Yo yo yo, we’re back yet again to provide rankings and playoff picks for all eleven or twelve of you who are still playing fantasy football. I’d like to know why, but I’m sure it’s because something-something-sh*thole. That’s right folks, despite only having to cater to the dozen(s) of you, we still like to remain topical. Mmm, topical sh*thole, if you will. And we should.

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Hello Razzballers. Reid here about to start some early mock drafts for the 2017 NFL Draft coverage here at Razzball. I’m using the draft order based on the results of Wild Card Weekend. I won’t be projecting trades in this one. Those mock drafts will come later as the playoffs progress.

I will post a quick comment on the picks since it’s still very early in the process. Would love to hear input from you guys if you think the team you root for has a bigger need or would act differently (without trading).

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Yeah, it’s a bit lonely over here (am I talking about my dating life or this site?), but we must keep the ranking juices flowing. It’s what I demand. It’s what the industry demands. It’s also what your mother demands. Maybe. I’m actually not quite sure about what your mother demands, since our conversation last night was about something entirely different. Regardless, here are this weekend’s Wild Card Weekend picks AND rankings, for all you readers who are in bizarre NFL Playoff leagues.

Let’s bizarre together!

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Hey there, the fantasy season might be over but we aren’t ready to let go of the football season, so why don’t you join us? Reid and Zach hop on the ol’ Skype machine with me and we riff about the ever changing coaching disasters that are happening around the sport. We also make our wild card round picks while giving our reasons why…

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Normally, I wouldn’t notate the year (or would I !?), but since we’re going through a transitional phase with the years, I did want to make it clear that this particular post is only for help with your Week 16,17, and beyond (for all those weird leagues that use the NFL Playoffs) Championship match-ups. Just in case someone ends up asking us a fantasy question about your 2018 Championship games… and if that’s the case, I’m totally down, since that means you’re from the future. Which is full of robot dragons. That shoot lasers and wear tight leather while blasting Daft Punk. Pretty much the scariest environment imaginable. Anyhow, if you’re still playing Fantasy Football, that means the stakes couldn’t be higher, so yeah, let’s all have a happy holidays, but why not also have a happy championship? Yeah, I don’t really like the ending either, but whatever, we’re going to roll with it. Indiana knows what’s up, that’s how they get to most places.

Much better…

Rankings for Week 17 including our updated Staff Consensus, Player Status Updates, and an opportunity to ask those all so important roster questions to myself, MB, Zach, Kerry, and Reid in the commentary section are after the jump!

Happy New Year!

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Greetings Razzball Nation. Unlike that lazy Pennsylvanian rodent, I’ve arisen from my winter bunker a month earlier than usual to recap what turned out to be a memorable Year 2 in the life of the Razzball Pigskinonator aka my first robot child with my second android wife (I had the MLB Streamonator and Hittertron with Wife #1, NBA Stocktonator with Wife #3.

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I am joined by Jay first to talk about how his season went with rankings and talked about the process. After Jay leaves, a weird time warp occurs (since my chat with him was a week earlier), before I’m joined by Rudy Gamble who shows up to talk about the success of his rankings model. Check out this podcast and Rudy’s post that is out later this week to learn all about the season of the #5 weekly Fantasy Football ranker in all of FantasyPros! Enjoy!

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What is going on everybody, and welcome to Week 17! For those of you crazy fanatics out there that play their championship game on Week 17, welcome back to the final week of the NFL season! It truly has been an honor writing for you all another season, so let’s do this thing that we all love one last time for 2017.

Let’s get to it!

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Okay Aaron Rodgers owners — if you put all your eggs in his basket — you can still recover. I’ve got three solid starting QB options who could lead you to fantasy football glory. If you’re Antonio Brown — I’ve got you covered there.

If you’ve got anyone else on your team that you’re not entirely sure of please throw your questions down in the comment section and I will get to them ASA-quick.

Please, blog, may I have some more?
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