The fourth week of football (and fantasy football) has arrived, and with it the pain and suffering of being a Chargers fan has finally set in. Woe is me, just a man playing a game with first world problems. But we should always look on the bright side, the silver lining of it all. That’s the spirit! And so during this time of anguish and frustration, what’s the one thing that keeps my head up, that shining beacon of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel? Knowing that the Browns are still a thing that exists. Regardless, as we reach the first quarter of the season, we all certainly have other crisises? crisisee? crises to worry about beyond fandom, and that is the state of your fantasy football team. If you’ve been a reader of this site for a while, you all know that I’m a pretty conservative when it comes to the first month of the season. And if you’re new around here, well then, that last sentence was for you. So what are you waiting for? Now it’s time… we are in Week 4, and after this upcoming weekend, you should know what your team is about. What are its needs? The strengths? What’s your league look like? Any move(s) that you want to make needs to happen in the next two weeks, because even the teams at the bottom of the standings have a chance to turn it all around before then, they’re just looking for ways to do it. That should go for the teams up top and in the middle too. Start looking at your schedule (both in real football and fantasy), take note of byes, see what kind of matchups you’ll have… Basically, start setting up yourself to be the most informed fantasy football player the next two weeks and take advantage of it, because once we get to the end of October, only the top-third of you will still be around. But don’t worry, we’ll be sure to help you get through it all, especially since with two weeks of data in books, our rankings returned to our usual norms in Week 3, reaching the top 15% percentile of all experts and finishing 22nd overall last week.

Here are your Week 4 Fantasy Football Rankings (with our Rest of Season Rankings coming later today)…

Note: To all Razzball Commenter League players out there, our master standings are out and you can find them here or in the menu bar above, under “Leagues”.

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Greetings! Young Lords and Lordettes, we are almost a quarter of the way through the NFL season! I cannot believe it. I haven’t fully enjoyed the sport as I usually do, for I’m dealing with many intense personal issues, while also trying to grow as a human being. Some things must come before this incredible game we all have come to lean on for entertainment, and in my case, develop an unhealthy obsession with. So, I ask you this, as your trusted Lord; Put your phone down for a few minutes and kiss your loved ones. Close Twitter for an hour and toss your mate’s salad. Throw the ball to your dog! Go on a hike! For the love of the Gods, I beg of you, don’t become like me, for I have a screen addiction. Oh, it’s real folks. I seriously need to have it taken away from me on Sundays and pretty much every day of baseball season. There are more important things in life than professional sports. Not many, but some. I am here to serve.

I am Lord Tehol Beddict and this is Disgrace/Delight. Take Heed!

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Rudy is the man behind our Pigskinonator and DFSBot football projections and is also behind the baseball ‘bots (Streamonator, Hittertron, etc.) and NFL/MLB player pages. This weekly piece will focus on players where the Pigskinonator diverge from the popular consensus.

Before I starting raving/railing on some players, let me get the tool and player page updates out of the way first:

  • We’ve launched the FanDuel and DraftKings NFL lineup optimizers – powered by our pals LineupLab. While it isn’t free (!) through Week 4 like the Pigskinonator and DFSBot projections, you can try both optimizers out for only $2.99/week for the next 2 weeks. It’s super easy and we’ve got a ton of the Pigskinonator projections baked into the optimizer!
  • The football player pages (see Matt Forte) now h ave two news sources – FantasyPros and Rotoballer. We’ve worked hard to make the Game Logs as useful as possible and to put the most important stuff (this week’s projections) right at the top.

Okay, with that out of the way, I’m going into Week 3 with a little more confidence.

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Just in case you missed it (aka, didn’t scroll down a few inches… that’s what she said), I delved into my rankings in a new series called “Rankings Revisited“. There, you can find an expansion of how well or how bad my weekly numbers did, and that’ll be the place to berate or praise my prowess. I would say that this has been a rough start, but if there wasn’t a history of success, and the fact that (and I checked to make sure) last season, my first two weeks were none-too-spectacular, I’m not worried. Last year, I ranked 54th in the first week and 85th the second week. The two weeks after that? 18th and 12th, respectively. What are the reasons for such a slow opening? I can’t answer that for sure, but I can say that if you look at last season’s writers in the top-10 for accuracy, most of them finished all over the map. I know it’s crude, but I think it’s because no one knows anything until they actually see real football. It’s crude as I said, it’s also easy. I don’t want to blame it on that, buuuuut, it does seem like the logical explanation. You know how we’ll know for sure? You guessed it… when the results for our Week 3 rankings come in. Behold, they are here, and hopefully, they are good. And speaking of good, did you know we have weekly projections? Rudy’s “Pigskinator” finished fourth overall in accuracy last week, and honestly, if you’re looking to find an edge (I’m looking at you people that are in high-stake leagues), I’m pretty sure you should check out our tools

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As you all know, we are part of the FantasyPros Accuracy Rankings series, a site dedicated to tracking all the Fantasy “experts” of the world (some say universe) and then ranking their week-by-week accuracy, their main goal being to provide a way that you, the reader, can decide which advice to consume. I personally like consuming everything just as long as a little salt and ketchup is involved, but then I should probably temper that statement before you think I’m a cannibal. Look, I don’t pretend to know how their process works (the breakdown is here), but I think it does provide an great tool to help the fantasy community. I’m for tools everyone! Well, it just so happens that I’m for transparency as well. As you all know, along with my rankings, I’ve always included my accuracy front and center, and I’m happy to point out that we were in the top-25 percentile my first year, and last year (my second running the site), we were in the top-20 percentile. What’s different this year is that FantasyPros as integrated a new rankings system, and on top of that, given us data on our accuracy for our own purposes. Because of my aforementioned affinity for transparency, I’d like to start sharing that information with everyone, so you can see what I did wrong, what I did right, and what I did to your mom. I was gentle maaan, relax.

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Greetings! I come to you, live from the waterbed of a vixen, freshly slain, lying next to me, quivering in a frothing pool of sweat after I gave her the Lord’s chalice. What a week I’ve had my good men, I tell ya! It’s good to be back in the saddle, as I feel like this post brought me back closer to my roots. It has nothing to do with the fact this woman just sucked the life out of me and spat it on my back, or maybe it’s the fact I doubled my Wellbutrin, but either way, I’m thinking I’m back!

I am Lord Tehol Beddict and this is Disgrace/Delight! Take heed!

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Year Accuracy Rank Highest Lowest Percentile
2015 57.5% 22 out of 123 59.9% 51.6% Top 20%
2014 58.1% 31 out of 125 60.7% 50.6% Top 25%

Welp, Week 1 was… interesting? I guess that’d be an apt descriptor. Unless you were a Keenan Allen owner. Then I would call it an excuse to catch some of that alcohol poisoning that’s been going around. I guess the same could be true of all you Tyrod Taylor hype-sters out there (no Von Miller, you stay the ef away man, I did not say hipster!), but let’s be honest, Sammy Watkins owners have it a bit worse. Regardless, we look to Week 2 as an affirmation that we’re all not crazy for drafting Todd Gurley, Dez Bryant, Devonta Freeman, etc., and we have now at least one week of games in the books to make numerical assumptions in the hopes of making the right decisions for our fantasy football teams. That was probably the more robust way of saying “hey guys, I watched some games, here are some more rankings”, but whatever. I got a lede to write, naw what I’m sayin’?

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Greetings! As we speak, I’m rectally inhaling MDMA in order to get through this post without breaking down into hysteria over my rankings from last week. To those of you I’ve wounded, I give my sincerest apologies. And to those of you I helped…anyone? ANYONE? Never mind. You’ve got to be realistic about these things. Anyway, I absolutely adore that beautiful-minded Eli Manning this week. He gets a Saints defense that just got bent over a barrel and shown all 50 states by the Las Vegas Raiders, and, oh, by the way, they just lost their best corner. Say one thing for the New Orleans Saints, I have absolutely no freaking clue on who the next man up is. I suppose that’s not surprising, considering I was unaware that this nobody who was injured was their best DB. That’s right ya’ll, the Saints defense is thinner than Giraffe schlong, and I, for one, plan on taking full advantage of it. Doubt me if you dare, for the last occurrence where I was doubted, I ended up with my chiseled glutes spread with my cousin’s tongue between them. She was a second cousin and not by blood. [Jay’s Note: Wait, what?]

I am Lord Tehol Beddict and this is Disgrace/Delight! Take heed!

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Greetings! To both my loyal subjects and sacrilegious haters, I humbly welcome you my life; ‘Tis true, my life revolves around the fascinating world of fantasy sports, but it’s so much deeper than that. Here, at the world’s finest fantasy sports website, Razzball, I’m able to share with you lessons of love and ecstasy, tales of heartbreak and betrayal, and possibly even some insight as to why Richard Gere enjoyed gerbils up his rectum. I cannot lie to you, my goodmen, my life is in absolute shambles right now. I cannot remember a time I felt so overwhelmed, yet I shall rise up and do my lordly duty, for I, Lord Beddict, am meant for greatness in some form or another and I shan’t be denied. WITNESS!

I am Tehol Beddict and this is Disgrace/Delight! Take Heed!

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