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Nick and Jay quickly go over some of Razzball’s Quarterback rankings…

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  1. My Minor Likes Female Pujols says:

    Another great review. I have a WR question if you don’t mind.
    Dynasty league I have AJ Green and there’s been a couple offers thrown at me. Wondering how many (if any) of these you would consider doing in a keep forever league.

    AJ Green for

    A) Alshon Jeffrey and Ryan Matthews
    B) Crabtree and Ryan Matthews
    C) Alshon Jeffrey and Tavon Austin
    D) Antonio Brown and Deandre Hawkins

    My flex for this upcoming season is Kenny Britt or Robert Woods so I’m considering 2v1 deals for Green because Britt is definitely not a sure thing haha and Woods seems just a ok option

    Thanks again!

  2. Nick The Podcast Host

    Nick The Podcast Host says:

    C and D are the most interesting. I believe in Jeffrey and would be tempted by him and Austin, I’d just rather see more from Austin first. I really like Hopkins but you’d have to wait to get a return on investment with Fitzpatrick throwing the ball in HOU.

    If you have the roster spots I’d go back and ask for Jeffrey, Austin AND Hopkins. Pitch it as how often does AJ become available.

  3. My Minor Likes Female Pujols says:

    Very true. Thanks!

  4. pickleball says:

    my leaguemates are all becoming real down on QB’s (rightfully so) but i think it could be a situation where a buying opportunity presents itself.

    last year drew brees went for $36, Peyton $30, and stafford $7. the year before brees was like $45, peyton $42, etc. their value is dropping in our league.

    its a 10 team league and basically everyone has the mentality that it doesent matter who you get for QB, and load up on WR’s/RB’s.

    that being said, what kind of money would you throw at a top Peyton, Brees, or Rodgers in this years draft? same amount they went for last year?

    • pickleball says:

      @pickleball: keep in mind that i’m about 90% sure that either Luck/ matty ice/ cam newton / or matt stafford fall under $10 in the draft, if not all four do

      • Nick The Podcast Host

        Nick The Podcast Host says:

        @pickleball: That’s nuts! Is it 4 points per TD thrown?

        • pickleball says:

          @Nick The Podcast Host: yes, 4pts for passing TD, 6 pts rushing TD. a lot of the extra money since no one spends it on qb’s goes to mid tier RB’s, or the biggest names in the draft. it’s a keeper league, so people like ray rice went for $65 last year (huge bust obviously)

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