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Welcome back, my Lovelies, to another e-rousing week of Hit it or Quit it, with Yours Truly, your Goddess of innuendo. It has been some time since I was here to regale you with all of my wonderful musings, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do…and this girl was DO-IN! I know it has only been two weeks for me, but for many of you it may seem like a lifetime. For that I promise to make this week all that more fulfilling for you.

So, you missed me, huh? Well I am sure the boys here at Razzball have been taking care of you. Mind you, not in the way I do (well, maybe Zach) but even they cannot hold a candle to me in certain areas. We are slowing moving on forward to the end of the fantasy season and that can only mean one thing, playoffs. Yes, my lovelies, playoffs are right around the corner. The Curse does not seem to be letting up either and those of you who have been with me from the beginning know that her thirst and hunger only get more insatiable as the season goes on.

So far, I have been faring well and even pulled out a blowout win in my sacrificial league this week. I do have to admit, the past two weeks have been fun since I have been able to play with my Fournette, but it may be fun while it lasted thanks to a “my d**k is bigger than your d**k” fight that ended with his being tossed. With a suspension looming, I think my playtime is over. Oh, well. Such is life in the fickle fantasy world. I still have all of you to keep me happy and I will continue to return the favor.

As I sit here in the Dungeon and look about, I am starting to feel some kind of way because I know we only have a few, short weeks left together and I want to make them memorable for you. I mean, it is what keeps you coming back so I have to make it worth your while, right? Therefore, I suppose I should get to why you are here. As always, talk is cheap, but I am not so, without further ado, I give you Week 13, Hit it or Quit it.

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For some of you, (me included) this is your last chance to make the playoffs. Some smart decisions and a big week here could lead you to fantasy glory. You know what doesn’t help? Melvin Gordon tearing up his knees. You know what else doesn’t help? Leonard Fournette watching Creed 2 before his games. Take a look at my recommendations and your waivers to see who is available to replace them this week. If you have any questions — as always — post a comment below and I’ll get back to you. Let’s get this chip!

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That’s right, I am right smack-dab in the middle of a November blizzard. So far, I have shoveled the driveway twice today and it’s probably going to happen a third time. I can’t stress enough how depressing this is considering it was over 50 degrees on Thanksgiving. The terrible thing about being an adult is in the manufacturing industry I don’t think that they have snow days. At least, I have never heard of it. I upgraded my car situation last summer, so that excuse is out the window too. It’s now in the middle of the second quarter of the night game when I am finally getting a chance to start this so I am most likely going to keep it pretty short. 

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got all fat and sassy. One more day until we all go back to work, but hey, at least there is a decent-sized slate for your Sunday viewing pleasure. Most trade deadlines have passed so you’re stuck with what you have besides the waiver wire. So fire up those line up questions! I know there are a few of you left out there!

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Hey everyone, and welcome back to another Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em post! I hope everyone had a great and safe Thanksgiving, so let’s break down Week 12!

Let’s get to it!

*Note* – My Week 12 Rankings can be found here, and be sure to check out Rudy’s projections for this week here!

*Note* – I won’t be including the “studs” in any of my “Start” columns. You should always start Aaron Rodgers, Todd Gurley, or Antonio Brown!

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It feels just like yesterday that I was writing pre-season articles for you. Now, we are facing the last week(s) of the fantasy football regular season. While we are all getting stuffed on side-dishes (because we all know turkey is just taking up space on our plate), we have crucial decisions to make regarding our rosters. What is your favorite thanksgiving dish?

This week, due to the holiday, I’ll keep it brief and get straight to this weeks culprits. We have a few backfield situations worth monitoring…

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Jimmy Graham, Thumb: After the notification went out that Graham broke his thumb in week 11 I think all of his owners threw their phones against the wall. Then a second notification went off saying Graham is going to try and play through it we all picked up our shattered phones confused. It’ll be interesting to see what type of metal claw the Packers medical staff rigs up to make Graham able to play. I hope it looks like Clay Matthews’s club hand with fake tape finger claws. My take: Won’t play. At least for this first week I don’t think he’ll be in the lineup until the Packers rebuild him. They have the technology.

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Thanksgiving really just means that the fantasy football playoffs are within sight. Don’t forget to set your lineups for the 3 Thursday games on Thanksgiving. No Trubisky, no Alex Smith, but it’s still football on a holiday and DA BEARS still hopefully moving closer to that divisional title. As we get ready to feast today, it’s also a day to think back and decide what we’re thankful for this year. WIth that in mind, here’s my first pass at the Thanksgiving, what I’m thankful for speech.

I’m thankful for George Kittle who has vaulted to the top of the tight end rankings and has helped a number of my teams avoid the usual tight end streaming that I perform in season. I’m thankful for Jared Goff, Matt Ryan, and Pat Mahomes who prove yet again, that you don’t need to draft a QB early. I’m thankful for Michael Thomas who was being suppressed a little bit on draft day and has been an absolute beast all season. Last, I’m not thankful for Le’Veon Bell who was the last piece for a number of teams preparing for the playoffs and now, I’m left with nothing except the gravy at the table.

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Happy Thanksgiving fantasy football addicts! Set your lineups, make a plate, and enjoy the 3 divisional match-ups. I understand the whole family meal thing, but part of family is ignoring everyone and shoving mounds of food down your gullet while watching a bad Lions team and the Cowboys.

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