Zach joins me for a RazzBlitz episode that is the same way we started it, one on one. We talk about David Johnson’s 1,000/1,000 goal and how he compares to the rest of the elite options at running back. We talked about Rob Gronkowski vs. Travis Kelce and finished football talk by analyzing the Buccaneer’s wide receiver corps. The second half of the episode we talked about Zach’s trip to Rolling Loud hip hop festival.

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Do the Cowboys think that they are going to be successful giving Tavon Austin a bunch of touches? Reid and myself weigh in on this, C.J. Anderson, Adrian Peterson, Mark Ingram, Alvin Kamara, and Corey Coleman. We also touch on Zach’s latest article before we get into last Sunday’s Westworld.

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Razzballers, the NFL draft that we have been talking extensively about has come and gone and now we can actually analyze the picks. Who better to have on to talk about WRs than Reception Perception creator, Matt Harmon? (Harmon’s dog even makes a special appearance!)

Side note: When my stupid mouth says St. Thomas, I mean St. Brown (ugh)

After Harmon finishes his visit with us, Reid and myself dive into our teams’ drafts (the Bucs and Bills if you’re new here). We also quickly touch on West World before Reid talked about the new Avengers film. Enjoy!

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Reid joins me to talk about what could be in store in 2018 for Dez Bryant. There’s teams out there that need wide receivers, but who wants him? We also dive into whether or not Gronkowski will play in the NFL next year. We talked about C.J. Anderson fits, and if we should worry about Andrew Luck in 2018. We close out by reviewing the Andre The Giant documentary that we both saw this past weekend.

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The hockey guys Viz and Reid join me for what is pretty much self explanatory in the title. We definitely had fun with it…

  • First Pick in the Draft.
  • Chubb vs. Michel.
  • Sutton Vs. Ridley.
  • Over/Under on Alabama Players going in the 1st round.
  • LSU Vs. OSU players taken in rounds 1 & 2.
  • Iowa vs. Texas players taken in rounds 1 & 2.
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What’s going on everybody?! We are back with another episode of the RazzBlitz podcast to break down the Brandin Cooks trade; what it means for the Rams offense and for New England’s draft, and our early thoughts in regards to draft strategy for the fall! Stick around to also hear what we think about the Masters (Hello Friends)!

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If you haven’t heard of Charles McDonald yet, it won’t be long. He’s one of the fastest rising stars in the football media world and a celebrated film watcher for #footballtwitter. You can check out his awesome work at Setting the Edge and Football Outsiders.

We start the Podcast by talking about his presentation at the Sloan analytics conference in Boston and that rolls right into story time about his first experience at the combine. From hanging out with Big Cat and PFT Commenter to meeting Andy Reid at the airport, Chuck made the most of his time in Indianapolis.

We also had a great conversation about draft prospects and the happenings in free agency. Football knowledge and fun all in one episode.

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