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It wasn’t well reported by the mainstream media, but prior to week one Mike Evans gave a sample of his secret family sausage recipe to Jameis Winston. When Winston inserted the mystery meat into his mouth, the funkiness he tasted was beyond words. Jameis was so offended by the foul tasting wiener, he vowed to look to Chris Godwin before Evans on every pass play for two weeks. Then, earlier this week Mike Evans tweaked the family sausage recipe and placed the new wiener into his quarterbacks’ hands. The fresh Evans man meat was so juicy and flavorful, Jameis was addicted!

Needless to say, Winston adjusted his game plan for week three targeting Mike Evans 15 times against the New York Giants. Evans turned those 15 targets into 8 catches for 190 yards and 3 touchdowns. That must have been some sausage! Anyway, here’s what else I saw in yesterday’s late games for fantasy football:

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Matt Williams is back with a new Daily Blitz Podcast, recapping Week 3 in fantasy football. He is joined by Nick Faber and Scott Michaud as they go game by game to discuss everything you need to know going forward.

Players discussed: Daniel Jones, Kyle Allen, Stefon Diggs, Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers, Corey Davis, Duke Johnson, Sterling Shepard, Preston Williams, and more.

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There was a wide variety of projected outcomes for the early games on Sunday. Most of the games had a spread of less than a touchdown and then there were two games with home favorites of 20+ points. Nothing was really a surprise from the standpoint of the scoreboard, but there is always a lot of fantasy tidbits to break down. Going forward, I will be covering the early slate, while Donkey Teeth will be taking care of the later games. In this format, we both can focus on individual games instead of jumping around from player bullet point to player bullet point. We can start with one of the more exciting games for more than one position that took place in Minnesota.

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Welcome to the bulk of week 3! No need to panic if you are sitting at 0-2 and maybe looking at 0-3, get a hold of what a BOOF on twitter and he could choose you for next week’s Fantasy 911. No matter what your record is, I’m here to help you get the W this week. If you’re looking for some gambling picks, I have picks for you to check out. 

We have a couple of good games this Sunday including Lamar Jackson vs. Patrick Mahomes. Depending on the weather, we could see some lighting up of the scoreboard. The Rams and the Browns could be a pretty interesting way to close out the night as well. Of course, injuries are starting to become a factor early in the season, so let’s get to the latest news on those.

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While it still is early into the 2019 NFL season, we are getting more clarity with which teams are actually good or bad on either side of the ball. With more and more clarity, we can make better and better fantasy decisions with how we should manage or rosters. Who we should start, and who we should sit.

So let’s talk about that very subject.

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Last night was the yearly tradition of the two teams that nobody wants to see on Thursday night play against one another on Thursday night. The location? One of the premier hard drug abuse cities of the United States! Maybe I’ll just watch the Tulane and Houston game that Pat McAfee is announcing. Wait a minute.. that guy in the headband.. with the mustache. Is that Grey Albright? Now that baseball season is coming to a close it would make sense that Grey would finesse himself onto the Jaguars.

But it’s not Grey. It’s the man who is here to save the NFL. The man who works out in the locker room with nothing but a headband and a jock strap. And the man who’s going to make Nick Foles the two-time highest paid back up in the NFL. It’s Gardner Minshew.

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The real question, who do we not start in this AFC playoff preview? BAL @ KC carries the highest line heading into week 3. Both teams making their second appearance in the weekly Shootout vs Blowout preview, and now fans get the pleasure of viewing both teams on the same field. If you like money, please put a couple of cash DFS lineups together with BAL/KC players sprinkled throughout.

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It is an interesting feeling being on this side of the fantasy football wall. The data domination article had a productive week 2, but the Dede Westbrook “must play” landmine was a tough pill to swallow. It is always the goal to hit 100%, but this is obviously not realistic. Within the constant refinement process hopefully I can avoid such significant misses in the future. WE ARE ON TO WEEK 3.

Last week, we discussed a week 2 approach centered around overreactions. As we move forward in the early half of the season one of my favorite approaches is to compare pre-season beliefs versus the present situation and for any gaps have the opponents up until this point forced those changes in the way the players/team is viewed. Incorporating that difference with an outlook moving forward can often lead us to fantasy championships. This idea will bleed into many of my data points in the next few weeks to great context to how we can use the information.

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The Daily Blitz Podcast with Matt Williams and Nick Faber has a new home at Razzball for the 2019 season. Every Monday through Friday during the regular season, there will be a new episode for you to dig into.

This episode, Matt & Nick discuss each game during Week 3 of fantasy football and who you should start/sit.

Players discussed include: Joe Mixon, O.J. Howard, Jimmy Garoppolo, Aaron Jones, Preston Williams, Daniel Jones, and more.

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