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I know, I need a bath now too. Here it is, week 17. The final slate of games and it's actually a full one; no TNF or MNF or TNF on SN where the 'S' is for 'Saturday' which they can't use because that's for 'Sunday Night Football'. Yup, 16 games ripe with intrigue and I lead off with talking Colin Kaepernick. I guess my new year's resolution is to lose readers. WELP. I know it's hard to get with the idea of this. Honestly, it's hard to feel comfortable making the call for me too but here I am looking back on why I liked Russell Wilson last week and nothing has changed about the why. Both are QBs who can run and Arizona rarely leaves a spy on the backfield to stop that from happening and don't look now but Kap has now rushed for over 40 yards in back to back games and rushed at least 7 times. Methinks the O-Co finally figured out that a Colin stuck in the pocket is a Colin wasted. Not like crunk wasted, more like 'not used correctly' wasted. It's been a trying time for his seasonal owners. Trust me, I know, I suffered through him in one in a two QB league. Guess what? I picked up Kyle Orton and he never saw the light of day again for my team. But this is probably a Harbaugh swan song and I think he goes out and lets his guys do what they do and what Colin can do is run as showcased last week when he racked up 7/151/1 on the ground on his way to a 31.7 DK fantasy point night. What was the passing line you ask? Ehhhh...let's not talk about that. The point is, his rushing game was worth 24.1 alone. I can't say he'll replicate but for a GPP go, I'm about to pop a Kap in dat and he has a cheap pairing partner that will also go under the radar...what, I ain't tellin you now. This is the epic last DK post for fantasy football of the year, I'm gonna make you suffer. So strap in - or strap on, we won't judge you - as we slide through this final go. So with no further ado, here it is: my final hot take on 2014 fantasy football DK slate... New to DraftKings? Scared of feeling like a small fish in a big pond? Well try out this 20 team league of Razzball writers and friends to wet your DK whistle. Just remember to sign up through us before you do. It lets us know that you care!
Jay's updated his Week 16 Rankings for tonight's games: the Eagles vs. Washington, and Chargers vs. 49ers. Check them out here! It's fantasy championship week.  I hope that you have made it to your respective fantasy finals, and that you're in line to win major candy bars with a victory this weekend.  With the holidays next week, there won't be a start and sit article for Week 17.  However, as the offseason approaches, there will still be plenty to read on the site, and within the coming weeks, I'll have a way-too-early top 100 for 2015 posted on the site and numerous other strategy, draft and other articles to hold you over. Let's get to it, shall we?
Let me begin by thanking all of you for reading this drivel I produce on a weekly basis. Hopefully you've found it helpful, informative, and most of all, put my suggestions here to good use.  Throughout the season so many handcuffs have found their way into starting roles and excelled. Some on a one week fill in, but others took the job and ran with it. We salute you graduated handcuffs. Thanks for making the draft meaningless. Just kidding, but seriously who would you rather have right now, Jimmy Graham or Justin Forsett? LeSean McCoy or Jeremy Hill? You don't need to answer, the right choice is obvious. It just goes to show how increasingly viable the handcuff stash option is. The beginning of next year pundits, peers, and perts will be lined up by the dozen to tell you handcuffs are a waste of roster spot. To them I say this: if you make a costly investment in a running back, does it really hurt to buy an insurance policy? You would on a car, house, or collection of Star Wars commemorative plates. Right? What you don't own any Star Wars commemorative plates? More of a Star Trek guy eh? What? You don't own any commemorative plates! What do you eat your hot pockets on?
After a disaster of a suggestion last week in Marion Grice, I'm looking to a couple of familiar names and faces this week. Both Andre Williams and Latavius Murray have been featured here before and will be again today. When it comes to handcuffs you sort of hit a point where there are only so many usable options left. Though I suppose Kerwynn Williams' breakout does fly in the face of that previous statement. The point is we know the players now, and if you're digging through handcuffs it's because you need to use them for playoff match ups. So good luck with that! To wrap this up it's been a great year, and the constant game of musical chairs amongst the starters at the running back position have kept me mighty busy. Hopefully my advice led you to a few victories this season, good luck in the playoffs! Note: Don’t forget to come visit me on the new Razzball Fantasy Soccer home everyday of the week. Smokey and I have leagues registering now. If you’re not familiar with the format, NBD, relax, you got us. Smokey and I are giving you the best Fantasy Premier League coverage out there. If you haven’t tried fantasy EPL, you’re missing out. So sign up and use us as your guide.
It only took until Week 15 of the NFL season, but it looks like Mike Pettine actually wants to win games in Cleveland.  After suffering through 13 games with Brian Hoyer as the quarterback, Pettine made the call to start Johnny Manziel this week against Cincinnati.  Look, I'm on record as saying that Manziel is going to be a bust in the league, and I stand by that.  However, Manziel can't be as bad as Hoyer, and he's the spark plug this offense needs.
Can I tell you that due to the title of this post, I get some of the kinkiest followers on Twitter? Let's just say I didn't realize the "handcuff market" was so vast and expansive. Because these people are following me and supporting my efforts here, I feel it only necessary to give them a shout out. To all the weird fetish sites that obviously have never read a word of my writing, thanks for the follow and keep up the good work! Now onto business, lots of handcuffs to discuss due to some evolving situations in Phoenix, Cleveland, Minnesota, and New Orleans...
Good afternoon my fellow Razzballers! Hopefully you're slowly recovering from your tryptophan and gravy hangovers, and weren't trampled in the wee hours of the morning by overzealous Black Friday shoppers. I spent the day watching football and stuffing my face with as much deliciousness as humanly possible. Well, that and writing posts chock full of fantasy goodies for all of my loyal readers here and on the Soccer site (shameless plug!). BTW our RCL's over on Razzball Soccer kick-off tomorrow so join up now!.....Now back to our regularly scheduled post.... We have five more weeks left in the season and it's already been a banner year for handcuffs. So much so that I actually thanked the Turkey Gods for making this post so easy to write from week to week. Now if I could only talk those same Gods into opening up some playing time for Devonta Freeman. But one thing at a time Ralph, one thing at a time. As we always do at this time let's take a look at a couple of handcuffs rapidly approaching fantasy relevancy.
If you don't remember from last week, and since most people don't remember what they had for breakfast I wouldn't be surprised, we discussed that paying down at QB makes sense unless under extreme circumstances if you are using the rule of 5. If you don't remember but wish you did, well, here. The concept revolves directly around how much can you reasonably expect from your QB vs a skill position. Now, Drew Brees scored over 32 this last week. At 8.2K, that was probably the best return you could've expected and was close to 4x value. But the second best? Eli Manning with over 27 at 5.8K. Sure, you lost 5 points but you gained 2.4K to spend on skill positions. Skill positions that could score you 39.4 points (Odell Beckham) or 36.7 (Demaryius Thomas). It's that wiggle room you want to create from QB by playing matchups so you can pay up at the skill positions most weeks. Wanna know who gives me that wiggle this week? Alex Smith. Not that kind of wiggle. Gross. Don't look at his season stats to weigh his $6,200 price tag. Instead, look back on weeks where KC had to throw to keep in the game. I can already tell you you're not looking in the right place. That's his 2014 game log. You'll find nothing there. Go back nearly a full year to week 12 of 2013 and you'll see a healthy line against the Broncos where he threw for 293 yards, 2 TDs and ran for 46 yards. Sure, doesn't sound that exciting but it's roughly 24 points and gives you the chance to pair with...oh, I'm getting ahead of myself so you'll just have to read on. Here's my red hot takes for the week 13 DK slate... New to DraftKings? Scared of feeling like a small fish in a big pond? Well try out this 10 team league of Razzball writers and friends to wet your DK whistle. Just remember to sign up through us before you do. It lets us know that you care!
Man, I didn't have my best week last week.  I guess it kind of evened things out from a few weeks ago when I seemingly couldn't miss.  Oh well, even LeBron James has his off nights, right?  You know, like the game in Portland where I bought tickets as soon as possible to see the "King" play.  I'm not bitter or anything, promise.  Anyway, sorry if the advice didn't work out last week, but remember as always, I'm not the one who hits submit on your lineup.