2019 Football Draft Kit

Some of the players on this list are overstaying their welcome. I’m looking at you Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, Will Fuller and DeAndre Hopkins. I wish they’d bring back the probable injury status. It would make my job a lot easier. Because 75% of the guys on this list are probable — just resting. Sterling […]

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Accuracy Overall QB RB WR TE K DST
Week 4 70 36 96 27 62 27 7
Week 3 68 40 60 70 121 33 37
Week 2 53 60 6 88 137 48 29
Week 1 12 6 50 47 30 78 78
2018 22 6 45 52 116 32 18

What are my rankings bona fidas? Well, there’s finishing in the FantasyPros Top-10 Draft Accuracy (7th Place) in 2017, Top-25 Weekly Accuracy (23rd Place) in 2017, Top-5 Draft Accuracy (3rd place) in 2016, Top-10 Weekly Accuracy (10th Place) in 2016, Top-25 Weekly Accuracy in 2015 (21st Place) and on average we’ve finished in the Top-10 Draft Accuracy (9th Overall) and the Top-20 Weekly Accuracy (18th Overall) for the past three years. I’d like to think we’re pretty good at this stuff…

What does the word bona fidas mean? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, bo·na fi·des \ ˌbō-nə-ˈfī-ˌdēz , ÷ˈbō-nə-ˌfīdz \ means 1 : good faith : sincerity, 2 : the fact of being genuine —often plural in construction, 3 : evidence of one’s good faith or genuineness —often plural in construction, 4 : evidence of one’s qualifications or achievements —often plural in construction. On a separate note, I think it would make a great name for a cat.

What’s my ranking process? I’ve actually written about this in the past, and instead of working hard for new and enlightening content, I have chosen the more efficient (lazy, ahem) method and dropping in a link to that post here. Honestly, my process hasn’t changed much at all (the ole “don’t fix what ain’t broke” proverb comes to mind) and so my “A Day in the Life of a Fantasy Football Ranker” story still remains relevant to this day. (The TL;DR is: I’m ghetto as fudge. Well, I mean the other “f” word, but I’m hungry.)

How should I use your rankings? The same way your mother does. Which actually makes no sense. (Unless your mother is in the running to always finish top-3 in your Fantasy Football league. And if that’s the case, say hello to her for me.)

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Prediction for this week’s Bears game, 352 to t’ree. I know, I know, but I think Miami keeps it close and gets the late field goal. It’s time to appoint a new master of ceremony for Da Bears though, and I think it may be Da Mitch! Da Mitch actually did throw that ball over them mountains. He hangs out with Chuck Norris’s beard on the weekend. He beat Al Bundy’s record and threw for 5 TDs for Polk High School.

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Back with a new episode of The #DWG4 Experience, only this one is my official first post exclusively to Razzball! This week I’m joined by the creator of The Scott Fish Bowl (#SFB8), Mr. Scott Fish himself. Justin Mason, no stranger to the Fantasy Baseball world also pitched in, as did Anthony Cervino, who hosts the FF Faceoff podcast for Gridiron Experts. Hope you enjoy the video, and if not, let me know why. If you only want audio, you can find that below. Lastly, and right beneath these words, is the updated standings for #DWG4. Thanks to all! Now hit the play button…

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What’s going on everyone, and welcome to the third week of the 2018 NFL season! I hope you guys all had a great Week 2 thanks to some awesome performances from Mitch Trubisky, Jared Goff, Corey Davis, Ezekiel Elliott, Tarik Cohen, Golden Tate, and Mike Davis (of all people).

Below are my rankings for Week 5, for all scoring systems, so enjoy!

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Welcome to The Sausage Fest: A safe place where you can retreat from the wife and kids, or your mother, with no judgment about the number of times you check your fantasy lineups each day. On this week’s episode, BraMy and Donkey pontificate on one well known running back (Money Marshawn Lynch) and one lesser known running back (Austin Ekeler).

Will Beastmode continue his resurgence back into RB1 territory on the wings of Chucky’s “fresh” offensive scheme? Will the undrafted free agent Ekeler continue to produce solid RB2 numbers moving forward? And who’s the top rookie wide receiver to own? The fellas bestow this knowledge as well as a double dose of everyone’s favorite segment “A**hole of the Week”. The sausage is juicier on the inside, come on in:

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I hope your fantasy baseball seasons went well. Congratulations to Grey, Rudy, and Matt Truss on fantastic showings in the industry leagues. Now it’s time for playoff baseball and as I’m writing this, my Cubs are in a pinch. Football will prove to be a nice distraction if I get my heart broken this evening. The Bears and Buccaneers are on a bye this week and the Thursday night game is between the Patriots and the Colts. Here are my rankings for Week 5.

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Back in kindergarten I was a real ladies donkey. All the other little donkeys were worried about catching cooties, but not ole Donkey Teeth. Your boy was busy scheduling play dates with all the kindergarten hotties; there was little time to worry about contracting the cooties, in fact, Donkey Teeth wanted those cooties.

Fast forward a quarter century, and while it seems my prowess with the ladies may have peaked a little early, I’m still trying to catch all the cooties I can: Keke Coutee that is (proper pronunciation is cue-Tee, but cut me a little slack). Coutee, the fourth round rookie out of Texas Tech, set a modern day record with 11 catches in his debut this week. Will Fuller’s hamstrings are literally held together by black forest ham and some strings; if Fuller misses more time, Coutee could be in for some monster weeks. Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy football:
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Welcome back, my Lovelies, to another e-rousing week of Hit it or Quit it, with Yours Truly, your Goddess of innuendo. I have to tell you right now, I am about ¾ of a bottle in on this Jameson, so I cannot be held responsible for any advice you may decide to take today.

Well, it has been a rough weekend on many counts for your Goddess this week and none of that rough play was fun in any way, shape, or form. The beatings I took this week make Fifty Shades of Grey look like a Judy Blume book. IF you don’t know who Judy Blume is it’s because you are not a girl and did not have to rely on a book to talk to you about your period. But I digress. Yeah, it was a tough one all around and I went a sad 2-3 this week in all of my leagues, but those two wins were nothing to flaunt. But, hey, it is what it is. The fantasy gods giveth, and they also taketh away. Is it just me or does it seem like this season is getting off (giggity) to a rather bumpy start? Lots of handsy fumblings in the dark kind of bumpy. Great, now I am having high school party flashbacks…or was that Saturday night? Anyway, it has been a mess and I can say for me, this season has not been very enjoyable. Thank God I have that box of toys under my bed to perk my spirits up. Oh, what would I do without you? Probably throw myself into a precipice, but again, I digress. So, let’s get down to the meat and bones of why you are here. You are here, again, because you love me and, let’s face it, you need to suckle at the teat for the weekly nourishment I offer. Go ahead, tell me I am wrong…I’ll wait. Right, I didn’t think so. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, convicts and peepers I give you Week 5’s Hit It or Quit It (sponsored by Irish Whiskey). Enjoy the feast.

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After dropping 32 on New England, Blake Bortles (@ KC) responded the next week with a turd against Tennessee before bouncing back for 23 points against the Jets. Week 5 sees Bortles heading to Kansas City to face the Chiefs who allowed 3 passing TDs a piece in weeks 1 & 2, 2 TD passes in week 3 — and as I’m writing this they’ve held Case Keenum off the board. Blake Bortles is better than anyone gives him credit for — well — he’s at least better than Case Keenum…

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