Welcome back to a Football episode of the Razzblitz Podcast! Rudy Gamble stops by for 15 minutes or so to talk about Weekly Projections and our season long subscription to give you an awesome advantage whether you play all year long or DFS Fantasy Football.

THE ZACH ATTACK IS BACK! Zach returns from Ireland full of takes on what is going on in the football world.  We talk about Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension, the Sammy Watkins trade, the Jordan Matthews trade, Jay Cutler’s signing, and Leonard Fournette’s foot.  We close out the show by discussing some draft strategy, including, but not limited to, the no running back strategy.

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Viz joins the normal crew for a “RazzLit” episode, which could be the new name because Jay LOVES it.  Along with the occasional “your mom” joke or a “that’s what she said”, Jay has really taking a liking to the millennial vernacular it seems.

Viz tells us about what he has in store for two of the fastest growing fantasy sports, Basketball and Hockey, this upcoming season.  Luckily for Razzball, we have some of the best fantasy sports advice for literally any fantasy sport that you want to play.

Viz tells us why he wasn’t in on this Game of Thrones season up until this past episode, which by the way, was easily one of the best in it’s 70+ episode run.  We talk about the Starks and also the crazy battle that took place setting the tone for the final three episodes of the season.  Finally, we wrap up a short episode (but it’s the motion in the ocean that counts), by talking about RCL leagues.  SIGN UP, BEAT TEHOL, WIN AWESOME PRIZES.

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I am joined once again by the boss man and his not-so-secret lover, Tehol.  Tehol and I talk about the Miami Dolphins quarterback situation and why it’s absurd that Kaepernick hasn’t been signed yet.  After that, Jay dives into what we can expect this upcoming year from the RCL leagues.  Tune in to find out the major changes in rosters that we have in store this year before Jay opens up the leagues on Monday! We then move on to Game of Thrones with plenty of spoilers including a deep dive into the past two episodes. Enjoy!

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An introduction to a gentleman who needs no introduction…. He’s a staff writer at NFL.com, a writer at footballguys.com, and the creator of Reception Perception and Back Yard Banter. Matt Harmon joins me for a solid 40-minute conversation about wide receivers, weight loss, and his love/hate relationship with the Carolina Panthers.

Zach joins me for a few minutes at the end of the episode to talk about a wild couple of days in news and what else we have in store for our readers and listeners in the coming weeks!

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did…

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Hello everyone! We are back with another episode of the Razzblitz podcast, this time with new full-time member Uncle Daddy Tehol Beddict as we all discuss some news around the league, such as the possible suspension of Ezekiel Elliott, rumors of players going to new destinations, and the mess that is the Washington backfield. Then we dive into position battles to keep an eye out for these next few weeks in Training Camp, before wrapping it out with some great news about the site (Spoiler Alert: Jay finished Top-3 in 2016 Draft Rankings! Three cheers!). Enjoy!

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Rejoice, for Jay has broken months of podcast silence to discuss his rankings and Razzball’s favorite show… GAME OF THRONES!

Tehol questions why I question Jay’s rankings, but I don’t. I just want to learn how to be a top-10 Fantasy Football ranker in the country (top-20 the past two years). We talk Drew Brees, Kirk Cousins, Kelvin Benjamin, Jordy Nelson, and O.J. Howard with Tehol chiming in with his clever wit and boyish charm.

As we are obligated to do, we spend a few minutes on the O.J. Simpson infatuation that hasn’t stopped sweeping the nation for 25-ish years. Then we get to the good stuff… Sansa vs. Jon Snow, mispronouncing Ed Shereen’s name, and what the future holds for one of the best shows on television.

My apologies for my cat screaming in the background. He is, in fact, not abused, he just really hates our new puppy and wants the world to know. What would a Razzball podcast be without a little #productionvalue?

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Welcome back! The NFL had a hell of a day on Monday…  Zach and I are here to give you our thoughts on Ezekiel Elliott, as well as the Dave Gettleman firing. That’s not all, we talk about Kirk Cousins, David Johnson vs. Le’Veon Bell, along with Mike Glennon’s fantasy potential.

Also, I found out that Zach plays basketball with old dudes and we argue about Christian McCaffery again.

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Welcome Back to our 4th episode as we start to get the audio ball rolling. I was on vacation with the family over the fourth so Zach did a segment with everyone’s favorite, Tehol Beddict.

At the beginning, we cover the news, then we get into Zach’s quarterback article and I give him some input and we found out that we think the same way in our quarterback drafting strategies.

We didn’t record an outro because #productionvalue so you can find us on twitter here and here. Enjoy!

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After an extended hiatus, due to soul searching summer travels, me and Zach return for a podcast that was recorded on two separate nights over the past couple of weeks so beware of #productionvalue.

I rambled a lot about missing out on Ezekiel Elliot last season while gushing over Joe Mixon’s fantasy potential. We don’t condone domestic disputes, but we condone fantasy production. We try to decide what a healthy Sammy Watkins can do for Tyrod Taylor. We also bring up Browns quarterbacks and Jeremy Maclin.

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We! Are! Live!

Zach and myself go through the NFL news and try to decipher whether or not it is reporter non-sense or the real deal.

Zach Brings up Colin Kaepernick in a Colin Kaepernick free podcast and ends up throwing bad karma in the direction of our favorite social justice warrior.

Bonus: Zach plays a long-con joke on me that was really hurtful and unnecessary…

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