Living in a world virtually devoid of all team sports has been excruciating for most of us. If you’re like the majority of ardent sports’ fans, you’re looking forward to the upcoming NFL season with an excitement level akin to a four-year-old Christmas Eve.

Football bettors will be salivating as well, as without regular ballgames on the schedule, the betting options have virtually dried up. Heading into every new season, there is a lot of anticipation for who has the best shot at winning the upcoming Super Bowl.

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How many Bears fans do we have here at Razzball? Judging by our SFBX drafts, we’re really more of a Washington “Thorough Reviews” stan site. Did you see that awesome article by Pags about Kelvin Harmon that ran for 8 hours before the world found out that the 6th rounder from Monrovia tore his ACL? I sent Pags my tax return and I’m hoping he’ll make it disappear just as easily. But if you’ve been watching the Fantasy Football Malpractice show, you’ll see that Razzball has more than a few Bears fans hibernating in the woods while the NFL team stumbles into mediocrity. As a Vikings fan myself, you can trust me to bite hard on the Bears–rawr!–when I’m reviewing them for fantasy purposes. So, let’s take a look at one of the most divisive running backs in the 2020 draft, David Montgomery. 

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I’m sure by now you’ve been clued in on the biggest news of an otherwise uneventful year: the Washington Redskins will no longer be called the “Redskins”. I’ve seen a lot of new potential nicknames being thrown around in recent days. The two leading candidates are the Washington Foreskins or the Washington Loaded Potato Skins. I read an interesting article about a guy who’s trademarked a few names recently with hopes of selling those rights to the Washington football franchise. One second, I’ll be right back. Sorry about that, had to get my Washington Foreskins trademark locked up. Anyway, I went over Foreskins’ young wide out Terry McLaurin in my top 20 wide receiver rankings last time. Now we’re on to the top 40 wide receivers to 2020 PPR fantasy football: 

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Every year there are a handful of players that can elevate a fantasy team to the championship or sink them to the depths of the standings. All players are unique in their skill sets, team context, and career trajectory but some profiles do line up. 

As we get into draft season, we’re all searching for value. However value alone rarely wins fantasy championships! What is needed is a shooting star who not only outperforms their ADP but gives elite fantasy production even in a vacuum. To put it simply, outliers win titles. So while I frequently don’t plan on unsustainable efficiency when selecting players, I understand that we should pick guys who have a path to explode. 

So who will be this year’s all NEXT team?

Lamar Jacksonyoung quarterback who becomes a weekly star

Joe Burrow – ADP QB18, 166 overall

To be honest, there is no one like Jackson. Not only is his running talent unmatched, there is also no offense that will sell out their scheme to support his game the way the Ravens have. However Burrow will walk into an offense with a good supporting cast and a bad defense. He had the most efficient college season ever and that bodes well for a quick transition to the NFL. Burrow is likely to challenge Baker Mayfield’s rookie touchdown record and can chip in 20 yards on the ground every week which adds up. 

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Let’s compare your fantasy football team to your mom. Not my mom, my mom is a saint. But your mom, I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong, your mom was a good lookin’ gal, some would even say a solid 7 and she had a very healthy libido. One night she was out with her friends having drinks and Nick Foles walked into the bar and the ladies started chatting about the rumors that he had a large eggplant emoji. One thing led to another and your mom was about to find out. 

Nick Foles and your dear sweet mother had a wonderful time together that first night. One thing led to another and they started hooking up on a regular basis. Nick Foles would tell tales of his high school football triumphs and they would go on long rides on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. His apartment was small, but having a Harley was all Nick needed. A Harley and your mom. As luck would have it, Nick Foles got your mom pregnant and she was on the verge of finding out what kind of man Nick Foles is. 

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One of the keys to IDP leagues is knowing your scoring system. They are sort of like dates, whether it be a guy or girl, they all have the same two chromosomes, but they can all be vastly different. If you’re just starting out playing in an IDP league this is the most important thing to know before you draft. Your rankings will be highly dependent on the scoring system so do not go into it blindly with some list of rankings.

The scoring for IDP generally breaks down into three categories, similar to standard and PPR scoring for offense, and they are based on the ratio of points given to tackles and “big plays”. Balanced scoring systems will have a ratio of big play to solo tackle points of 3:1 to 4:1.  If it’s above 4:1, the scoring is considered ‘big play heavy” and if it’s less than 3:1, it’s “tackle heavy”.

I’ve played in an IDP league for about 15 years and it’s big play heavy.  So what I’ve done is look at two other scoring systems and compared the players who finished 1-25 in my league with how they would finish in the other scoring systems.  It’s obviously not the complete picture, but it gives you an idea of the types of players that are favored in each format. I used the scoring from Fantasy Pros to use as our “tackle heavy” format as their big play to tackle ration is a little less than 3:1.  For the balanced approach I used the IDP 123 system from Expand the Boxscore’s Jordan Rains.  The scoring categories included are Solo Tackles, Assisted Tackles, Sacks, Forced Fumbles, Recovered Fumbles, Interceptions, Passes Defensed, and TDs. Each player’s stats are from MyFantasyLeague.  The scoring systems points are in the chart below.

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Danny Kelly of the Ringer, stops by the Razzball Football Podcast to chat with B_Don and Donkey Teeth. We discuss Raheem Mostert’s trade/contract demands, and how the 49ers RB situation could play out moving forward.

Then we move on and take a look at Danny’s #SFBX (Scott Fish Bowl 10) draft, and his general strategy for the event. We ask him about his draft strategy, his slllloooowwww draft, and ask him about the expectations for some of his team members.

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Monrovia is the capital city of the African country Liberia. Today, it is home to just over 1 million citizens, making it the country’s most populous city. Liberia’s capital is rich with a compelling history. It was built by emancipated American slaves in the early 1800s and took its name from former United States President James Monroe. Monroe was a staunch supporter of sending freed slaves to Africa to live better lives than could be had in the Americas at that time.

This capital city is the birthplace of Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Sirleaf was the first woman elected in Africa as President of their country. She was given her award for being a leading advocate on women’s rights and safety. I could write thousands of words on Monrovia or Sirleaf and their place in history (another day). Today, I will be telling you all about the second most famous Monrovian, Washington “Awaiting a Name’s” sophomore wide receiver, Kelvin Harmon.

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Rookie quarterbacks, especially when selected at the top of the NFL draft, are supposed to be the saviors for a franchise. But most struggle in their first year in the league. Or do they? How about for fantasy?

The genesis of this piece started with Joe Burrow and his prospects for the upcoming season, but then it morphed into a deeper dive at rookie quarterbacks in general, so here we are. For full disclosure, I entered this space with a fade Burrow perspective, but after looking at some of the data, I may have come around to him. Here’s what I found:

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When Scott Fish personally reached out to me (that didn’t happen) and begged me to participate in SFBX (also didn’t happen) to raise money for his Fantasy Cares charity, I reluctantly joined to help the kids. If you aren’t familiar with the Scott Fish Bowl, it’s the fantasy football equivalent of Burning Man. With a field of 1,440 participants, most of whom are in the fantasy football industry, some call it the greatest fantasy football competition in the universe. The Razzball camp was lit for this event: B_Don was handing out the experimental drugs, MB was twirling fire sticks, Rudy was waxing poetic about his 2020 fantasy football projections and The Boof was boofing anything and everything he could find to boof. And he found plenty to boof. All the while I sat in the corner whispering sweet dick jokes to my beloved Kerryon Johnson fathead. After making the SFB playoffs last year and then getting demolished in the first round, Kerryon and I were laser focused for this year’s draft. Without further ado, here’s the recap of my 2020 Scott Fish Bowl Draft out of the #2 slot (see the full draft board here):

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