We’ve officially entered the time of year where red Q’s enter your dreams chasing you through your high school naked while your high school crush is looking on. Don’t fret though — I’ve got you covered — not with the dreams though. Seek help.

If you’ve got specific questions for your league — drop them in the comments!

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Have you ever seen Ditka and Jesus in the same place at the same time? Just think about it.

Week 13 is in the books and most listeners are gearing up for week 14 playoff match ups or crying in a dark corner. In honor of playoffs eve, B_Don and Donkey breakdown two Jacksons who may have the potential to lead teams to everlasting fantasy glory: Justin Jackson and Lamar Jackson. Find out if they’re fantasy gold or fool’s gold.

Between the profiles your hosts dig up the dirty buried lede and discuss the Kareem Hunt bombshell news and expectations for his future in the NFL. Kareem’s also one of several A-holes of the week. The show is wrapped up with an in-depth discussion revisiting the dynasty valuation of the rookie QB class. Put the sausage in your earhole now:

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What’s going on everyone, and welcome to the first week of the fantasy playoffs! If you care about this post, congratulations on making it into the first round! I apologize for not being able to release my Week 13 Start/Sit post, as I was dealing with a family issue, but MB did a fantastic job, so I don’t think we missed a beat!

Below are my rankings for Week 14, so enjoy!

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In the meantime, I’ll be back on Saturday for the fourteenth edition of my 2018 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em series!

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It’s playoff time! This week the running back carousel features a couple of new members in Jeffrey Wilson Jr. and Jaylen Samuels. Of course, a football game plan is not nearly that cut and dry. I bet you wish you picked up Justin Jackson instead of Austin Ekeler for last week. Time to find out where I have everybody ranked at this point in the week.

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If you’re reading this, congrats! You’re still playing meaningful games! Either you’re winning that consolation bracket to have your league’s #1 pick next year (who will it be? Todd Gurley? Saquon Barkley? New York Jet Le’Veon Bell?!) Or, since you’re a Razzball reader, you’re on the march towards ANOTHER championship title over your chump friends. Take a long look at your bench — are there any guys on there who have 0 starts for you, but you’re just remembering years past when they were productive? Stop trying to make fetch happen — cut ties and grab one of these guys below who are more likely than the name value players you’ve been holding on to and hoping they’ll perform.

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All there is left to determine fantasy playoff spots is the terrible NFC East showdown tonight and whatever tiebreaker your league uses. I hope that the results have ended in your favor because I’m rooting for you and I want you to keep clicking in December.

As I combed through the scoreboards of the leagues that I play in, scoring seemed like it was a little bit lower than usual yesterday. Well, until Antonio Brown and James Conner stepped onto the field. By the way, the Steelers and the Chargers was the perfect night cap. For me, the night game always leaves a lasting impression for how the football week was.

Most of my Sunday afternoons are spent flipping back and forth from the red zone channel to games that have heavy implications for me personally. If I’m watching the red zone channel and Josh Allen pops up on full screen, you better believe that I’m flipping to see what the Panther and Bucs or the Bears and Giants are up to. Watching condensed games is pretty cool and I do that pretty often, but it doesn’t feel the same because I already know the results. My point is, the Sunday night game is the only game of the day that I can get lost in the game flow and the narratives. Let’s get to the results that stuck out in week 13.

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This week is a play in week for a lot of readers, so it can be looked at as an extra playoff week. I certainly have a couple of leagues that I am looking to make a final push to snag a spot in the post season, including our writer’s league. It’s not looking great thanks to Michael Thomas disappearing on Thursday night. But hey, miracles happen. 

You can make check out our rankings here:




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Your pal Zach is out this week so you have to deal with more of me. The league had a very busy day on Friday with Kareem Hunt being sent home, then being put on the commissioner’s exempt list, and then being cut by the Chiefs all together. Moral of the story, keep your hands and feet to yourself and if you fail to, own up to your mistakes. As for your opinions on what Kareem Hunt’s future should look like, I’m not interested in them.

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Welcome to Prop bet fans. For the second straight week, we had a reader beat the touts. With an 9/10, reader ILuvMomJeans outscored the field. With an 8 Fighting Chance Steve was the best tout. Week’s 11 and 12 are always odd, so it will be interesting to see if the touts can get their groove back. This week’s prize is a voucher to have B_Don show up as Kim Jong-un to your next secret meeting in Singapore. You can get into THIS WEEK’S PROPS here. Don’t forget to give Rudy’s Tools a trial if you want an edge.

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