Player Page Matches
Over the course of the off-season we'll be looking back at some of the major players who 'broke out' or outperformed their ADP by a drastic amount in the hopes that we can get a feel for what their 2013 fantasy football season holds and whether the break out is here to stay. Today's review subject is C.J. Spiller.
While looking back over a fantasy football season, the guys who round out the top 40 backs in our 2012 fantasy football rankings are usually a combination of injured studs and half season studs and this list will be no different. Of course, my favorites are the 'yeah, but when did you start that guy?' players on the list and there'll be a few of those. Gotta love when RB2 production has been sitting on your bench or out on waivers for 75% of the season. But I digress, for the purposes of this review, we'll be using yahoo's end of season PPR rankings to look back on the season that was for the top 40 running backs of the 2012 fantasy football season...
As we look back on my projections for the top 20 running backs for 2012 fantasy football, I would like to say I feel I nailed it. Unfortch, unlike that one famous carpenter that was around prior to AD, I'm not good with a hammer and injuries always seem to rattle this position to it's core when you go to review. There were plenty of surprises, some pleasant and some not so, but the people who drafted players like Maurice Jones-Drew or Ryan Mathews may never play this wonderful and wacky game again. In the end, the top 20 at this position were most likely the least injured players more so than they were the best players at times during the year which is to say, it wasn't always sexy to own some of these backs. For the meat and potatoes of this conversation, since we don't have a player rater yet, we're going to rely on yahoo PPR rankings for our review. So with the groundwork set, let's take a look back at the top 20 running backs for 2012 fantasy football...

The Bridgeburners knocked off He Hate Me 123 – 96 despite leaving the Seattle defense and their 41 points on the bench to set up a semifinal match with the first place Reign Maker$. Cam Newton’s strong play continued, but his 37 points were not enough for HHM to overcome the disappointing games of Torrey Smith, Bryce Brown, Fred Jackson, and Vernon Davis, who totaled 9 points between them. Please, blog, may I have some more?

Too much turkey, too much relaxation.  It’s the only thing I can think of when examining why Sunday was so flat in terms of fantasy dominance among the teams.  Were there good statlines?  Sure.  Were there good games to watch?  Yeah, the Ravens vs the Chargers was a great one and even Seattle in Miami was enjoyable, especially when they had a live Buffalo Wildwings commercial in the 3rd quarterPlease, blog, may I have some more?