This year we’re playing for keeps! For the six of you readers who haven’t already scrolled hastily down to the list, there’s a few matters to clarify regarding keeper leagues, dynasty leagues, rankings for both, and my neighbor, Bucky. Over the past month I gave you my early top 10 and top 20 rankings for 2021 dynasty leagues as well as my top 25 rankings for superflex dynasty leagues. It’s important to note that those rankings are intended for full fledged dynasty leagues where you retain your entire roster from year to year. In dynasty formats, the career longevity of both wide receivers and quarterbacks needs to be reflected in valuations along with the short shelf life of the running back position.

The keeper league rankings below are designed to reflect player valuations in leagues where you retain only a portion of your roster—maybe only one play even. These rankings assume all players have an equal cost associated with keeping them, if any. Of course, most keeper leagues have their own quirks like my neighbor Bucky who thinks the dinosaurs never existed and their bones were planted across the earth by visiting alien lizards. Nice guy, Bucky. Crazier than a juggling monkey on a unicycle, but really nice guy. Bucky aside, if you want some input regarding your specific keeper rules and options then feel free to hit me in the comments. Anyway, here’s an early look at the top 100 keepers for 2021 fantasy football:

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What is up everybody?! Here we are, with Week 17 of the NFL season finished up and all fantasy football leagues crowning their champion. In the RazzBowl — the biggest pros-vs-joes best ball tournament out there — the champion crown went to a fan, Jerry Janiga! 

Way back in August, over 200 fantasy footballers drafted teams for the second RazzBowl. The field was whittled down to ten fantasy footballers by Week 16, and Jerry fended off industry experts Ari Engel, Matthew Stevens, and our own Donkey Teeth to claim the RazzBowl trophy.  Jerry was locked in a weekly battle with fellow fan Joey Wright for the #1 spot, and with the addition of Mick Ciallela from Fantrax, Jerry, Joey, and Mick controlled the #1 spot in the RazzBowl competition for about 80% of the tournament, making it a true battle for first place. In the end, Jerry won the RazzBowl by 7 points over Ari Engel, who had a leading 196 points in the final week. Thankfully for Jerry, the nature of the RazzBowl cutline scoring gave him the edge and the championship because he had higher scoring lineups in the best ball portion of the competition from weeks 1-9 and also better lineups in the playoff cutlines from Weeks 10-15. 

Despite the situation with [waves hands around] all of this, more fantasy footballers than ever signed up for the RazzBowl, and we’re thankful to all the industry sponsors, as well as the industry players and fans who played. Special thanks go to the NFC for hosting this event and calculating all the scores for us. 

Let’s celebrate Jerry’s victory with a little socially distanced interview!

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As they counted down the ball drop in Times Square this year, I sat at home alone—balls of my own in hand—contemplating whether I’d rather own Justin Herbert or Tyreek Hill in a dynasty league which allows me to start two quarterbacks. As I slurped Champagne out of a bowl (I broke every glass in my house when all of my fantasy teams lost in week 15), all of the answers came to me in a rush of drug induced clarity. I began scribbling names down on napkins like some mix of Russell Crow in A Beautiful Mind and Charlie from It’s Always Sunny. Below you’ll find the superflex dynasty answer key I compiled on that fateful New Year’s Eve. I already went over all on the non-quarterbacks on this list over the past couple weeks when I gave you my top 10 and top 20 dynasty rankings for 2021 fantasy football 1-QB leagues. So if you’re interested in my convoluted thoughts on those players then click the links that litter this entire list! Anyway, here’s the top 25 superflex dynasty rankings for 2021 fantasy football: 

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There’s no shortage of news to digest for all you week 17 championship seekers out there. If you enjoy chaos and a championship matchup completely detached from the previous 16 weeks then you’re going to love this week! It kind of reminds me of way back in the year 2020 when there was a surprise around every corner. On top of the normal week 17 chaos of elite fantasy players being rested (See: Mahomes, Kelce, Hill and maybe even the Bills) and players who might have played had their games held any meaning (See: Dalvin Cook, Miles Sanders and Keenan Allen), we also have the added COVID madness with Alvin Kamara, Latavius Murray and Cooper Kupp all missing. While I don’t approve of week 17 championships, I’m still here for you friends. Below you’ll find the Sunday morning injury report, some sneaky week 17 starting options and my updated week 17 rankings. Go forth and start the year 2021 right by bringing home all of the fantasy glory!

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The Shadow Coverage Report – Week 17

Shadow Coverage Tracker
WR Finish Total
1 23
2 13
3 13
4+ 29
Grand Total 78

Team: Dallas Cowboys

Opponent: New York Giants

WR1: Amari Cooper

Shadow Coverage Matchup: James Bradberry

Amari Cooper vs. Shadow Coverage
Opponent Games Rec Yards TDs PPG
All Other Opponents 31 5.6 77.6 0.5 13.3
Vs. Shadow Coverage 15 4.4 57.5 0.4 10.3
vs. James Bradberry 1 2 23 0 3.3

Historical Production vs. Shadow Coverage

Amari Cooper’s performance vs. shadow coverage has been ok vs. shadow coverage posting 10 PPG in .5 PPR since 2018. However, it is important to point out he has failed to hit double digits in 8 games while failing to hit 6 points in 7 of those contests. This low floor tends to make Cooper more of a boom or bust prospect when facing notable shadow corners.

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It was ten minutes to midnight. 

In a broken-down semi-trailer somewhere in chilly northern Maine, where the Yahoo Fantasy Sports server farm operated, The Joey Wright sat, tied to a chair. A makeshift window had been cut in the metal of the semi-trailer, where he had a front-row seat to the impending destruction.

“You met me at a very weird time in my life, Joey,” a voice said in the darkness of the semi-trailer. 

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To be honest with you, if you asked me a few months ago I would have had some doubts that we’d get to where we are today. After the NCAA Tournament was cancelled and the NBA and NHL went into bubbles, I had my doubts we would get a whole football season in. But here we are in week 17! Most leagues had their championships last week, but I know there are still some out there who play to week 17. In addition to your season long leagues, I know some people use the Sexy Flexies article when building their DFS lineups as well. I’d like to hope that I’ve helped you along the way with some valuable flex plays in these Sexy Flexies articles and I want to do that again for you one more time this week.

As you know, every Thursday here on Razzball, I post the weeks “Sexy Flexies” to give you a couple of players to consider starting in your flex spot. The objective isn’t to point out the obvious guys you’re starting in your RB or WR slots, but to take a look at a couple of players who are a bit more under the radar. These will likely be guys that you don’t start every week but are good rotational pieces in the flex spot of your lineup based on matchup and opportunity.

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To top off a nice 2020 fantasy football season, I won the DataForceFF Charity League against some world-class competition including John Paulsen, Jake Ciely, Sean Koerner, and Pat Fitzmaurice. Me, the guy that Grey picked off the streets in June with 100 Twitter followers, won an industry best ball competition against the elite rankers and players — guys with full-time jobs in fantasy sports and a combined 300,000 Twitter followers. 

How did I do it? 

I studied the game, and I followed a strategy. 

I’m aiming this article to the hundreds of thousands — nay, millions — of players out there who are always wondering, “Can I really take the next step in my hobby?” I’ve talked to so many of you who are passionate about the game, but lack either the confidence to compete against “pros” or simply don’t know what to do. In the spirit of “a rising tide lifts all ships,” I want to teach you what I learned this year in the hopes that next year you’ll have a great season with your own underdog story of winning against stout competition. 

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Week 17 has arrived and you should be off on a romantic getaway with your freshly consummated fantasy football championship trophy. But your stubborn leaguemates insist on playing out your championship in week 17 because there was a flat earth convention during week 16 and they wanted to dedicate full attention to championship week. Now you’re scouring the internet for week 17 fantasy football rankings, but all your favorite analysts are already off on romantic getaways with their new fantasy championship trophies. Fear not! Razzball is here for all you poor week 17 fantasy football suffering souls. Although, if you invested heavily in Chiefs players then you should probably fear a little. Anyway, here’s some fantasy football rankings to lead you to your week 17 fantasy football championship:

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The great part about predicting the future is you can be wrong 99% of the time and still be remembered forever. Right Nostradamus? But get one thing right and they’ll name comets and theories after you. Hopefully after this article, 2021 will be the year of the “EWB Dak Prescott Model of Fantasy Football.” That’s a tongue-twister. Maybe, “Damn the Darnolds!” Actually, I’m gonna start writing a spec script on that right now! 

ENYWHEY. I’m aiming this article for the dynasty players that probably want to shore up their QB position before going into what will undoubtedly be a nasty 2021 campaign for QBs. On the plus side, there are 12 pretty good quarterbacks ready for your 2021 teams. On the downside, it’s a complete catastrophe after that. On the other upside — which is a Soundgarden B-side FYI — quarterbacks have a stunning point parity so if you don’t draft a top QB you can just stream 3-4 QBs at will. 

Foremost, I’m looking at consistency, upside, and return on draft capital. The quarterback position is usually the highest scoring position on a week-t0-week basis for fantasy teams, but there’s also remarkable point parity within the second tier of QBs. (I said that above but the message never seems to get through). On a per-week basis, the second tier of QBs are separated by about 2 fantasy points per game. Your job as a fantasy manager is to try your hardest to get a top QB, and failing that, predict which QB will have consistently high outcomes and play matchups. So, let’s take a look at the QBs going into 2021. 

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