dion Lewis returns the availability of targets decreases even further.

Normally I begin this little ditty each week on the positive side of a highlight, but I guarantee you that one of the most added players this week will be Hogan. And rather than give a burn notice, or even break my FAAB bank, on a player with a WR3 ceiling only half the time, I’ll take some of the names below.

Here are the top targets to, well, target as your work the wire for Week 6!

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Before we get to Cameron Meredith and other waiver wire recommendations, let’s review last week. Step 1, Acquire Martellus Bennett. Step 2, Start Martellus Bennett (at Flex if necessary). Step 3, Profit. I profited in two (of three) leagues I play in after I acquired him off waivers. I know he wasn’t widely available, but I’d rather write about a player with a chance to make a huge impact in a few leagues than one that might make little or no impact but is widely available. So I’m patting myself on the back for a good call. It feels good to be right for the sake of being right but it also feels good to give helpful recommendations. That’s why I’m taking the time to write this every week. Here’s your players to consider for week 6 FAAB (Free Agent Auction Bidding) waiver claims. The prices are for $100 budgets. View the prices as percentages if your league doesn’t use a $100 budget…

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Few things make me excited to wake up. Haha, I mean, I love life, but I also love my sleep. And I’m just guessing here, but I don’t think I’m alone in that. However, one day a week I am genuinely excited to wake up the moment my alarm goes off. And it’s not because doing the grown up in the morning (although always fun).

Nope, it’s Tuesdays. Because Tuesday means I can check the updated standings in my fantasy football leagues, see the new point totals within the standings (the true measure of how well you’re actually doing), start setting my lineup for the next week, and give my first glance at how I need to work the waiver wire. Does that make me weird? I’ll vote no. And I’ll imagine that a lot of you feel the same. Tuesdays…the best non-football day of the week.

This Tuesday was no different from any others. At first. I woke up before the sun, walked over to grab my phone and began scrolling through all my leagues to see the updates now that we’re four weeks in. So much anticipated joy was shortly replaced by an increasing disappointment. Sure, I didn’t do wonderful in Week 4 (went against Julio Jones in 3 leagues, and Matt Ryan in another 3…including one where my opponent had both. Ugh.), but the real cause for disappointment was found in the LACK OF ANYTHING TO WORK WITH ON THE WIRE! Haha, ok…now I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s examine just whom is actually worth targeting, and see if any deserve a dope emoji next to their names. Here’s how you can work the wire for Week 5.

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I’m no sage. And, as Jay always points out, I’m no expert. I can’t see the future, and I can’t accurately predict the outcome each week. One thing I can do, though? Look to the past to determine what may happen in the future. That’s called wisdom. And in fantasy sports it’s one of the best possible things you can do. Trends and trajectories, consensus and conjecture. It’s all a part of the game, but if you read it right you can get a step up on the competition. Which is why we’re here. Well, I’m here, at least…

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We all knew the NFL was a brutal sport. That’s nothing new. Yet, we’re often so surprised when injuries happen. Guys like Carson Wentz can get molly-whopped all over the field by the Bears Monday and come out totally fine, but shifty running backs like Danny Woodhead can just make a cut wrong and see ya later 2016 season. Yes, Woodhead was lost to a torn ACL on Sunday (and no…you won’t find Kenneth Farrow on this list), but he wasn’t alone. The Jest WR corps all got banged up after lunch, a slew of RB didn’t make it out of their contest in the afternoon (Doug Martin, Thomas Rawls, Ameer Abdullah, Arian Foster (what?!? no way…!)), and then in the evening the machine malfunctioned. When Adrian Peterson couldn’t walk through the food court back to the Vikings locker room every Minnesota and fantasy football owner collectively gasped. “Oh, please no. Not now. Anything but this. First our Twins, then our QB, and now our messiah.” You know, something like that. Freaking injuries… The hits just keep coming for Minnesota, and yet the Vikings keep winning.

For fantasy owners you have to take the injuries in stride, as their bound to impact your team in a negative light sooner or later. So, guess what? That’s where this little article comes in handy! Have no fear, because the next man up in Minnesota is more than capable of carrying the load until the king returns in over a month, and he’s more than capable of slotting into your lineup to bring great value in the interim. And no…I’m not talking about Matt Asiata…

Below are the top six targets to, well, target from the waiver wire leading into Week 3!

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