I’m sure by now you’ve been clued in on the biggest news of an otherwise uneventful year: the Washington Redskins will no longer be called the “Redskins”. I’ve seen a lot of new potential nicknames being thrown around in recent days. The two leading candidates are the Washington Foreskins or the Washington Loaded Potato Skins. I read an interesting article about a guy who’s trademarked a few names recently with hopes of selling those rights to the Washington football franchise. One second, I’ll be right back. Sorry about that, had to get my Washington Foreskins trademark locked up. Anyway, I went over Foreskins’ young wide out Terry McLaurin in my top 20 wide receiver rankings last time. Now we’re on to the top 40 wide receivers to 2020 PPR fantasy football: 

Tier 4 (cont’d)

21. Keenan Allen – This guy’s more injury prone than the bubble boy, right? Wrong! Allen’s played every single game over the past three seasons since his ACL injury, while averaging over 100 receptions and 1,250 yards. But can Tyrod Taylor get him the rock? Probably. I’ll touch on that more down in the Mike Williams blurb. Patience!

2020 Projection: 90 receptions, 1,000 receiving yards, 20 rushing yards, 6 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 228 / 15.2 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 183 / 12.2 ppg | Standard Pts: 138 / 9.2 ppg 

22. Tyler Lockett – He’s no D.K. Metcalf. Few are. I mean Metcalf is like the Darren Waller of wide receivers, me likey. Oh yeah, this is supposed to be about Lockett. But you can’t talk Lockett without talking D.K. That’s because Metcalf should draw more and more attention from the leagues’ top defensive backs as the season goes on, opening up space for Lockett to thrive. The guy also hasn’t missed a game in his five year career, that consistency is worth a sheckel or two. 

2020 Projection:  75 receptions, 1,000 receiving yards, 40 rushing yards, 8 total touchdowns in 16 games

PPR Pts: 227 / 14.2 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 189.5 / 11.8 ppg | Standard Pts: 152 / 9.5 ppg 

Tier 5

23. Jarvis Landry – A fully healthy OBJ and a bounceback Baker could lead to a huge season for the Landryman. Which is good because I have a huge pile of dirty clothes.  The Baker and OBJ bouncebacks are two narratives I’ve been reading to the kids all pandemic. I’m all-in on the Browns, this should end well! 

2020 Projection: 80 receptions, 1,050 receiving yards, 30 rushing yards, 5 total touchdowns in 16 games

PPR Pts: 218 / 13.6 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 178 / 11.1 ppg | Standard Pts: 138 / 8.6 ppg 

24. Calvin Ridley – Believe it or not, some people think Ridley can be a WR1. Sorry, bad Ripley’s Believe It or Not pun. I just don’t see the WR1 upside as long as Julio’s hanging down by the school yard with Matty Ice. But Ridley will have his big weeks and, to be fair, I’d be surprised if he finished outside the top 25.

2020 Projection: 75 receptions, 950 receiving yards, 45 rushing yards, 7 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 216.5 / 15.5 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 179 / 12.8 ppg | Standard Pts: 141.5 /  ppg 10.1

25. T.Y. Hilton – I drafted Hilton on my Scott Fish Bowl team as the 29th receiver off the board and it felt pretty good. Not quite as good as it feels when I look thru my shirtless Kerryon Johnson scrapbook, but pretty good. When Hilton’s healthy he’s still able to produce big fantasy numbers and we know Rivers is capable of shot putting his way.

2020 Projection: 80 receptions, 1,000 receiving yards, 6 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 216 / 15.4 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 176 / 12.6 ppg | Standard Pts: 136 /  ppg 9.7

26. D.J. Chark – Two words: Uncle. Rico. Minshew loves to target Charknado. And he can throw it over a mountain too. Chark faded a bit down the stretch, but rumor has it he wasn’t fully healthy. I’m ready to buy back into the Minshew Mania.

2020 Projection: 75 receptions, 950 receiving yards, 20 rushing yards, 7 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 214 / 15.3 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 176.5 / 12.6 ppg | Standard Pts: 139 / 9.9 ppg 

27. Juju Smith-Schuster – Here’s a hot take: Diontae Johnson finishes 2020 with better numbers than JuJu. I’m projecting and ranking Smith-Schuster a little higher than Johnson since he’s already shown great chemistry with Big Ben, but there’s next to no chance I own him with this ranking. I wrote a JuJu Smith-Schuster dynasty outlook at the end of January explaining why I’m fading this young Steeler.

2020 Projection: 75 receptions, 950 receiving yards, 7 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 212 / 15.1 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 174.5 / 12.5 ppg | Standard Pts: 137 / 9.8 ppg 

28. A.J. Green – The Bengals superstar hasn’t played in over a year and now has a rookie QB chucking it his way. A rookie QB who won’t get the benefit of a normal training camp and preseason. Not exactly the best situation, but Green should be fully motivated and there’s a chance he could post WR3 numbers even with Donkey Teeth at quarterback.

2020 Projection: 70 receptions, 1,020 receiving yards, 7 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 214 / 15.3 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 179 / 12.8 ppg | Standard Pts: 144 / 10.3 ppg 

29. DeVante Parker – It’s hard to rank Parker any lower than this after he finished 2019 on a tear with five touchdowns over the last 5 weeks including three 100 yard games and more targets than an upper-middle class suburb. But Saucy Boi Preston Williams was out of the picture and one healthy season isn’t enough to make me forget Parker’s extensive injury history. Could he be a WR1? Absolutely. But I’m alright with him doing that on someone else’s team.  

2020 Projection: 65 receptions, 1,000 receiving yards, 8 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 213 / 15.2 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 180.5 / 12.9 ppg | Standard Pts: 148 / 10.6 ppg 

Tier 6

30. Emmanuel Sanders – Manny is one of my favorite receiving targets this year. He should thrive as Brees’ slot man with Thomas drawing all the defensive attention. At Sanders’ late 10th round ADP, I’m licking my chops like a degenerate on Bourbon Street.

2020 Projection: 75 receptions, 1,000 receiving yards, 6 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 211 / 12.4 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 173.5 / 12.4 ppg | Standard Pts: 136 / 9.7 ppg 

31. Tyler Boyd – I know first hand that it was tough owning Boyd in the early going last year, but the second half was a whole different story. In spite of my pandemic-rookie-QB qualms, I’m still ranking two Bengals receivers in my top 31 based on shear talent alone. And I can walk you down narrative street once more, regaling you with the sade tale of a weekly play-from-behind Cincinnati squad forced to lean in on the passing game regularly. 

2020 Projection:  80 receptions, 1,000 receiving yards, 5 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 210 / 15 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 170 / 12.1 ppg | Standard Pts: 130 / 9.3 ppg 

32. Marquise Brown – Who’s ready for a trip to Hollywood this year? *crickets* OK, what about Hollywood Brown? The L”Jackson can’t pass” fallacy has been put to bed and Brown already caught 7 touchdowns in an injury stunted rookie season. With the excitement about A.J. Brown and D.K. Metcalf, it’s easy to lose track of Antonio’s cousin. Don’t make that mistake, Marquise’s upside is huge. 

2020 Projection: 70 receptions, 850 receiving yards, 9 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 209 / 14.9 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 174 / 12.4 ppg | Standard Pts: 139 / 9.9 ppg

33. Christian Kirk – With Hopkins being traded to Arizona, Kirk’s stock has crashed faster than Hertz Car Rental. I’m not sure it’s justified. We have a second year Kyler Murray breakout on the horizon and now one of the best wide receivers in the game drawing defensive pressure away from Kirkoff. They’re totally different players, but we’ve seen Will Fuller consistently produce WR2 numbers across from Hopkins, at least when his hamstrings cooperate. 

2020 Projection: 70 receptions, 840 receiving yards, 90 rushing yards, 4 total touchdowns in 13 games

PPR Pts: 187 / 14.4 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 152 / 11.7 ppg | Standard Pts: 117 / 9 ppg 

34. Michael Gallup CeeDee Lamb is going to be really, really good. And if it weren’t for my major concerns about rookie wide receiver development in the season of COVID, there’s a good chance I’d be ranking Lamb ahead of Gallup and docking these projections even more than I already did. This isn’t a knock on Gallup, he’s very good in his own right, and coming off an 1,100 yard season in only 13 games. But there’s a lot of very hangry, very talented mouths to feed in Dallas these days.

2020 Projection: 65 receptions, 1,000 receiving yards, 5 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 195 / 13.9 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 162.5 / 11.6 ppg | Standard Pts: 130 / 9.3 ppg 

35. Diontae Johnson – I’m not projecting Johnson ahead of JuJu because he does have a much wider range of outcomes. But as mentioned, I do think there’s a decent chance he’s the top Steeler pass catcher this season. Unfortunately his draft stock is rising faster than Tesla, so I’ve been finding myself priced out at his 8th round ADP. I hope to land him at a reasonable price in auctions.

2020 Projection: 70 receptions, 850 receiving yards, 60 rushing yards, 6 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 197 / 13.1 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 162/ 10.8 ppg | Standard Pts: 127 / 8.5 ppg 

36. Brandin Cooks – I’ve seen a lot of folks fawning over Cooks as Deshaun Watson’s #1 option. I get it, Cooks nearly had four straight 1,100 yard seasons leading into 2019 and now he has one of the best young QBs in the league targeting him. So why is he ranked in a place which means I’ll never draft him? Brain trauma. Not mine, Cooks’! He’s suffered four concussions in just the last two seasons. An early knock to the head in 2020 could cost him the season, or even worse, his career. It’s just not a gamble I’m eager to take in the mid-rounds. Rather keep investing in these $100 scratch off tickets, I’m so due for a winner! 

2020 Projection: 65 receptions, 950 receiving yards, 6 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 196 / 14 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 163.5 / 11.7 ppg | Standard Pts: 131 / 9.4 ppg 

37. Golden Tate – Here’s one of my favorite PPR targets this year. He posted four straight 90 reception seasons in Detroit and was on pace for a 5th before being dealt to the Eagles midway thru 2018. Then last year he was suspended four games for taking fertility supplements which he was told were not a banned substance by a doctor who’d perscribed the same supplements to other NFL players attempting to have a baby—of course the NFL denied his appeal because . . . it’s the NFL. Tate still went on to catch 6 touchdowns in 11 games. If there’s one Giant wide receiver I’m drafting this year, it’s Golden Tate, and at an ADP around 150 he’s the cheapest of the Giant group too.

2020 Projection: 75 receptions, 950 receiving yards, 6 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 206 / 13.7 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 168.5 / 11.2 ppg | Standard Pts: 131 / 8.7 ppg 

38. Jamison Crowder – Yahoo’s Andy Behrens came on the Razzball Fantasy Football Podcast last week and told us all about why he loves Crowder. The Jets offense and Sam Darnold should take a nice step forward in 2020 with the mono saga behind them. Let’s just hope another virus doesn’t rear it’s ugly germ face in the Jets’ locker room.

2020 Projection: 80 receptions, 830 receiving yards, 6 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 199 / 13.3 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 159 / 10.6 ppg | Standard Pts: 119 / 7.9 ppg 

Tier 7

39. Marvin Jones – Did you know Marvin Jones’ middle name is “Lewis”? That’s almost enough reason to avoid him right there. I don’t want Marvin Lewis on my team, we’ll never win! Wait, that’s Hue Jackson I’m thinking of. Alright, I’m back in. I’ve never been Jones’ his biggest fan, but I have the Martian ranked in an area where I might end up drafting him this year. As long as Stafford’s back isn’t an issue (I’m skeptical), Jones maintains a very stable floor. 

2020 Projection: 60 receptions, 850 receiving yards, 6 total touchdowns in 14 games

PPR Pts: 181 / 12.9 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 151 / 10.8 ppg | Standard Pts: 121 / 8.6 ppg 

40.  Mike Williams – So more about Tyrod aka T-Mobile Taylor: in his three seasons leading the Bills he only had one receiver post over 650 receiving yards. That was a 22 year old Sammy Watkins who went for over 1,000 yards and 9 touchdowns in his 2nd season. But in Taylor’s third season in Buffalo his WR core was the laughable group of Deonte Thompson, Zay Jones and Jordan Matthews. That’s a slightly different caliber compared to Mike Williams and Keenan Allen. There’s a chance the Chargers receivers are both being severely undervalued based on the Tyrod Taylor sucks donkey balls narrative. Not true from my experience, as a donkey.

2020 Projection: 55 receptions, 880 receiving yards, 6 total touchdowns in 15 games

PPR Pts: 179 / 11.9 ppg | 1/2 PPR Pts: 151.5 / 10.1 ppg | Standard Pts: 124 / 8.3 ppg