What’s up everybody? Your usual Sunday roundup author, Donkey Teeth, is in a bit of a predicament, so I’m stepping in to help you catch up on the Sunday games. What predicament is DT in, you ask? Glad to spill the secrets! See, DT is a member of an elite club of adventurers who, upon the release of pumpkin spice lattes in the fall, gather in Los Angeles for their annual Kart Across America race. Donning the costumes of their favorite Mario Kart character, the group hops on actual go karts to race across the great American highways at 20 MPH. This year, our beloved DT — dressed as his hero Wario — took a banana to the face and crashed into an In-N-Out just outside of El Segundo. Of course, he lost his wallet in the crash. He’s also slightly blinded from the animal sauce that got in his eyes. Yet, he wants to finish the race, so he got back on the kart, took some mushroom power, and was last seen drifting by Lake Tahoe. 

ENYWHEY, let’s take a look at some of the highlights for Sunday’s NFL games for your fantasy football teams. 

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Oh wow, what a week. Tennessee Titans players continue to test positive for COVID-19 and now Cam Newton and a scout QB for the Kansas City Chiefs have also tested positive. The NFL has tentatively scheduled the Chiefs-Patriots for this Tuesday, which would count towards week 4 fantasy scores. The likelihood of this game actually happening this week seems bleak at best based on reactions from insiders’ reports of player reactions that would be involved. Some players simply don’t feel comfortable. Crippling the spread of this infectious illness throughout the NFL should be the first priority. I’m not an expert, but complete postponement of this game seems like a no-brainer. The NFL should also take into account that if the Kansas City Chiefs are forced to play on Tuesday, they have to play 3 games in 10 days. That seems… dangerous.

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Do you have a viable lineup to use this week in fantasy football? Then congratulations, you’re ahead of the pack. Stay a step ahead with these tasty rippers, as Johnny Rose would say. 

  • Greg Wards is coming off of an 11 target game. It’s hard not to see him duplicating that as he was the only Eagles WR to practice fully this week. Even with some good news on the injury front he’s the only one in the huddle Carson Wentz trusts to throw to right now. 
  • The Browns RB usage is a hoot right now. To keep two RBs averaging 18 and 16 touches per game they’re taking those opportunities from two amazing WR talents. At least they know what they want. Now trade one or both starting WRs so we can enjoy them again. 
  • One early season surprise is the Packers early down pass rate. They’re second only to Seattle. Maybe Aaron Rodgers secretly ate real meat. Maybe he’s just 100% healthy for a change. Whatever it is, Cheese is strong this year. 
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Below is an exclusive profile of our Week 3 Razzbowl leader, Joey Wright, who has worn many hats outside of the awkward wool sombrero we make the Razzbowl leaders wear. Joey has been a therapist for goldfish, a ferret groomer, and he holds the movie Frozen 2 in high regard. As we got to know each other on Twitter, I conducted this completely accurate and real interview with him wherein he revealed some of his deepest fantasies…FANTASY FOOTBALL! Come on!

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Week three has given us a lot to soak in. However, the early days of the week often give us some great lines to bet on. Whether it be spreads, over/unders, moneylines, or even a juicy future bet, scrolling through your preferred sportsbook Tuesday morning is never a terrible idea. Get the odds while you can!

Chargers +7.5 @ Buccaneers

There are a couple of spreads that jump out at me right away as favorable for bettors. The first one is the chargers at +7.5 against the Buccaneers. The Chargers, after playing amazingly against the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs, lost to the pathetic Carolina Panthers. However, it was a tougher matchup than perceived, the Panthers have a savvy new head coach and Justin Herbert is a rookie who is bound to make some mistakes. However, the biggest reason for the loss was 3 fumbles. Fumbles are often a metric that is rather random and can drastically sway a game without it reflecting on how each team truly played.

This line seems way too large for how talented the Chargers’ defense is. Meanwhile, the Buccaneers have gotten to play two teams in the Panthers and Broncos who are simply not good football teams. Yes, it is that same Panthers team that the Chargers lost to, but if the Bucs got 3 unlucky fumbles their game would have been just as close. The Buccaneers are currently overrated and the Chargers underrated due to the Carolina game. Give me the Chargers +7.5 all day.


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Thursday’s thrilling Broncos/Jets matchup was overshadowed by the unfortunate COVID developments in Tennessee which have resulted in the postponement of Sunday’s Titans’ game against the Steelers. This Titans fiasco got me thinking about a picture I snapped during the NFL Draft back in April:

Take your time, there’s a lot to digest in this shot. Someone in this picture has to be responsible for the viral outbreak in Tennessee this week, right? Vrabel’s spandex-hooded son and Joe-Dirt-mullet son are solid candidates, just look at those two goons. And Vrabel himself can’t be counted out either based on the offspring he produced. But the odds on favorite has to be the dude on the crapper in the back left corner—that guy’s up to no good. Where is he pooping? Is that even a toilet? Alas, one player who didn’t take a dump during Thursday night’s game was Melvin Gordon who handled 23 carries for 107 yards, 2 catches for 11 yards and his 3rd and 4th touchdowns. Pigskinonator was all over this one, ranking Gordon as it’s #9 RB this week. Now might be a decent time to sell Gordon since Phillip Lindsay (toe) may be ready to swoop in and steal half the carries in week 5. Don’t forget, we have a free trade analyzer to help you brainstorm deals and dominate your league. Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday for fantasy football:

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If you are clicking to make last minute lineup decisions and are looking for a start from tonight’s game, you came to the wrong place. I do have a recommended sit for tonight’s game which we will get to a little later. The media is reporting that the next game or two are very important for his employment status. A win at home on Thursday just has to be a must for Gase. There isn’t a better spot for the Jets to get a win left on the schedule. If Gase doesn’t win this one, he might as well pack up his office before he goes home. I understand that a lot of players came to Gase’s defense after their on Sunday, but I know that he can’t be super popular in the locker room. It’ll be interesting to see if the full team rallies around him and puts on an inspired effort. Hear are your start/sits for week 4!

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The Elites

Prev. Rank Rank Name Team Tm. Snap % Targets Avg. Targets PPR PPR/G Rec Yds TD
1 1 Travis Kelce KC 88% 27 9 55.7 18.57 21 227 2
2 2 George Kittle SF 98% 5 5 9.3 9.3 4 44 0

Had it right in the pre-season. Tried to get cute the first couple of weeks and do some promoting, but these are the guys that I trust. 

  • Travis Kelce has the 11th most targets in the league and the 7th most receptions. He’s elite and in the best (ok, 4th best by the numbers, but you know what I mean) offense in football, no worries. 
  • After a minor injury and a precautionary week off, it sounds like Kittle is ready to return. 
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