What is it that makes drafting rookies so much fun? I’m told humans don’t like change. Yet each season a new crop of players enter the NFL and us fantasy footballers are mesmerized by their shine. Captivated by the the unknown. Resistance to the changing of the fantasy football guard is feeble to non-existent. Maybe it’s the lottery factor at play. Humans resist big life changes, but not when those changes are the result of winning the lottery. And what’s a rookie if not a lottery ticket. I remember scratching off my Sony Michel ticket expecting to reveal Jamaal Charles. And that Laquon Treadwell quick-pick I hoped would result in a Randy Moss-like windfall. But now the savings are all gone and I’m eating two meals a day from dumpsters just to be able to afford my next rookie fix. Ahhh yes, just one more hit of the shiny stuff. Rondale Moore is sure to fill the cavernous spiritual void in my soul. Anyway, here’s my top 10 rookies for 2021 PPR dynasty leagues:

*Note: these rankings are geared towards half PPR, 1QB dynasty leagues

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We are now in the thick of summer when baseball is just treading water until the NFL preseason starts. Have no fear! I have my top 10 running backs post-draft.  

Without getting too technical, my process heavily weighs volume for running backs. It has been shown that usage in college projects usage in the pros, with the occasional exception. Other college production metrics come into play such as efficiency AND volume is better than volume alone and of course draft capital equals opportunity which must be considered. Finally, yes, I do turn on the tape and see what traits jump out and how they convert their skills into the production the stats show.

This list reflects who I would prefer in a vacuum on talent alone. Landing spot is a bigger consideration for me at the running back position than it is for quarterbacks or receivers. So, there will be a higher likelihood of shuffling post draft on this list compared to other positions. Still, I think we should pick players mostly on talent first and the other factors are more like tie-breakers rather than a major consideration. See my pre-draft article for additional insight. 

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I’ve been watching this QAnon docuseries on HBO this week, Q: Into the Storm. I’ll confess, I haven’t been plugged into the Qverse until now. But it turns out there’s a bunch of politicians and movie stars who murder babies and drink their blood. Allegedly. I mean, it kind of makes sense. I won’t get any further into the political weeds here, but if you showed me footage of Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell eating babies together it wouldn’t be the most shocking video I’ve seen this year. Those cats playing the piano blew my mind. Where am I going with all this? Not quite sure. Something convoluted about Pat Fitzmaurice and Rich Hribar scooping up babies like evil Illuminati brethren in our recent superflex dynasty best ball draft. Take a look at how many rookies each of our esteemed analysts selected in the draft:

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What is up everybody!? How are you people doing in the back? Good? There’s no back to the internet? OK! Now, huddle up: you’re going into fantasy football mode and there’s a secret you need to know that will win you the most leagues with the least effort and I’m going to tell you all about it. Right after this word from our sponsor! Donkey Teeth, take it away! 

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Aw crap, we really suck at this advertising thing. Maybe that’s why we here at Razzball just give you the facts without the gimmick. We’re here to be in a community with you, help you win your leagues, and have a bunch of fun while we do it. So, meet me after the jump and we’ll talk about the best way you can set up your teams for fantasy victory. And if you want the TL;DR, here it is: just draft and have fun. 

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The third and final feature of this draft capital trilogy is the tight ends. If you missed the running back article, click here and if you missed the wide receiver article, click here! What we did was look back over the last 10 years (2011-2020) to see how many consistent fantasy contributors came out of each round of the NFL draft. We aren’t going to be talking about one hit wonders. Instead, we are highlighting the players who were able to sustain some level of fantasy success over their careers.

In this article we are reviewing the tight end position. The benchmark used was 6.5 points per game (PPG) in half point per reception (PPR) for their career. Even with the extremely low point total of 6.5 you will see very few tight ends ever become consistent fantasy contributors. Another key factor why the benchmark is a lot lower for tight ends is how poorly they perform as rookies. For example, notable tight ends George Kittle (5.7) and Mark Andrews (5.6) and T.J. Hockenson (5.4) all failed to hit 6 PPG in their rookie seasons.

Below you will find a chart breaking out draft capital by round for tight end. The chart is broken out into four columns:

  1. Round Drafted – Identifies the round in the NFL draft that the tight end were drafted
  2. Total tight end drafted – This is the total number of tight end drafted in that round over the past 10 years
  3. Career 6.5 PPG in .5 PPR – This column represents how many tight end drafted in that round hit the benchmark of 6.5 PPG for their careers in .5 PPR
  4. % Hit Rate – The final column shows what percentage of the tight end drafted in that round hit that benchmark

Feel free to just review the chart only and take what you want from it. If you want some additional insight on how we feel about 2021 prospects based on this data, it will be included later in the article!

Total Tight Ends
6.5 PPG in .5 PPR
% Hit Rate
1 8 6 75%
2 18 5 28%
3 24 4 17%
4 24 1 4%
5 19 1 5%
6 21 1 5%
7 25 0 0%
Total 139 18 13%
Total after Rd 3 89 3 3.40%


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The illustrious wide receiver Julio Jones of the Atlanta Falcons will be taking the Dirty Bird to the Music City. Will the 32-year old wideout make a dent for your fantasy team by swapping Matt Ryan for Ryan Tannehill? What does this mean for Calvin Ridley, who becomes the de facto #1 target in Atlanta? And how can you profit off this in the early fantasy football season? Join me after the jump and learn why you’ll be moaning over Julio Jones. 

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth are joined by fellow Razzball writer, Bobby LaMarco, to talk about some recent super flex dynasty drafts with some other, more well known, fantasy football analysts.  Bobby took part in a couple recent CBS mocks including a rookie draft and then a full start up draft. Meanwhile, Donkey Teeth and B_Don ran it back with most of the same people from the 1 QB dynasty best ball league we discussed on the last show

We discuss our draft strategies for super flex dynasty startups and how the 2 QB approach changes our approach, especially early in the draft. With QBs being more highly valued, we discuss where each analyst would have the break to go away from the QB position and look elsewhere. The pace at which QBs are taken may adjust your draft strategy, and the 2 drafts were quite different in their approach to QB. We wrap the show with the most important question, which team does Bobby like the most between the 2 co-hosts in our superflex dynasty best ball league?

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Now that we took the journey for running backs let’s move to wide receiver. If you missed the running back article, click here! What we did was look back over the last 10 years (2011-2020) to see how many consistent fantasy contributors came out of each round of the NFL draft. We aren’t going to be talking about one hit wonders. Instead, we are highlighting the players who were able to sustain some level of fantasy success over their careers.

In this article we are reviewing the wide receiver position. The benchmark used was nine points per game in half point per reception (PPR) for their career. AND Before anyone moans and groans about the lower point total here is a list of wide receivers who average between 9-10 PPG in .5 PPR for their career.


Player PPG
Randall Cobb 9.8
Tyler Lockett 9.8
Sammy Watkins 9.7
Courtland Sutton 9.3
Tyler Boyd 9.3
Martavis Bryant 9.3
Marquise Brown 9.2
Laviska Shenault Jr. 9.2
Christian Kirk 9.1
Jamison Crowder 9
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Why was there never a sequel to Gone in 60 Seconds? I guess it wasn’t plausible that Nicolas Cage could ever round up that dream team of car thieves for second go And without Angelina Jolie on board, what was the point? We ran into that same issue in the wake of the Razzball Best Ball Dynasty Analyst League draft which took place a couple weeks back. When Razzball announced it’s Best Ball Dynasty Superflex Analyst League, the entire star-studded crew of industry participants jumped right back on board. All but one. A certain Nando Di Fino had a prior commitment: Months ago Nando signed up for Catholic missionary work in Saskatchewan. A great loss for the Razzball Dynasty League to be sure, but Rich Hribar of Sharp Football Analysis was luckily available to step into Nando’s Shaquille O’Neal sized shoes. And so we pressed forward, minus our Angelina Jolie.

Here’s the full star studded list of industry participants and the league’s official draft order:

1. Dave Richard| CBS

2. Rich Hribar | Sharp Football Analysis

3. Heath Cummings | CBS

4. Scott Pianowski | Yahoo

5. Jake Ciely | The Athletic

6. Michael Salfino | The Athletic

7. Pat Fitzmaurice | The Football Guys & The Football Girl

8. Rudy Gamble | Razzball

9. Brandon Myers | Razzball

10. Andy Behrens | Yahoo

11. Donkey Teeth | Razzball

12. Dalton Del Don | Yahoo

And here’s the first two rounds of our dynasty superflex half PPR best ball league with real US Dollars on the line:

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back to discuss the recent Dynasty Best Ball draft. It’s a good thing that we put this league together because looking at the names in the draft.

We review our drafts and talk about our approach to a format that doesn’t have much discussion around it, best ball dynasty fantasy football. What do the guys do differently in these drafts? How do they split out their rosters? Then, we discuss some of the early round picks with surprises and where some values came out of the draft. 

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