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You know that feeling after you’ve been on a week long drug bender and you’re finally coming down from the high? That’s how I feel today. And not just because of my week long drug bender. The 2020 NFL draft high gas come and gone too. On the plus side, we now know what team’s all of the shiny new rookies will be employed by, so we can stop guessing at that piece of the puzzle. Now we can start guessing at other pieces of the puzzle such as the impact of COVID-19  on the rookie class’s acclimation to their respective systems, what their immediate opportunity will look like and what Mike Vrabel’s sons are up to. Before the draft I gave you my pre-draft top 10 and top 20 rookies for 2020 dynasty leagues. Now here’s my updated top 10 rookies for 2020 PPR dynasty leagues:

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Friday was day 2 of one of the most exciting skill position drafts that we have had in quite some time. Every running back outside of CEH was still on the board and so were plenty of names from the deepest WR class in recent memory. It can be frustrating because the stuff that we read and watch can vary widely from what NFL GMs see. And that once again reared it’s ugly on Friday night. 

Everybody and their mother (because we told them to) loves Denzel Mims as a pro prospect. Denzel is a man of great athletic tools and a king of contested catches. So what happened that we don’t know about? He might have bombed interviews by choosing to zoom in the nude. He might have been caught at a party in the later stages of March. Who knows. Let’s break down how these day 2 picks affect the fantasy football landscape. I will go in the order that they were selected.

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As I crawled thru the barren-sportsless Corona Desert, desperately clinging to the last few precious ounces of my own bottled urine, a glorious oasis appeared on the horizon. Was it a mirage!? No! It was the the 2020 NFL Draft, and it was very real! And it was very glorious!

I leapt to my feet, slurped down the final drops of my warm pee rations and sprinted towards the only sports I’d seen in weeks—and likely the only sports we’ll see for weeks to come. There at the edge of the NFL Draft Oasis stood none other than Clyde Edwards-Helaire, waiting to welcome Donkey to the party (scroll to the bottom for my thoughts on CEH, I literally buried the lede). Anyway, here’s what else I saw during day one of the 2020 NFL Draft for fantasy football:

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The guys discuss the Brady and Gronk bromance getting back together. Bronk? Grady? Tob? Feels like there’s a shipper name here. Anyway, there are varying opinions on the impact that Gronk will make, and then, we talk about the adjustment to Mike Evans and Chris Godwin value.

Brady continues to show that old people can be good at social media.

After some Bronk talk, AL_FF_RED, double underscore, formerly known as Boof, walks us through his statistical approach to the rookies in the wide receiver class. B_Don and Donkey Teeth each take away a different point from those numbers to look into as they make their evaluations.

The guys then talk about some of the top 10-15 WRs from this year’s class including Justin Jefferson, Jalen Reagor, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs III, Denzel Mims and Bryan Edwards. Boof provided the statistical approach while DT and B_Don take it from more of a film perspective. None of us agree on the order for even the top 5. Last, we look at a few 3rd day (maybe 2nd) receivers and try to figure out what they may be like at the next level. Get pumped! It’s draft day!

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There are finally live sports related things! It was getting exhausting hearing the 90’s basketball debate because of The Last Dance. We can finally get a break from that for at least 3 days. Tonight is the beginning of a NFL draft that we will not soon forget and hopefully it is the only one that we have like this. 

As of earlier this week, it seemed like communication issues were a disaster in a mock draft run through with all of the GMs. One has to wonder how many mistakes are going to be made. Will a GM say something spicy about another GM because he forgot to hit the mute button? I sure as hell hope so. Will a team that wants to execute a trade to move up or down fail to because of communication issues? Absolutely. And it’s going to be so annoying to hear that GM complain for the months ahead about what could have been if they knew how to properly use technology. I’m sure there are a lot of instances like Ron Rivera where the whole family will be getting involved to get these fellas through the draft. 

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Hey all you cool cats and kittens. Below is 2nd to final mock draft I have for Round 1 of the 2020 NFL Draft.

I’m projecting a few trades here:

1). Atlanta jumping up to 9 from JAX for a 2020 2nd round pick and 2021 3rd

2). Denver moves to 10 for a 2020 2nd and 4th round picks in trade with Cleveland.

3). Philadelphia swaps with Vegas in receiving pick 19 for 21 and a 2021 3rd Rd pick

4). Baltimore acquires 23. New England obtains 28 and Baltimore 2020 2nd round pick.

5). Kansas City acquires 28. New England picks up 32 and KC’s 2020 3rd round pick.

Hit up the comments section and let me know what you think!

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Over the past four weeks Tom Brady has been slowly settling into life in Tampa Bay, scouting retirement communities and getting to know his new Buccaneer teammates. On Monday young tight end O.J. Howard ate Brady’s spinach, arugula and GOAT cheese salad out of the team fridge while complaining about the lack of tomatoes. Howard then violated the quarterback’s 6-foot radius of personal space before coughing without covering his mouth. Enough was enough, it was time for Tom to dust off his trusty Gronk signal and shine the big man’s light into the balmy Florida night sky. And Rob Gronkowski wasted no time in answering the call of his old friend. By Tuesday afternoon Gronkman had been traded from the Patriots with a 7th-round pick in exchange for the the Buccaneers 4th-round pick.

Gronk battled injuries from 2016-2018 missing 13 games over his final three seasons prior to his early-retirement. He also looked quite slimmed down during his 2019 public appearances. That said, you can’t help but root for the big boy, and a year of rest and relaxation likely did his overworked body some good. Off the bat, I’ll pencil him in as my #7 tight end behind Kelce, Kittle, Waller, Ertz, Andrews and Hooper. And I’ll give him an initial projection of 50 receptions for 700 yards and 6 touchdowns with lots of upside (and downside) from there. Anyway, here’s what other news I saw around the league for 2020 fantasy football: 

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Quarantine Day 41:

The price of oil hit -$37 per barrel yesterday. That’s not a typo, NEGATIVE 37 dollars! As in, they’ll pay you $37 to take a barrel of oil off their hands. So I told my oil guy to mark me down for 1,000 barrels. Figure I should be able to fit at least 900 barrels in my bathtub and then a couple dozen in the kitchen sink, right? Hope so, because I already spent my $37,000 on Chicago Bears season tickets. Da Bears are even throwing in a 20-pack of N95 masks as part of the deal this year. To avoid thinking about how the Bears will blow this years draft picks (at least we don’t have a 1st rounder to waste) I’ve compiled my top 20 rookies for 2020 dynasty football—went over the top 10 rookies last week. Obviously we don’t know landing spots or draft capital yet, so take these rankings with a chaser of West Texas crude. Anyway, here’s my top 20 rookies for 2020 PPR dynasty football:

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It’s NFL Draft Week 2020! I hope you are all planning to celebrate in some kind of awesome way. I will be setting up a draft prediction pool and running a Zoom poker night while the picks come in. This is the closest thing to sports we’ve had since the shutdown and we have to bask in its glow.

While I think it’s valuable to have your favorite prospects in some tiered order pre-draft, there’s no way to ignore that landing spot matters to some extent. In dynasty I think your own talent evaluation should be weighted most, but for redraft leagues landing spot is very important in how we should view a rookie’s year 1 potential. I have laid out my rankings for QB, RB, WR, and TE previously but now will give you my favorite rookie landing spots.

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Yesterday started like any other Saturday in this current timeline. I woke up and had my morning coffee and started meal planning for the weekend. What more is there really to think about right now other than eating and watching TV? It’s getting warmer out, so why not fire up the smoker? Ribs it is. I ran off to the grocery store after a proper hand cleaning and got my materials and fired up the smoker. If you have smoked ribs before, you probably know that the go to method is 3-2-1. Three hours unwrapped, two hours wrapped with liquid, and one hour wrapped with sauce. Bang, fall-off-the-bone goodness. 

So I have three hours to kill until I need to worry about the ribs, so some Twitter entertainment is in order. And…. President Trump is tweeting about a Lamar Jackson draft pick video. Am I in some covid fever dream? I know that Trump tried to buy the Buffalo Bills some years ago but I didn’t think he was still a casual enough observer to know of Lamar Jackson’s greatness. I thought that the extent of his football attention was being mad at the kneelers. Anyways, jokes are tweeted and I am entertained.

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