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Reid here to drop some more hot takes after a wet and rainy first week with an eye toward Week 2 of the NFL slate. Before we get started, I would ask all of you reading this to check out Rudy’s projections and DFSbot Optimizer. I dominated my DFS and fantasy lineups and made a couple plays based off of the info Rudy puts out there. He’s one of the best in the business.

Now for hot takes…

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Well, well, well, here we are again, my lovelies! Another year of fantasy football is underway and here you all are, ready, willing, and waiting for me to give you what you have all been longing for since about Week 10 of last season. Oh, honey, don’t worry about all the foreplay. I do plan to deliver. Be patient. Those of you who are not new to my Dungeon know that I carry with me a Black Widow Curse that manages to feast on man flesh every season, and usually it waits a week or two, you know, wine and dine you before it has its way with you. Well, this season it seems that the curse was out in full force and hit me first when it decided to take Leonard Fournette away from me before halftime. I am not going to say any more about it because I don’t want to jinx it, but my sacrifice has been made…for now. Hopefully this year it does one of those Final Destination things where it moves on to the next person after claiming a victim, but knowing my luck I better stock up on the lube because I have a feeling I am about to get reamed halfway to Sunday. Without dinner first, the nerve! If you are in the same position as me (Giggity) not only do you know what it feels like, but you are already looking for another hole to be filled for next week. Well, fear no more. Ladies and gentlemen, convicts and perverts, the foreplay is over. Here is the first 2018 version of Hit it or Quit it. Bon Appetite!

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There were a lot of expectations heading into week 1 of the NFL season and a variety of different results. There was the completely expected: Patriots winning; Aaron Rodgers being da gawd of football. (Yawn.) The slightly unexpected: The Broncos sneaking away with a 27-24 win over the Seahawks; Matt Ryan not returning to his MVP form. (Maybe we all saw that one coming…) And the completely bat-guano, mind-blowing, WTF: Browns/Steelers playing to a 21-21 draw; MVP Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buccaneers dropping 48 points against the Saints; and the Ravens obliterating the Buffalo Bills 47-3.

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It’s Sunday Morning in New Orleans. 4:27 A.M. to be exact. A 35 year-old journey quarterback awakens with a groan on the couch in his hotel room. He prefers a bed most nights but this specific hotel has mattresses that are too stiff for his back.

He strokes his beard to make sure that it is sitting the way that he prefers. He’d hate to have to waste time on a game day combing his life’s work instead of studying his second love, football. He looks down and discovers that he fell asleep in his favorite Carhartt flannel shirt while watching reruns of M.A.S.H. Times were much simpler back then.

After brushing his teeth with charcoal and applying odorless deodorant, it’s time to pack his lunch pail with pre-game nutrition that has treated him well since he joined his 11th(ish) NFL team a few years ago. He starts by brewing coffee so strong that it can be mistaken for motor oil and he grabs 3 hard boiled eggs out of hotel’s mini fridge. Ryan used to love his eggs over easy until teammates started making fun of the leftover egg yoke left in his beard. Ryan prefers as little attention as possible. The only thing that he wants is to continue to perfect his craft.

Ryan hops on the team bus with his pail and coffee thermos. He doesn’t sit next to anyone. He’d like to be alone with his thoughts and Keith Urban playing at a moderate volume in his stock iPhone headphones. Ryan snaps out of his daze as the team arrives at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. He is the only person who knows what he is about to accomplish at this place on this day. He is the only man who has visualized the deep missiles that he is going to navigate to Mike Evans and Desean Jackson. The savior has arrived. Some quarterbacks eat W’s while others achieve them.

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Thursday wasn’t entertaining enough for you? That’s fine. The NFL has 12 games today and at least a few of them should do the trick. If you missed any content this week, be sure to head back and check out the great stuff that you might have missed. Check out the rankings from JayZach, and myself. Also, you can check out Rudy’s depth charts that are regularly updated and if you’re a DFS player there is nothing better than our premium content. YOU GET A 7 DAY FREE TRIAL. Ray Rice can’t even beat that. Oh really? Bad Ray Rice jokes in 2018? Well, Eminem put out an album in 2018 so why can’t I act in poor taste too?

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It’s the best time of the year. The week that the new NFL season kicks-off is an exciting and hopeful time. With the majority of fantasy drafts completed, most of us are sitting around and admiring the teams we drafted. Perhaps you are in a dynasty league and admiring the team that you have built over the past few years. If you are in a dynasty league, or thinking of joining one, I’m here to help you along the way. For those of you that haven’t taken the dynasty plunge, hopefully you will be inspired to join a start-up league or create your own. Although my future posts will be dynasty focused, there should be plenty of information that will help you out in all formats.  Let’s dive right in and take a look at a few rookies that will look to make an impact this year, and have the potential to impact the fantasy landscape for years to come.

A Baker’s dozen of reasons to like:

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Can you believe it?! It’s already Week 1! After an off-season and pre-season that seemed like it would never end, we have finally reached the first full Sunday of meaningful football. It’s going to be a fun season!

I’m absolutely thrilled to be back writing the Start/Sit column this year. For those of you that are new here, every Saturday morning I’ll be dishing out some serious takes and knowledge to help set your fantasy football rosters for Sunday.

While for a majority of fantasy owners, Week 1 is mostly about starting your studs that you drafted, there are a few tricky spots that I do want to talk a little bit about.

So let’s get to it!

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Hey there Razzballers,

Reid here kicking off my season-long series for those of you who love to live life on the edge.

I guess a little background on the name of this post should be included since 100% of you are sitting there thinking “Who the hell is ‘Bojo’ and why should I take anything this guy says seriously?”

Great questions. Let me explain. Bojo is the nickname for an Old Niagara Falls man who has a reputation for being quite savvy with line movements and getting to the heart of the games. So I’m sitting down with him to get some of his best bets each week (2 best bets and 1 upset). I will be adding a DFS player to target for each of the games brought up as well. So let’s get to the games and see where Bojo wants to look at this week:

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Welcome to the start of 2018 NFL DFS season. You’re probably familiar with Donkeycorns, the wandering mythical creature who rewards your trust with a path through the desert, from the MLB Closer Report. In DFS A Donkey is someone that does foolish things. When it comes to daily fantasy, we’re all Donkeys sometimes. I’m your DFS Donkeycorn. Follow me through the fantasy desert.

Did you use Rudy’s Tools for the MLB season? You probably enjoyed success if you did. The biggest advantage a model gives you is its consistency. It doesn’t have biases. It won’t get mad at Julio Jones for not scoring touchdowns, despite the natural variability of NFL TD scoring. I recently asked Rudy how difficult it would be to start my own model. His response was, considering I have over 1,000 hours sunk into mine this off-season, not very. So get the 7-day free trial, pay for the season once that ends, and be glad Rudy exists to grind away at a projection system so you don’t have to. I’ll focus on the Sunday main slate using Fanduel pricing below.

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Last night, we kicked off the regular season with…. the opposite of a bang as the Atlanta Falcons visited the Philadelphia Eagles. We have to remember that September football tends to be pretty bad at times. Teams are not in a groove on the offensive side of the ball and it clearly showed last night.

Be sure to check out Rudy’s Depth Chart tool to make sure you have the best roster locked in for Week 1!

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