It may not have been a huge week for wide receivers, but it was definitely a huge week for running backs. In the early games, we had a handful of running backs that were able to score twice. As I’m writing this very paragraph, Alvin Kamara scored his second touchdown of the game. As the weather gets colder in a large chunk of the country, we might see this more and more. The pass catching running back is so valuable, even in standard leagues. In a dynasty auction league, I got Christian McCaffery for dirt cheap just because it isn’t PPR. Granted, I’d appreciate the points for catches, but McCaffery is so dynamic that he can still win weeks for me. We have 5 games to get to this week and a lot to talk about.

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The fantasy football playoffs are five weeks away for most leagues so it is crunch time for teams that are sitting right around .500 or below. When making trades, you’re taking bye weeks into consideration where you are lacking. If you play in a league with a cap on waiver wire transactions or faab , you are starting to be a little bit more conservative this time of year. Everything counts now. Every week is important in November. 

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I don’t actually have anything to say about Derek Carr, I just wanted to use that title. Hopefully you didn’t roll Carr out there this week. Mullins has solidified the idea that streaming any QB against Oakland is a pro-play. Let’s try to forget about the abysmal game from Thursday Night and take a look at a few new situations heading into Week 9. It was a pretty interesting trade deadline, and there are a handful of players who have seen their dynasty value affected.

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The baseball article I write during the baseball season has a section “Doing Lines In Vegas” but here in NFL season, we’re “Doing Lines With cinthree.” If anyone is willing bet me that Nathan Peterman will outscore the Chicago Bears defense in fantasy points tomorrow, I will take that bet. Peterman’s not going to break 10 and the Bears are probably putting up 12-15 (which makes them a bad play in DFS).

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Would you believe me if I told you during the preseason that James Conner, Javorius Allen, Austin Ekeler, TJ Yeldon, Nyheim Hines, and Latavius Murray would be top 25 running backs in PPR leagues heading in to week 9? No, and I would love to see an expert that had any ranked that high. The overall state of the running back position in fantasy is one for its own article. Unless you went RB heavy during your draft, we should change our expectations for RB 2’s and flex RBs.

With the amount of teams deploying an RBBC (running back by committee) the value for the backup running back exceeds more than just a ‘handcuff.’ You will hear that rostering your handcuff is not worth it but the names above would say otherwise. Even though some of the players below are not sexy acquisitions don’t let that prevent you from insuring your team for the championship run. Keep this in mind as you question if you should roster a Giovani Bernard or Nyheim Hines. There is value in owning your handcuff even if they are the clear #2.

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That is how I envision Nathan Peterman going out on Sunday will look like. It’s an embarrassment to football and modern civilization that he continues to get opportunities to start games in the National Football League. Where we all saw Nick Mullens last night destroy a Raiders team that is actually an abomination, it will be a real contest to see if Peterman can do worse. Let’s look at some of the key games for fantasy this week…

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Week 8 of Propageddon featured the tie to honor the firing of Hue Jackson. Three touts tied at 10 out of 14 correct: last week’s winner Pat Fitzmaurice (@Fitz_FF), Brandon Gdula (@Gdula13), and our own Rudy Gamble (@rudygamble). There was also a three-way tie on the reader side at 9 correct: @andrewkdewhirst (second straight), @evanklotzman, and gt.sundown. Any of you could have taken solo possession of first by grabbing the bonus point for sharing the post. Perhaps you’ll consider it this week. At stake is not only a free 7-day trial of Rudy’s tools, but Rudy will name his next predictatronomizer after the best reader (maybe). To get the extra credit just share your favorite prop of the week on any social media. THIS WEEK’S PROPS are live so get crunching. You can see the response distribution of the touts here.

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Accuracy Overall QB RB WR TE K DST
Week 8 5 7 25 44 48 74 74
Week 7 43 50 62 28 79 18 13
Week 6 99 23 106 100 129 49 30
Week 5 55 86 40 80 48 22 82
Week 4 70 36 96 27 62 27 7
Week 3 68 40 60 70 121 33 37
Week 2 53 60 6 88 137 48 29
Week 1 12 6 50 47 30 78 78
2018 25 4 43 59 104 26 20

What are my rankings bona fidas? Well, there’s finishing in the FantasyPros Top-10 Draft Accuracy (7th Place) in 2017, Top-25 Weekly Accuracy (23rd Place) in 2017, Top-5 Draft Accuracy (3rd place) in 2016, Top-10 Weekly Accuracy (10th Place) in 2016, Top-25 Weekly Accuracy in 2015 (21st Place) and on average we’ve finished in the Top-10 Draft Accuracy (9th Overall) and the Top-20 Weekly Accuracy (18th Overall) for the past three years. I’d like to think we’re pretty good at this stuff…

What does the word bona fidas mean? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, bo·na fi·des \ ˌbō-nə-ˈfī-ˌdēz , ÷ˈbō-nə-ˌfīdz \ means 1 : good faith : sincerity, 2 : the fact of being genuine —often plural in construction, 3 : evidence of one’s good faith or genuineness —often plural in construction, 4 : evidence of one’s qualifications or achievements —often plural in construction. On a separate note, I think it would make a great name for a cat.

What’s my ranking process? I’ve actually written about this in the past, and instead of working hard for new and enlightening content, I have chosen the more efficient (lazy, ahem) method and dropping in a link to that post here. Honestly, my process hasn’t changed much at all (the ole “don’t fix what ain’t broke” proverb comes to mind) and so my “A Day in the Life of a Fantasy Football Ranker” story still remains relevant to this day. (The TL;DR is: I’m ghetto as fudge. Well, I mean the other “f” word, but I’m hungry.)

How should I use your rankings? The same way your mother does. Which actually makes no sense. (Unless your mother is in the running to always finish top-3 in your Fantasy Football league. And if that’s the case, say hello to her for me.)

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Happy Halloween! Or belated Halloween since you’ll be reading this after all the kids have gotten loaded up on sugar and the adults have let out their inner child, demon, or slut. At least a couple of the Razzball crew had sports themed costumes. Who would’ve guessed that sports obsessed people would then look to sports for a costume. My office costume this year was Bill Murray from Space Jam, unfortunately, I do not have any photos. However, I won’t leave you hanging on photos, as this is a former sports Halloween costume that I wore when I went as Kim Jung and hanging with my friend, Dennis Rodman.

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