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What’s going on everyone, and welcome to the seventh week of the 2018 NFL season! I hope you guys all had a great Week 6 thanks to some awesome performances from Aaron Rodgers, Jameis Winston, Melvin Gordon, Latavius Murray, Tyreek Hill, Albert Wilson, and Cole Beasley (who knew?)

Below are my rankings for Week 7, for all scoring systems, so enjoy!

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In the meantime, I’ll be back on Saturday for the eighth edition of my 2018 Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em series!

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We’re just short of halfway through the fantasy football season. We all kind’ve know where we stand in our league and what positions we need to improve. We can also tell where the roster has depth.

Depth is a beautiful thing in fantasy football and not something that you want to take for granted, especially not even halfway through the season. Far too often I see fantasy players trade depth away in a panic to patch up a different position to all of a sudden lose a player to injury the next week. Now all of a sudden a strength from a week ago has become a dire weakness.

I’m not advocating to be against trading, but take your time and explore all of your options. Know your worth kings and queens! A fair deal is a fair deal, but I’m against giving discounts because I feel like I can afford to.

That was a completely unplanned rant. Most are. Sometimes you just tap some keys until something semi-coherent comes out. I do not have needles to share with you, but what I do have are rankings for week 7. The Packers, Raiders, Steelers, and Seahawks are on vacation.

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Paulsen, Elkaffas, DiBari: Rankings, Values, and Giggles.

Good news, bad news this week folks. Well, I’m not quite sure if it is good, or bad, so let’s just call it news. If you’ve seen, listened, or heard of the #DWG4 Experience you likely know it is intended to be a short video interview series. Unfortunately, this week the service I use to record these calls decided to crap out. Maybe it was divine intervention, and these are intended to be audio plays only. Maybe it was meddling, as I officially cleared out the last of my contents from my former site. Or maybe, just maybe, it was something different altogether and merely coincidence things went awry this week. Regardless of the reason, this week I only have an audio version to present to you. So again, I beg of you… please let me know if you enjoy these, find them beneficial, or are a complete waste of both mine, yours, and all of these guests time. The guests this week, you ask? Another phenomenal bunch! I talked with John Paulsen of 4for4.com, who has been one of the most accurate Fantasy Football experts the past decade, even winning the Fantasy Pros content twice. I asked him about his methodology, and what are the initial and final factors into his decision making. We also discussed the Texans backfield, and if D’Onta Foreman truly serves as a bigger threat to Lamar Miller, than the Houston O-Line itself. John came second in this episode (but it the bigger name), because I opened things up with Izzy Elkaffas, who writes for Dynasty League Football (DLF), and is co-founder of the Dynasty Trade Calculator. DTC, or The Calculator as Izzy refers to it, has become very prominent in off-season trading, as a barometer for value being exchanged. I asked him how it got its start, what makes up the algorithm, and what improvements have been made, and are in store for the future. Lastly, I spoke with John DiBari of the Fantasy Forty Podcast. John has become a dear friend thru this industry, is a great deal of fun, and has a very blunt and direct way of discussing players. We talked about an assortment of things, and somehow morphed it into a convo about the rookie Quarterbacks to date.

I truly hope you enjoy the episode! These are a lot of fun for me to record and pick the brains of so many talented analysts, and I am trying to ask questions that will be entertaining and informational for you and your fantasy needs. Seriously, please let me know what you think, what works, what doesn’t, and anything else you think I should consider. Appreciate you all. Good luck in Week 7!

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Better Luck(y) than good may not apply to the NFL, or at least not for the Colts. The Colts got their star quarterback behind center this season, but has not resulted in much success, as the team is 1-5 with the sole win coming against the Redskins in a game that was brutal to watch. The Colts top WR has been banged up and the injury and time share among the RBs has left much to be desired. While the Colts offense is currently 11th in points scored, much of that has been achieved while playing from behind or in garbage time. For fantasy purposes, it doesn’t matter much when the points are accumulated, but what can you expect from the offense moving forward?

Well, B_Don, riding solo for this podcast, takes a look at the Colts offense and breaks down the player profiles for the Colts offensive weapons not named Andrew Luck or T.Y. Hilton. B_Don profiles the secondary pieces in the offense to see who you can trust rest of season. Chester Rogers, Ryan Grant, Eric Ebron, Jack Doyle, Nyheim Hines, Marlon Mack, and Jordan Wilkins are profiled to give you an idea of what they are from an ability standpoint. B_Don also looks at the offense as a whole to give you fantasy values for these players moving forward.

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Welcome back, my Lovelies, to another e-rousing week of Hit it or Quit it, with Yours Truly, your Goddess of innuendo. Although I want to say that I took a pounding this week, I am happy to say that it was not in Fantasy Football. Hey, you have your hobbies, and I have mine. Your Goddess went a respectable 4-1 this week, with that one loss being the sacrificial Razzball Contributor’s Black Widow League in which I opted to play the submissive, rather than the Dominatrix (I save that for my other leagues). Sometimes we all have to make sacrifices and this time I opted to throw my body upon the pyre and only pick up those I write about in that league, so I can give you firsthand experience. Alas, that league is a pathetic 0-for and it really sticks in my throat since those of you who know me know that I hate to lose. So, I opt to drown out the memory with whiskey…lots and lots of whiskey.

The curse spared me this week. How did you fare? That being said, Leonard Fournette has been sitting deep in the closet in one of my leagues and I am dying to whip him out and have some fun. Only the Black Widow knows when and if that will happen. In the meantime, I am making due with the lovely specimens which are coming my way via my other leagues. Guys, look, I honestly take no pleasure in whipping the Holy sh** out of you in your leagues week after week, but it is what you pay for, and I am a woman of the people, so…Oh, who am I kidding, I absolutely LOVE beating the Holy sh** out of you week after glorious week. It does more for me than the array of toys in that special box under my bed, and that is really saying something.

Ok, I know, I seem to be rambling while I bask in the Week 6 slain carcasses which lay before me and you didn’t pay extra for the emasculation this week, so I will move on and get to what brought you here. Ladies and Gentlemen, Convicts and Perverts, your wait is over. I give you Week 7, Hit it or Quit it.

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Chris Godwin (vs CLE): All Chris Godwin has done is catch a TD in 4 of his 5 games this season and netted 13 points or more in all 4 of those games. There are a lot of hungry mouths in the Bucs receiving game, but with Jameis Winston back in the fold I can see all those baby birds getting fed by mama Winston especially against a Browns team that has surrendered the 5th most receiving yards.

O.J. Howard (vs CLE): Another mouth to feed in Tampa Bay? Yea, but Howard was well fed even before Winston’s return. In his last three games played he’s had 18 fantasy points, 13 fantasy points and 16 fantasy points respectively. Howard will continue to gobble up a decent amount of targets even against a Browns secondary that has been a little stingy to opposing TEs. Should I end this eating analogy now? OM NOM NOM!

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Well that was one hell of a ride. My Bills had Houston right where we wanted them. And Nathan Peterman just… just… just did Nathan Peterman things and threw a pick-6. I really shouldn’t have been surprised when it happened. He has to have done that at least 2847 times by now in his 396 day career. Before I go on a long tirade about how bad Josh Allen looked before he got hurt, let’s just take care of this game in its’ entirety.

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We have a London game! It should mean earlier football but instead it is the same time as the other early games but unfortunately the NFL is putting this game at noon as well. We all will have to wait another week to get a bonus 3 and a half hours of football. Speaking of London, apparently the Jaguars becoming London’s official team is closer to becoming a reality according to their ownership. That seems like nothing but a sh*tshow. Jacksonville finally has a competitor to root for and NOW it’s time for this. Khan wants to keep the team based in Jacksonville while playing some or most of their home games at Wembley stadium. Who would want to sign there? That’s taking away a lot of what home field advantage has to offer. Does Blake Bortles really play that much better overseas? But, if we can get more 8:30 games I might not complain that much. 

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What’s going on everyone?! Welcome back to another edition of my “Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em” series, where today I’ll be diving into some very good, and very bad fantasy matchups for Week 6. Can you believe it’s already the 6th week of the NFL season?! Time flies when you’re having fun!

Let’s get to it!

*Note* – My Week 6 Rankings can be found here, and be sure to check out Rudy’s projections for this week here!

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If you saw the arguments this week on twitter, then you know there’s a question. Does defense matter for overall fantasy production? Most of the reason why people say defense doesn’t matter is because the way we measure defense is pretty terrible, and until we can measure true talent defense much better, the appearance of being a good or bad defense is super noisy and the amount of signal there is very very low. And in terms of how to predict the production for fantasy, teams vary what they do (and some teams do this randomly and are bad at it), and you would need to know what their scheme is and what player(s) they plan to exploit, and then the adjustments on the initial game plan come into play. If you have that information, first, please share it with me, and second, you’d probably be able to obliterate DFS (and Vegas, for that matter). But if you have that information, you’re not reading this article right now. So for those of you without it – let’s attack this slate with what we do know – namely, #NeverRun, offenses score points when they throw a lot, and one of the only ways we legitimately do see defenses mattering is in pass rush versus protection – it’s hard to score points when you’re being thrown down to the ground before you can throw a pass. 

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