2020 Shadow Coverage Report

Miami Dolphins

Division: AFC EAST

WR1: Devante Parker

Number of Potential Shadow Coverage Match-ups: 8

Historical Production

DeVante Parker vs. Shadow Coverage in 2019
Opponent Games PPG
Vs. Shadow Coverage
4 13.6
All other opponents
12 13.0

DeVante Parker was nothing short of amazing in 2019 as his career year came at a fantastic time aka his contract year. Now after a big pay day Parker needs to show that 2019 was no fluke. Last season down the stretch Parker beat up on some notable corners including Tre’Davious White (7-135), William Jackson (5-111) and Defensive Player of the Year Stephon Gilmore (8-137). Granted during that time Parker was the only show in town as he averaged 12 targets in those games which is an unsustainable 16 game pace of 192. All in all, it was still impressive none the less.

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The world can be completely upside down and our lives can be changed forever, but some things will always be there to comfort you. As long as we have internet at least. That’s right, RCLs are back for the 2020 season! If Roger says there is going to be football, then let there be fantasy! There is more at stake than ever before. Oh you already read that in the title? Sorry. The journey to #RazzBowl3 starts right here for the top finishers and for those of you that like to put your money where your mouth is, we will be offering cash leagues as well. Here are the details…

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As we prepare for the 2020 season, there are tons of hot takes swirling around the internet. Some are baseless tweets and articles meant to stir up conversation and clicks. Others are bold predictions that do have some foundation in reality, even if it’s a long shot. I plan to make this article somewhere in the middle. 

Football is set up for small samples with only 16 games in a season and roughly 55-65 offensive snaps per game. In football, even a player with “a lot” of volume may only participate in a fantasy relevant play on 20 of those snaps. Contrast that with baseball where each hitter on a team sees 600 at bats in a season! 

For this exercise I will highlight a player or situation on each team in the NFL using a nugget from 2019. You need to decide for yourself whether the information should dictate your position or whether it’s just a fun statistical oddity chalked up to sampling bias.

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The innovation machine never stops here at Razzball. Except for that one time when I tried to use it to heat up some leftover pizza. What a disaster that was! In the modern world of pandemics, riots and keto diets, we know it can be hard to find time to listen to 30-60 minute fantasy football shows. Oh, there’s a squirrel! Sorry, what was I talking about? Right, we’ve created a short-form video series for those of us with the attention span of a puppy. On Donkey’s Advocate, I’ll be bringing on many of the top fantasy football industry experts to sell me on one of their favorite 2020 fantasy football draft targets while I play devil’s donkey’s advocate. All of this will take place in a two minute rapid fire segment. In this week’s batch I was joined by Jake Ciely, Scott Engel and Bob Lung to discuss T.J. Hockenson, D.K. Metcalf and Raheem Mostert:

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Polarizing players do not lack reasons for the general public to despise their successes. However, if you need another angle to take out your envy on Tom Brady from, look no further. His new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is nicknamed after 17th century free sailors of the Caribbean. Those first Buccaneers were named from a Spanish-Caribbean word meaning smoker of meat. The meat these early landless hunters smoked were manatees! Yes, those cute herbivorous mammals beloved by aquarium goers globally. Tom Brady is basically a manatee murderer!

Tampa Bay finished 7-9 on the 2019 campaign, missing the NFL playoffs for the 12th consecutive year. It was disappointing to Bucs fans everywhere with seeming talent at all positions that they could not find a way to secure more wins. Despite the poor overall record, there were some signs of pending improvement on the defensive side of the ball. In 2018, that unit was the worst in the NFL, scoring 14.8 percent in defensive DVOA. Last season, Tampa Bay was the best defense against the run (3.3 yards per carry against) and turned over the opposition 28 times (5th most). All of that effort brought them up to -11.5 percent defensive DVOA, placing the defense fifth overall.

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With B_Don on vacation, Darik Buchar—the hidden hand of the RazzBowl and the NFFC’s jack of all trades—jumps on with Donkey Teeth to chat about some fantasy football news and notes. But first he shares a top secret NFFC promo code for $25 off any NFFC contest. Alright, it’s not a secret, it’s “RAZZAUG.”

In the news segment, Miles Sanders gets hyped, then injured, but then it sounds like he’s fine; the Patriots may use a QB committee, huh?; and Dalvin Cook cuts off extension talks with the Vikings.

Later the guy’s take a look at a handful of players who went higher and lower in RazzBowl drafts compared to consensus ADP. Find all RazzBowl ADP information over at the NFFC.

Darik and Donkey wrap the show up with a little analysis on each other’s 2020 RazzBowl drafts. Don’t forget to head over to the NFFC and take advantage of the exclusive Razzball $25 off promo code: RAZZAUG.

Good luck!

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I’m no longer a baby, at least technically speaking, but I do enjoy the soothing relief of a baby wipe from time to time. I’m not sure if you spend as much time pondering the baby wipe market as I do, probably not. But I’ve determined that in a bind, a package of Pampers would be worth upwards of $500 to me. And while a package of  those sensual wipes might be valued at $500 in my mind, I’m not going around offering up $500 when they’re available on Amazon for $4.99. Such is the case with all of my 2020 fantasy football rankings which I’ve slaved over tirelessly for your reading and mocking pleasure over the past three months while locked in my cage at Razzball Headquarters, far away from the echo chamber. What I mean is, just because I have Austin Ekeler and Kerryon Johnson ranked absurdly high, doesn’t mean I’m drafting them in the 1st and 5th rounds respectively. If the market wants to give me those sweet moisture filled wipes for 10 cents on the dollar, or Ekeler in the 2nd round or Kerryon in the 9th round, who am I to argue? I’ve written slightly more in depth and nonsensical thoughts about all of these players as I worked thru my 2020 fantasy football positional rankings, take a look back if you’re interested in more gibberish. Anyway, here’s the top 100 for 2020 PPR fantasy football:

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The Miles Sanders hype train has lost the brakes and is full speed ahead going into the 2020 season. But the train seems to be staying on the tracks after Doug Pederson told Miles Sanders, “You’re the guy this season.” Coach speak should be taken with a grain of salt, but this is exactly what Miles Sanders truthers like myself want to hear. The hype is so rampant that if you Google “Miles Sanders shirtless” the 2nd picture in the results is actually Saquon Barkley shirtless. I mean, if Google is confusing Miles Sanders and Saquon Barkley in August, imagine what Sanders will do for his investors during the season.

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Living in the fantasy world is fun. It is a place where we can fly by swimming, have our cake and eat it, and score touchdowns without being a crash dummy. But it is not all good because sometimes we become so absorbed in that realm that we lose sight of what is right in front of us. Digging into the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver situation, I’ve uncovered such a situation. Justin Jefferson, the first round pick, is being drafted as the 134th overall player and 52nd wide receiver in NFFC drafts from 7/1 to 8/16. Olabisi Johnson, though, is the 169th wide receiver and 564th overall player being selected. Reality is definitely skewed. Here’s why.

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When doing the analysis on Golladay his stats vs. shadow coverage was astonishing. Not just because he had a higher PPG in the 7 contest when he faced shadow coverage, but it was who he did it against that was most impressive. Golladay has succeeded in games vs. notable tier 1 shadow coverage corners including Chris Harris, James Bradberry and Tre’Davious White. In 5 of the 7 games he had at least 14 points in .5 PPR with only 1 terrible game that was under 8 points.

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