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Reid here to drop some Week 1 hot takes for everyone. I’m going to be running roughly 5 hot takes a week on this segment so I don’t go out of control. Some weeks there may be fewer, depending on how spicy it is in Buffalo. But for now, let’s get going with this week.

Nick Foles actually performs well in the first three weeks, but is NOT worth a roster spot after Week 3.

The reasoning is quite simple on this one. Nobody in the NFL has an easier schedule for Weeks 1-3 regarding passing defense than the Eagles (The most difficult schedule in that stretch is the Bills). On the flip side, the Eagles have the 2nd toughest passing defense schedule from Week 4 to the remainder of the season.

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Me before every draft this year. I’m not invited back. I’ll admit it. My first love is fantasy baseball. But over the past few years fantasy football has become my mistress. Now usually I don’t boast or brag, but today is different — usually in late August/early September, I’ve got baseball playoffs on the brain. That’s still the case this year (#humblebrag) but there’s just something in this New Jersey air that’s making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Maybe it’s because I’m going to the Giants/Jaguars game this Sunday. Maybe it’s because last year the Giants were out of contention by week 5. Or maybe, it’s because the Giants parlayed that 3-13 record last year into their second overall pick of Saquon Barkley. I haven’t been this excited about a Giants running back since Brandon Jacobs that one time. Or maybe it’s the air pollution…

Now to get into what you’re really here for. Every Tuesday I’ll be giving you the straight dirt on who you need to get your twisted, gnarled, dirty football fingers on. Maybe there’s backup running back who is due for some added snaps because the starter is just a jabroni. Maybe there’s a third string wide receiver who is about to face the Colts porous defense and you need someone who can reach for that brass ring. Or maybe there’s just someone with a dope name who I just can’t ignore any longer (Hi JuJu!) Whatever the case may be — every Tuesday you need to come here as you turn your attention to laying the smacketh down on your next opponent.

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We made it! Well, almost. I hope everyone had an incredible or incredibly inebriated Labor Day weekend. There are still drafts to be done for some people (I still have 3 drafts over the next two days). But, it’s time for us as a site to get into our regularly scheduled programming. Let me tell introduce you to what we have going on during the season here at Razzball.

First, Rudy has some amazing tools and projections to help you win your fantasy football leagues. The NFL Depth Charts tool is regularly updated with all of the snap count predictions and roster information that you need for fantasy football. Rudy has also introduced the trade analyzer which was a big hit over on the baseball side of the site. You can also sign up for Rudy’s premium content and that includes a seven day FREE trial.

I’ve got you covered for everything else that you will need on Sundays. In the morning, I will be putting up the introduction post for the day. This will include quick hits on my thoughts for the week, an injury report, and maybe even some weather conditions. I do this so you have a thread where you all can leave comments with lineup questions, my thoughts on foreign policy, or the occasional f*ck, marry, kill. I’ll answer them all. I follow this up with a review of Sunday’s action that is posted on Monday morning so you have something to do while ignoring work emails.

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The Sausage Fest gets extra meaty this week as the boys are joined by numbers guru and co-founder of Razzball, Rudy Gamble. Listen in as Rudy regales B_Don and DT with tales of the creation of Razzball and then attempts to crush Donkey Teeth’s Tarik Cohen hopes and Kerryon Johnson dreams.

Of course the guys also had to grill Gamble regarding the fantasy outlook for all Da Bears offensive players in 2018. Other topics of conversation in this week’s show include the process of projecting football statistics, snake and auction draft strategy, Lamar Miller, Peyton Barber and much more.

Sign up for a free 7 day trial of Rudy’s incredible premium football tools here.

Follow everyone on this episode on Twitter @RudyGamble, @DitkaSausagePod, and @DonkeyTeeth87.

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We want to thank everyone for their participation in the RCL leagues to this point. We hope everyone is having fun with their drafts with their favorite writers. Great news! We have four leagues that need filled and we need your help! You can play against me, Son, Kerry, or our new writer, Nic. The drafts start on Sunday and go through Wednesday. That’s Sunday until the season starts! The rest of this is copied and pasted. You all know that I’m not very wordy.

Do you want to play in more than one league? Go right ahead! You can play against all of the Razzball writers that you want until their leagues are full. You can start your own league and invite all of your buddies. RCLs went through some big changes last season by switching to IDP and the Fantrax platform. In the respect of full transparency, it could have went a lot smoother. I honestly feel like we have made a lot of improvements by switching to PPR and returning to standard rosters.

Fantrax as a platform has definitely made improvements as well. I think they are getting better and better every season. Last year was a struggle for me on Fantrax. I was having trouble figuring out the regular functions that I was used to with the other big sites that I play on. To be honest, I wasn’t a fan of the interface either. This baseball season, I had to give Fantrax another shot to play in a couple of industry leagues. I was very impressed with the new and improved interface for baseball and it didn’t take me that long to get used to it this time around. Early on in this fantasy football draft season, I’m enjoying the Fantrax slow draft that I am in. If the switch from Yahoo to Fantrax, kept you away last season, give it a shot this year. If you didn’t enjoy our format last year, maybe you’ll like that we are going back to regular rosters. As always, we’ve got prizes!

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What’s going on everyone, and welcome to the final post of mine before the start of the regular season. It’s been really fun writing almost every week since early June, spending countless of hours writing, researching, and talking to Matt and Reid about Travaris Cadet. Hopefully the 2019 offseason will be just as fun!

Anyway, I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, as you can catch me on Razzball twice a week, once on Wednesday’s releasing my weekly player ranks, and on Saturday for the return of my column, “Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em”. It’s going to be a great year, so get ready for some amazing content this year from myself and the rest of the Razzball team!

Anyway, speaking of rankings, here is my final update at Pre-Draft rankings for the 2018 offseason. Enjoy!

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After the first big draft weekend, it’s nice to reflect on rankings and see where you actually are looking at players rather than what you perceived to be a fair ranking prior to draft season. A number of changes from the initial posting based on injuries, some missing players, and yes, even some recent news. Hopefully the rankings update will help you with your leagues as fantasy football draft season wraps up.

After the first big draft weekend, it’s nice to reflect on rankings and see where you actually are looking at players rather than what you perceived to be a fair ranking prior to draft season. A number of changes from the initial posting based on injuries, some missing players, and yes, even some recent news. Hopefully the rankings update will help you with your leagues as fantasy football draft season wraps up…

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Not every pre-conceived notion is accurate or needs to be stuck by. I wrote in my ‘Undraftables’ series that training camp can change my opinion on player usage and team role. That has happened in a few cases. In the interest of being an open book to the readers that give me a job, I’m going to call myself out on some of my ideas earlier in the preseason. I like a lot of what I wrote in the early summer months. I’m still fading Mike Evans, I don’t want any Lamar Miller or Michael Crabtree, so on, so forth. On the bright side, there are only three players that I have flip-flopped on!

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