2019 Football Draft Kit

There were some hefty bids put on rookie sensation T.J. Hockenson last week, which was promptly followed by some reactionary drops this week.

When it comes to rookies, make your evaluation and believe in it. Be willing to accept changes in their skill set on the field, but we can only do so much to predict usage. Just ask Rudy. Trust the process even though we always need results. This is the rookie oath.

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2019 Accuracy Rank QB RB WR TE K DST
Week 2 2 17 9 26 39 69 35
Week 1 47 81 31 49 76 26 24
Cumulative 6 35 7 16 64 42 30

What are you ranking? Everything! You get a ranking, you get a ranking, everybody gets a ranking! You’ll find my Standard, Half-PPR, and PPR rankings below.

What are my rankings bona fidas? Well, there’s finishing in the FantasyPros Top-10 Draft Accuracy (7th Place) in 2017, Top-25 Weekly Accuracy (23rd Place) in 2017, Top-5 Draft Accuracy (3rd place) in 2016, Top-10 Weekly Accuracy (10th Place) in 2016, Top-25 Weekly Accuracy in 2015 (21st Place) and on average we’ve finished in the Top-10 Draft Accuracy (9th Overall) and the Top-20 Weekly Accuracy (18th Overall) for the past four years and finished 30th overall for our Draft Rankings with a 32nd overall finish in Weekly just last season. And this is out of over 100+ industry sites and experts year-after-year. I’d like to think we’re pretty good at this stuff…

What does the word bona fidas mean? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, bo·na fi·des ˌbō-nə-ˈfī-ˌdēz , ÷ˈbō-nə-ˌfīdz means 1 : good faith : sincerity, 2 : the fact of being genuine —often plural in construction, 3 : evidence of one’s good faith or genuineness —often plural in construction, 4 : evidence of one’s qualifications or achievements —often plural in construction. On a separate note, I think it would make a great name for a cat.

What’s my ranking process? I’ve actually written about this in the past, and instead of working hard for new and enlightening content, I have chosen the more efficient (lazy, ahem) method and dropping in a link to that post here. Honestly, my process hasn’t changed much at all (the ole “don’t fix what ain’t broke” proverb comes to mind) and so my “A Day in the Life of a Fantasy Football Ranker” story still remains relevant to this day. (The TL;DR is: I’m lazy as fudge. Well, I mean the other “f” word, but I’m hungry.)

How should I use your rankings? The same way your mother does. Which actually makes no sense. (Unless your mother is in the running to always finish top-3 in your Fantasy Football league. And if that’s the case, say hello to her for me.)

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Well, if you thought Week 1 had a lot of injuries to keep track of, you had no idea what was coming.

Last Sunday saw three star QB’s suffer or complicate major injuries, while a slew of different backs and receivers saw themselves out of contests late into games with an abundance of injuries.

Let’s talk about some of the players who landed on the injury report this week.

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Hey folks. This is Matt Williams from the Fantasy Football Mercenaries  & I will be partnering with Razzball this season to bring you some fantasy football content through statistics & sarcasm. My podcasts DFStatistics w/ Scott Michaud, a weekly DFS Show, and the Daily Blitz Podcast, a daily fantasy football podcast with Nick Faber, will keep you up to date and entertained all season long.

Please enjoy the Week 3 main slate break down below for DFS. Let’s go win some money.


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Week 2 is in the past, and we have a somewhat clearer picture of what teams want to do. The Dolphins want to suck. The Patriots want to win another Super Bowl and apparently Dallas wants to play defense to go with their offense. With this in mind, we look at some move which you should consider making in hopes of cashing in on some of these trends. Whether it be selling a player before they lose value or buying early. Here are some moves you can make to get yourself, hopefully, to the playoffs in your fantasy leagues.

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Donkey and B_Don are back this week, goin’ deep on new Steelers’ quarterback Mason Rudolph. After breaking down the film from Rudolph’s second half performance against Seattle this past week, the guys take a look at how the fantasy relevant Steelers will be impacted. Is this a chance to buy low on early round studs JuJu Smith-Schuster and James Conner? Will Vance McDonald continue to thrive with the youngster Rudolph at the helm? Are any of Donte Moncrief, James Washington, or Diontae Johnson worth rostering? Tune in and find out.

Then Donkey Teeth is lured away by some juicy sugar beets, but MB swoops in to save the day during the pick ups segment. Some players discussed by B_Don and MB include Demarcus Robinson, Daniel Jones, John Ross, Ty Johnson, Raheem Mostert, Nelson Agholor, JJ Arcega-Whiteside, and many more. Open your ear holes and enjoy!
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Tuesday was a good day! FantasyPros releases their weekly accuracy rankings on Tuesdays and this year those Tuesdays are a pretty good day for us. In week 2, our own Jay finished 2nd out of 130-some rankers and is now ranked 6th overall for the season. Jay has been doing this for years. He really has a knack for rankings on top of the “your mom” jokes. It also makes me feel great that such an accomplished fantasy football guru saw something in me and gave me a bigger role in this football section of the site that he put so much into building. Jay might not be around as much as he used to be, but his weekly rankings that post on Thursday are still some of the best that you can get. Hell, their probably the best that you can get for free.

Enough about Jay. I didn’t do too shabby myself! My rankings were the 23rd most accurate in week 2. I would obviously rather finish in the top 10 than 23rd, but hey! 23rd is way above average. You get a shot at way above average rankings for free each week. As always, thank you for visiting, reading, and commenting. Now let’s get to those week 3 rankings!

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So can the Chiefs cut child arm-breaker Tyreek Hill now? The irony of seeing Tyreek in a sling on the sidelines should not have been lost on any of us. Though I’m not as all in on DeMarcus Robinson as I was last week on Marquise Brown and Terry McLaughlin. Kelce is still the #1 receiver in KC, and with Mecole Hardman and Sammy Watkins also splitting targets I feel like this is a situation where week to week some WR is going to get big numbers, but it’s near impossible to decide who, and that only gets murkier when Tyreek returns (and if you have an impatient Hill owner in your league who needs help now, see if you can pry Hill from them). Feels like the Rams; must be nice for those two teams, must be nice.

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