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As we mark the halfway point of the NFL season, many fantasy football outlets are performing mid-year reviews. While reflecting on early season analysis can be beneficial, I know you are more concerned about who to start this week for your starter that is on bye and what is going on with the multiple backfield injuries. This is what I am here to give you…

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Accuracy Overall QB RB WR TE K DST
Week 7 43 50 62 28 79 18 13
Week 6 99 23 106 100 129 49 30
Week 5 55 86 40 80 48 22 82
Week 4 70 36 96 27 62 27 7
Week 3 68 40 60 70 121 33 37
Week 2 53 60 6 88 137 48 29
Week 1 12 6 50 47 30 78 78
2018 39 5 51 56 112 18 15

What are my rankings bona fidas? Well, there’s finishing in the FantasyPros Top-10 Draft Accuracy (7th Place) in 2017, Top-25 Weekly Accuracy (23rd Place) in 2017, Top-5 Draft Accuracy (3rd place) in 2016, Top-10 Weekly Accuracy (10th Place) in 2016, Top-25 Weekly Accuracy in 2015 (21st Place) and on average we’ve finished in the Top-10 Draft Accuracy (9th Overall) and the Top-20 Weekly Accuracy (18th Overall) for the past three years. I’d like to think we’re pretty good at this stuff…

What does the word bona fidas mean? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, bo·na fi·des \ ˌbō-nə-ˈfī-ˌdēz , ÷ˈbō-nə-ˌfīdz \ means 1 : good faith : sincerity, 2 : the fact of being genuine —often plural in construction, 3 : evidence of one’s good faith or genuineness —often plural in construction, 4 : evidence of one’s qualifications or achievements —often plural in construction. On a separate note, I think it would make a great name for a cat.

What’s my ranking process? I’ve actually written about this in the past, and instead of working hard for new and enlightening content, I have chosen the more efficient (lazy, ahem) method and dropping in a link to that post here. Honestly, my process hasn’t changed much at all (the ole “don’t fix what ain’t broke” proverb comes to mind) and so my “A Day in the Life of a Fantasy Football Ranker” story still remains relevant to this day. (The TL;DR is: I’m ghetto as fudge. Well, I mean the other “f” word, but I’m hungry.)

How should I use your rankings? The same way your mother does. Which actually makes no sense. (Unless your mother is in the running to always finish top-3 in your Fantasy Football league. And if that’s the case, say hello to her for me.)

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Four straight weeks of double-digit fantasy points has David Njoku trending upwards in the top TE pecking order. He was a limited participant on Wednesday which leads me to believe that he’ll be playing (and eating) this weekend. His opponent, the Steelers, have allowed double-digit points to TEs for 5 straight weeks and Njoku will make that 6 despite only catching 3 passes for 13 yards in week 1 against the Steelers. It’s a whole njew Njoku in week 8! My take: Will play, start him.

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What’s going on everyone, and welcome to the eighth week of the 2018 NFL season! I hope you guys all had a great Week 7 thanks to some awesome performances from Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Kerryon Johnson, Marlon Mack, John Brown, Sterling Shepard, and Trey Burton!

Below are my rankings for Week 8, for all scoring systems, so enjoy!

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In the meantime, I’ll be back on Saturday for the eighth edition of my 2018 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em series!

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Return of the Donkey Teeth, like Devin Hester, on this week’s Ditka Pod! The guys revisit two rookies, profiling Ito Smith and Michael Gallup, who both have seen an increase in workload over recent weeks. Should you be looking to add either or both of these young men in your league?

Bra-My and DT also take a quick look at blossoming star Tevin Coleman, discussing his outlook for the rest of this season into next year. Then, in a full segment of Sausage/Cheesehead/Ditka, find out whether you should buy, sell or hold Adam Thielen, Alvin Kamara, Le’Veon Bell, Robert Woods, Amari Cooper and Carlos Hyde. Finally, the show is rounded out by an impromptu ranking of the top end tight ends and some behind the scenes Mega Millions negotiations. All the saaaaaasage you can handle right here:

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OPE! As we say here in the Midwest. I almost forgot to turn in my week 8 rankings for your Wednesday morning viewing pleasure. I found time in between dipping fried foods in buttermilk ranch and harvesting corn and soybeans to give you what I have for this week. 

With the trade deadline coming up, weekly rankings could get rather interesting in the next couple of weeks. We already have Amari Cooper moving to Dallas from Oakland and that will be a wait and see kind of thing. At least he has a bye week to work with Prescott and learn the playbook. I view it right now as a pretty lateral move for fantasy football purposes. If the Jaguars want to become relevant again this season, don’t they need a quarterback upgrade? Is somebody willing to pay a hefty price for a Le’Veon Bell rental? We will find out after week 8. Here are this week’s rankings.

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Absconding in solitude to a Southern Colorado cave for the past two weeks, I pondered the universe, those delicious Totino’s pizza rolls, and of course, the next great buy for your fantasy football team. Entranced in the depths of transcendental meditation that would make The Buddha blush, two syllables appeared in the ether over and over. Tre – Quan, Tre – Quan, Tre – Quan. The universe has spoken and Tre’Quan Smith must be acquired at once. The third round rookie out of Central Florida is a WR4 for now, but top 20 WR numbers for the rest of this season are well within the realm of possibilities with Ted Ginn out for the year. Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy football:

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Last year I made a Colin Kaepernick prediction pick in my waiver wired column (check it out!) and obviously you saw how that ended up. Well this year there are two teams who are desperate for good QB play are the Bills (who just really started Derek Anderson in a game) and the Jaguars who could be a playoff favorite if it weren’t for Blake Bortles. If Kaepernick still isn’t in the NFL, then may I present exhibit A in the NFL vs. Colin Kaepernick your honor. Kaep is still only 30 years old and is probably the healthiest QB on the planet right now. So what do you think? Are you crazy enough to add Kaepernick?

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