I wish we all could live in a fantasy vacuum.  You know, something that you might see on Pee Wee’s Playhouse, but we can’t.  Players get hurt.  Players suck.  A player becomes poor and struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more; it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Hey Shakespeare!  Don’t call me an idiot!  Anyway, things change and our Tiers From Heaven could easily become Tiers From A Clown if we didn’t update them once in a while.  So with out further ado, here are the updated 2009 Fantasy Football Tier Rankings.  You’ll see that there aren’t any drastic changes, but I’ll go over the rationale behind the few that were made below:

Kurt Warner: Slipped and fell down two spots due to old age.  He just doesn’t look right during a time of the year he really should.

Brett Favre: Replaces Sage Rosenfels in the exact same spot.  He has more upside than my man Sage, but also has more injury risk.

Steven Jackson: Moves down one while Matt Forte takes his place at #4.  This was tough because I have a good feeling about SJax, but good feelings can only go so far when the starting QB breaks a finger and the starting WR breaks his foot!

Darren McFadden: Moved up one spot into “Solid Starter” status.  He will get the starting role and is good at catching the ball in the flat which is probably about as far as Russell can throw it before it goes off line.

Thomas Jones: Fell five spots due to the developing three-headed RB beast that Rex Ryan is concocting in his New Jersey sewer lab.

Julius Jones: Dropped one spot with the Walter Jones surgery. I still like JJ as a value pick, but losing Jones for an extended period of time doesn’t boost his value any.

Kenneth Darby: Removed due to ineptitude.

Shonn Greene: Vaulted up five spots because he could see goalline carries and has looked good in camp.

Jerome Harrison: Moved down one spot because James Davis will also see touches when Jamal Lewis’ bones decay.  I still like Harrison’s versatility, but he would probably lose goalline carries to Davis.

James Davis: Added to the bottom of the RB’s because, uh, just look up a bit.  Hey, I think I went to James Davis Middle School.

Eddie Royal: Moved up three spots because he isn’t a big whiner.

Brandon Marshall: Demoted into 3rd string territory because he is just too risky at this point.  He could be suspended.  He could hold out.  He could be a Cylon agent bent on destroying the NFL.  Who the frack knows?

Davone Bess: Moved up three spots because he has locked down the #2 WR position.

Chris Henry: Transferred up six excel cells to cell block “could do worse!” because he continues to shine in preseason.

Visanthe Shiancoe: Moved up one because Brett likes tight ends.

Brandon Pettigrew: Fell to the bottom of the TE’s because he’s been shut down due to a strained thigh.  He has some possible upside, but he’ll have to show it before he’s even worth considering.

Garrett Hartley: Removed due to his four game suspension for doing Cannonball Adderals off The Causeway into Lake Pontchartrain.   I added John Carney to the bottom of the tier because he plays for the Saints, but may only play for four games.  Don’t waste too much time worrying about a kicker.

  1. cleaver596 says:

    So I all ready have Slaton and Andre the Giant on my team, ( keepers), do you see any problem with owning Shaub also? I always have issues with owning the “the big 3” from any team. But Shaub will probably be the best value at QB for me, unless Warner falls to round 5, which I doubt.

    By they way, I am loving the razzball football. I always think its good to get opinions from as many different sources as possible, and none of the guys in my baseball or football leagues has discovered this site yet. I have told a few of them about it, but none have ventured to see it for themselves.

  2. Matt B says:

    Love the list. Hope to see a PPR soon (by my draft this weekend!)

  3. I’m actually liking Ochocinco this year. Am I riding the white horse with Josh McDaniels or could I be onto something?

  4. Frank Rizzo says:

    Looking at your top ten, I would feel good about just swapping Deangelo for S-Jax myself. I believe in Deangelo and his OL more than I do a repeat performance from Forte. And SJax fits nicely behind LT in my book.

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @cleaver596: I usually don’t like getting the top 3 either. But I also wouldn’t go for a lesser player just to keep from having that happen.

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Elijah: Yeah, Him and Henry are showing something right now. I’m not going to jump completely on the bandwagon yet, but he’s got my attention.

  7. @Frank Rizzo:

    D-Will seems a lot more appealing with Stewie gimping around.

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Frank Rizzo: I’m a big Williams fan, but with Stewart I just can’t put him in the top 5. SJax is still the focus for the Rams offense for good and for ill and the same goes for Forte.

  9. @Doc:

    Money league draft is tomorrow. I think I may have Ronnie Brown on the board at #7 (effectively 37 since we keep 3). I’m thinking of pulling the trigger on him, hope he comes through…

  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Elijah: Agreed, but it is an injury that he should be able to get over by the first game.

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Elijah: That’s a good spot for him. I am not reaching too far for him even though I really like him, but at 37 I think he’s perfect.

  12. @Doc: @Doc:

    As for Chad 85, every year there’s some WR no one in my league will touch with a 10 foot pole and falls like Aaron Rodgers, so I end up grabbing him. Last year it was Roddy White…everyone was thinking he would be crippled by the rookie QB, but I figured hey, Ryan’s a rookie but hes gotta be better than Joey Harrington, I’m taking him. That worked out. Don’t feel as good about maybe taking Chad, but if he drops into the 70’s…why not?

  13. Sean says:

    Doc – whats the ETA on the PPA tiers? My draft is this upcoming Thursday!!!

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Sean: Just having a little excel file snafu! Should get it up before then!

    @Elijah: Agreed. He’s worth a pick if he falls. I’ve heard some rumblings that the O-line is playing better, but that doesn’t mean too much right now. But if it is and Henry continues to play well. 85 should be able to do something if he doesn’t go insane, more insane that is.

  15. darren lobo says:

    good choice with Forte @ 4! I agree!

  16. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    First post on this side, looking forward to the FF season and a new resource….already planning on using the Razzball tiers as my primary draft guide.

    With that out of the way — is the name generator broken for anyone else? I named my team “Cobra Commander” and then realized there’s a GI Joe movie in theatres….blech. I need a new name pronto.

  17. name says:

    I’m in an optional 2 player keeper where I’m keeping 1. My first pick (according to the rest of the keepers) will be the 22 pick with my next pick being at 30. I’ve got Sjax to keep, should I go with a jennings/colston/white wr with the first pick and a rb with the next pick? RB that may be available will be Jacobs/Portis/Brown and then on to the next tier.

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mgeoffriau: Hmm, I’m not sure. having the same problem. I’ll get on it. Thanks.

    @name: I think that sounds like a good plan.

  19. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Doc: Thanks!

    In the meantime, I had a moment of genius and renamed my team to:


    In other words — IT’S ON.

    (credit to Andy Bernard)

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    Looks like the Team Name Generator is up and running.

  21. dbhammel says:

    FYI – Razzball team name generator was linked to on the si.com “hot clicks” feature. Not sure if that is point for or against the razzinators though…

  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @dbhammel: Thanks, that may be why we’re having trouble with it today.

    Looks like it is down again. There are small people on the internets hammering with very small hammers trying to get it going.

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    The Team Generator seems to be up again!

  24. woyme says:

    I think you left Ahmad Bradshaw of the rankings.

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