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In these final days before the beginning of regular season football, let’s take inventory and hear those glorious hot takes that we thrive on in these waning days of the offseason. And who better to direct your vitriol at than the ragamuffins here at Razzball while we walk through their boldest, most hot-blooded predictions for the coming season.  

Let’s hear from 13 of your favorite very handsome fantasy writers, shall we? 

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Welcome to the Blurbpocalypse, a portmanteau so clumsy that it finally killed the word “Listicle.” We killed a word that has haunted the internet since the very beginnings of time (My kid still can’t conceive of the small portion of my early childhood where every home didn’t have computers/tablets/phones, so I’ve given up explaining the Internet-less world. Zounds, olde fowlkes must ha’e been sinfully bored, what wit the lack o’ 5G)! The aforementioned Blurbpocalypse happens twice a year, once in the MLB and once in the NFL, at the beginning of each league’s season. Teams finalize rosters, which means we collectively scroll through a pantfull of blurbs that look like this:

Sylvester Stone released by the Rams

Stone showed some flashes of his college years over the summer but was unable to carry it into the preseason. Stone was trying to make it a Family Affair, as Los Angeles initially drafted him. Unfortunately, due to some off-the-field issues, the team couldn’t Stand to wait for Stone to get back in shape. Stone released a brief statement: “Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf, Again).

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On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. This koan comes from Fight Club, or more casually, from Buddhism. We are creatures that are all disintegrating cell-by-cell, moment by moment. But the thought process that comes with that knowledge isn’t solved by nihilism, or the idea that we just give up and discover that life is meaningless. But rather, the point of the koan is to be aware of one’s inevitable demise and to draw attention to the present moment and its value to you. [record scratch] What’s this have to do with fantasy football, EWB? You say, kernels of cheddar cheese popcorn falling out of your mouth and landing in your Country Time Lemonade (thank you to our sponsors). 

This sentiment is important to fantasy sports and betting because on a long enough timeline, most players will succeed. Or, at least they’ll arrive at their predictions. And knowing when to be patient and when to cut your losses is one of the most important skills a fantasy footballer (<—Grandma Donk’s words) can have.

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Every season in the NFL, there is a ton of turnover between head coaches and offensive coordinators. Coaching can have a huge impact on player performance, and that obviously extends to fantasy football and sports betting. Both of which are now widely available throughout the United States. Arizona just launched DFS and is shooting for September 9th, NFL Kickoff, to launch sports betting. You can use DraftKings Arizona to bet on sports come that launch date. You will also be able to play DFS games with DraftKings in the state.

The following is a breakdown of some of the most notable changes among head coaches and offensive coordinators and how it impacts their players for fantasy football production this season.

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The innovation machine never stops here at Razzball. Except for that one time when I tried to use it to heat up some leftover pizza. What a disaster that was! In the modern world of pandemics, riots and keto diets, we know it can be hard to find time to listen to 30-60 minute fantasy football shows. Oh, there’s a squirrel! Sorry, what was I talking about? Right, we’ve created a short-form video series for those of us with the attention span of a puppy. On Donkey’s Advocate, I’ll be bringing on many of the top fantasy football industry experts to sell me on one of their favorite 2021 fantasy football draft targets while I play devil’s donkey’s advocate. All of this will take place in a two-minute rapid-fire segment. In this week’s batch I was joined by Jake Ciely, Jake Trowbridge and Dave Richard to discuss Henry Ruggs, Chris Carson & Jakobi Meyers:

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Well folks, preseason games have come and gone, and we are inching ever closer to Week 1 of the NFL regular season. Even though these exhibition games don’t count toward teams’ win-loss records, they are far from meaningless for fantasy football managers. New coaches, new players, and a new year present a great deal of uncertainty for IDP rosters, but preseason games can give us a glimpse of what to expect for the next 18 weeks. Keeping a close eye on which players are playing, and perhaps more importantly who isn’t playing in preseason games allows us the opportunity to piece together how defensive coordinators plan to use our IDPs and helps us deduce just how large of a role they’ll have.

“But wait, I haven’t been watching these glorified practices! What am I supposed to do now?!” Don’t worry, my friend, I knew you’d be busy enjoying the last few weeks of summer, so I went ahead and paid all the attention for you! Take a look at my Top 100 Overall IDP Rankings below, and read further to see my biggest winner and biggest loser from Preseason 2021.

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One of the greatest cinematic moments of my life occurred in a virtually empty movie theater on a Saturday morning, September 23, 2000. We all have these moments in our lives where we sort of wish we could look back and maybe watch ourselves for just a moment. I would give a nice sum of money to be able to go back and watch The Joey Wright see Almost Famous for the first time. Almost twenty-one years later to the date it, unapologetically, remains my favorite film. The one thing standing out upon my first viewing was our introduction to one Miss Penny Lane. A young magazine reporter is standing at the artist entrance to an arena, hoping to land an interview with Black Sabbath. He gets into a conversation with a rather fun looking young lady when he starts to insinuate, she may just be a groupie and then it happens. Floating onto the screen almost like a ghost, we first lay our eyes upon Penny Lane, portrayed by Kate Hudson.

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Friends, family, friends and family…draft time! You’ve seen Donkey Teeth and BDon show off their Friends and Family Drafts, and today, I want to kick off our heavy draft week with a look at how I drafted a .5 PPR Superflex team with the crew over at FTN. There are some notable names in this draft, and a lot of them come from betting backgrounds. In my opinion, betting approaches to fantasy tend to focus on value; you’ll hear a lot about “paying the price” for a player. Gamblers may like a player, but they won’t draft a player at too high of a value. For example, I hear many in the gambling community encouraging their audience to not draft Gus Edwards right now because previous drafters acquired Gus Edwards at a far more affordable draft cost. Of course, that advice applies more to Underdog drafts than Yahoo dogs. Meanwhile, I personally look at the team that I need to create — if I need a player to finish my vision, I’ll take that player regardless of where I am in the draft (within reason). So, without further ado, here’s my team that I drafted from the 5 spot, complete with commentary below. 

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I’ve drafted Tom Brady in plenty of drafts this season, thumbing my nose at the sexy Konami code options. He threw for 4,633 yards and 40 touchdowns last season, and that was with the offense not truly humming until after the Week 13 bye. The weapons are there with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, and OJ Howard. There’s a familiarity entering Year 2 of the Brady era and the offense has had a full offseason to get more comfortable. I am expecting big things but I never thought about the season being one of epic, historic proportions until recently. I’ve heard more than a few people talking about it so I wanted to dig in to see if it’s something that could happen. 

What more does Brady have to accomplish? He has……

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