I wrote my original dynasty quarterback rankings while tripping on mushrooms, which led to Kyler Murray ahead of Deshaun Watson and Tua Tagovailoa ahead of Joe Burrow. Now I’ve moved on to a delightful concoction of LSD and MDMA. Because pandemics are once in a lifetime events, make the most of it. Needless to say, I’m not backing of the drug-induced hot takes. But I did make a few tweaks to my top 20 dynasty quarterbacks for 2020 fantasy football: 

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth return to discuss their recent rookie mock drafts with a bunch of our industry amigos. Off the top, the guys discuss a Twitter poll from @FFReapers about dynasty RB values. Then, the guys discuss what their top 7 rookie rankings look like post draft. As they discuss their rankings, B_Don shares his surprising Clyde Edwards-Helaire take. 

B_Donkey start with a 1 QB mock draft review and the unexpected Antonio Gibson pick from @MichaelSalfino. After evaluating the pick, the duo come to an agreement that it’s not as bad as it appears on first glance. We then move on to some other RBs including our expectations for how the Jets situation could change in a hurry. 

QBs usually get pushed down in anything that involves industry people, but there are some interesting observations from both the 1 QB and super flex (2 QB) rookie mock drafts. Listen in for your dynasty football fix. We’ll be back next week with an early RB preview for 2020.

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So a couple days ago you checked out my updated Kerryon Johnson rankings, I mean my updated dynasty running back rankings, and you avoided smashing your computer in disgust? I’m impressed! Now just wait til you see how high I’ve ranked Kerryon in my updated dynasty wide receiver rankings. I can’t help it, I love Johnson’s. And football players with the last name Johnson. Alright, enough Johnson talk (no such thing), here’s my updated top 20 wide receivers for 2020 PPR dynasty football leagues:

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The Ravens are having a hell of an offseason after a great run in 2019. The Ravens added 2 potential stars in the draft via Patrick Queen and JK Dobbins, Lamar Jackson (enthusiastically?) acknowledged praise he received from polarizing president Donald Trump, and now we have the Earl Thomas story.

I need to know everything about this. I need the six-part Netflix documentary with the Wondery podcast to boot. When did orgies with his brother become his go-to method to blow off steam? This is all the material that Ballers needs for a one-season reboot. Are you in, Dwayne?

The details are just so perfect for our boredom without competition right now. Earl Thomas gets the standard “you drink too much” talk. Like, come on, it’s quarantine, what else is one supposed to do? He decides that group sex with his biological brother is just what he needs to forget about it all. His wife, knowing that he is up to no good, finds him via his Snapchat location (turn it off man), then grabs the strap and a couple of friends to set him straight. This Ballers script writes itself. His wife barges in, Earl dials out to The Rock. Spencer Strasmore answers his phone, “Yo Spence, I have a serious problem! My wife is craaaazy!!!” Spencer hastily blows off whatever zoom meeting he’s in about saving the 2020 NFL season, jumps in his Porsche and hollers “send me your location!” Earl fires back, “check my snap!” I could go on for pages about this, but without much happening in the sports world, I should probably save some sporadically useful material. But I do want to dive into Mark Andrews for the 2020 season. 

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The 2020 tight end class lacks top end talent, but there were 5 players taken on day 2 which bodes well for future production. These will be my final off-season rankings now that we know landing spots and draft capital. For more background information, please check out my initial TE article for details on the players’ profiles and more of the process used to rank the position. 

The List!

Rank Movement Name Team  Draft Round
TE1 +1 Adam Trautman Saints 3
TE2 +1 Cole Kmet Bears 2
TE3 -2 Brycen Hopkins Rams 4
TE4 NR Devin Asiasi Patriots 3
TE5 NR Dalton Keene Patriots 3
TE6 +1 Colby Parkinson Seahawks 4
TE7 NR Josiah Deguara Packers 3

NOTE: There are no tiers for this list, as everyone is going to be a slow burn for fantasy relevance

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Kerryon? Yo Kerryon, is that you?

Nope, it’s just cold hand of death here to take away all my Kerryon Johnson hopes and dreams. When the  Lions spent pick 35 of the 2020 NFL Draft on D’Andre Swift, it got ugly in House Donkey. My imaginary girlfriend—I call her Kerryon— had me on suicide watch for the entire weekend. With all the sharp objects hidden, I took to Reddit for my punishment. There’s still days when I think about tossing the toaster in the bathtub. Unfortunately, we don’t have a bathtub. We don’t have a toaster either. I live in more of a barn than a house. Anyway, here’s my updated top 20 dynasty running backs for 2020 PPR fantasy football:

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We have all had enough Corona already, but that doesn’t stop the calendar from striking Cinco de Mayo. So get your blenders ready and have a drink along with Baker Mayfield.  The Cleveland Browns spent the 2019 offseason making the biggest splash that they could. Baker had shown some promise in his rookie season and it was time to go full throttle in putting pieces around him. They forgot two at least two things in the process: pass protection and a head coach that can coach. 

The big additions on the offensive side of the ball were Odell Beckham Jr. and Kareem Hunt. Odell should have been a game changer but playing through injuries and mental frustration definitely took it’s toll. As we all know, Kareem Hunt was suspended for the first 8 games of the season and didn’t see the field until week 10. The Browns were good enough on the offensive side of the ball to be competitive in a lot of games, but not good enough to win the games that they should have. 

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You know what they always say: April Antonio Gandy-Golden showers bring May fantasy football starpower. And starpower is exactly what we’re bringing you with Razzball’s Post-NFL Draft, 2020 Dynasty Rookie Mock featuring some of the biggest names in the fantasy football  industry, plus our very own Boof (AKA “al_FF_red”—don’t ask). If you’d like to read a little more about each of the incoming rookies taken in this mock—or 45 of them—please reference my top 10, top 20 and top 50 rookies for 2020 dynasty football. Anyway, here’s the 2020 experts dynasty rookie mock draft for PPR fantasy football: 


The Participants

Mike Beers – RotoViz
Danny Kelly – The Ringer
Heath Cummings – CBS Sports
Pat Fitzmaurice – The Football Girl
Michael Salfino – The Athletic
Bob Harris – Football Diehards
Howard Bender – Fantasy Alarm
Gregsauce – 4for4
Donkey Teeth – Razzball
MB – Razzball
B_Don – Razzball
Boof – Razzball


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Tamaurice “Tee” Higgins – Clemson University – 6’4″ 216 lbs. – January 18, 1999 (21 years old)

  • Tall, physical receiver that can go up and over DBs. High points the ball well.
  • Uses his hands well on contested throws to clear out the defender.

Here’s Higgins abusing a Syracuse DB. Yes, it’s an undersized ‘Cuse DB, but you get the point, Tee is tall and can reach up over guys for the ball.

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I’ve been playing fantasy football for at least a decade, but I am only entering my third year of playing in dynasty leagues. Dynasty players know that it is a completely different world. If you are thin at a certain position, it can haunt your team for a couple of years, or it can cost you more than you want to pay on the trade market. This is especially true when it comes to the quarterback position.

For my first ever dynasty squad, I drafted Andrew Luck and Alex Smith and I was pretty excited for next half decade that we were going to spend together. As we know, neither of these panned out like I had planned. Last season, I got Tom Brady and Joe Flacco for super cheap and already had Jacoby Brissett as a handcuff and now I’m left with Tom Brady and on the market for one of these rookie QBs. One could argue that quarterback may not be the most important position in fantasy football, but it can be the most detrimental to your fantasy team because the volume of talent is more limited than other positions. So here is how I view this rookie class.

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