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There’s a lot of pressure on this week’s lede buy as he’ll have to follow up week two’s buy Najee Harris lede and week three’s buy James Robinson lede. Those are some big shoes to fill. And you know what they say about filling big shoes: it takes big feet, with big socks. Are you aware that Damien Harris wears size 27 shoes? Those are unconfirmed measurements based on the eye test—let’s call it size 27 plus or minus 16 sizes. But I’m not here to argue about exactly how large Harris’s feet are, all that matters is he can fill some shoes. After handling 39 carries over the first two weeks, the Patriots’ RB took only 6 handoffs against New Orleans, on his way to a piddly 14 rushing yards. Running the ball just wasn’t in the cards this week as the Patriots played from behind the entire contest against the Saints.  As we saw over the first couple of weeks, fantasy owners often overreact to one or two terrible games, so there’s likely a  buy-window cracking open for Harris in many leagues, and that window might actually open wider after the Pats face a tough Tampa run D in week 4, but it’s still worth sparking up trade talks now with James White is also injured. The volume and fantasy goodness may not return for another week but expect mid to high-end RB2 production for the rest of the season from Harris. Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy football:

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Week 3, how about thee? I spent all day on the phone with Donkey Teeth as he narrated the Red Zone games to me, describing every play in detail. “Kyler Murray passes to Bryan Edwards! It’s 34-10 going into the half! No, now it’s 24-21 and the third quarter is halfway over. Chris Carson runs down the middle and gets Roman male enhancement pills!” Maybe it’s not the most effective way to cover the NFL. Does anybody know a better way than getting your colleague to narrate the games over the phone to you? If you do, list it down in the comments! Here’s the story that I got straight from the Donkey’s mouth: 

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Sunday morning has arrived and you spent all weekend on a drinking binge? Or worse (maybe better?), you’ve been up for 48 hours on six different types of drugs? Fear not, Razzball has all of your last-minute fantasy football needs covered. Over the past two days, Bobby has covered the best defensive matchups this week for both AFC and NFC fantasy wide receivers. Yesterday Skorish went through every fantasy-relevant injury to keep an eye on in his weekly Fantasy Football Injury Report. Down below I’ll give you some sneaky start options who might be available in your free agent pool if you’re in a bind, as well as my recently updated week 3 rankings for half PPR leagues. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments if you think the rankings don’t address your specific circumstances. And please, please, please consider purchasing our 2021 fantasy football tools subscription. As intelligent and handsome as we all agree I am, my rankings are still packed full of bias and human error. Rudy’s computer model minimizes the human inputs and leans heavily on raw, untainted data inputs to provide a very valuable, differing viewpoint. Plus you receive all kinds of other benefits with your subscription including next-day snap count and target rate data. Anyway, here’s a few sneaky starts for week 3 of the 2021 fantasy football season:

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Two weeks down, a whole bunch more to go folks! So don’t worry about being too overreactive when… Wait how many players are injured? This is just like week 2 last year? This is what happens when you shorten the preseason? Well, that changes things.

Maybe it is overreaction time, eh?

Here’s your weekly round-up of all those poor souls we’ve lost; all the hurting ankles, knees, toes, and groins (heh) you could ever ask for. Buckle up because this is a big one. 

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If you haven’t read the intro to defense slot vs. wide analysis then dive in now. That article provides the overview of what we are doing for this article. The goal of this article is to find wide receivers to fade and buy based on how many fantasy points their opponent allows in the slot vs. out wide.

The below chart outlines all the teams that are featured in the AFC home games in week 3 and listed by how many total fantasy points they allowed to the wide receiver position this season.

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How time flies! Here we are, already two weeks of the RazzBowl are in the books. I’d have written you all updates about it, but I was cruising the Rhône river from Avignon to Orange, sampling Châteauneuf-du-Pape from the region’s finest vignerons.

In other words, I was drunk.

Which also explains my $3 FAAB purchase of one Jameis Winston after the games of Week 1. Yikes.

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back to discuss the happenings from week 2 and look forward into week 3, AND BEYOND. We start with some Justin Fields talk as he takes the starting job for DA BEARS. 

The guys take a look at some of the more confusing time shares in fantasy football. What to do with messy RB situations like Dallas, LA Rams, and Baltimore. We also look into the WR groups for the Rams, Ravens, Vikings, 49ers, and Broncos. The guys also spend about 20 minutes discussing Tyler Lockett and the consistency of WRs week to week. Ryder die this week!

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The Carolina Panthers improved to 3-0 on Thursday Night, but they couldn’t celebrate the way they would have liked to. For the first time since the 2015 season where they went to the Super Bowl, the Panthers have won their first 3 games of the season. You would think this would be a joyous night of celebration in Carolina, but the big story was the loss of Christian McCaffrey early in the 2nd quarter with a hamstring injury. McCaffrey spent a lot of time in the medical tent and was ruled out almost immediately after coming up hobbled after his 7th carry of the night. Further evaluation on McCaffrey’s hamstring will determine the length of time he will miss, but I expect him to be out for several weeks. Fantasy managers looking to donate CMC a hamstring can send hammys to: Carolina Panthers, Attn: Christian McCaffrey, 800 South Mint Street, Charlotte, NC, 28202.

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“But Donkey Teeth, didn’t you just provide us with very in-depth and meticulously curated positional rest of season rankings for 2021 fantasy football, week 3, only two days ago?” Why yes, dear reader, and thank you for noticing. This is not an error, nor an oversight. It was all very carefully thought out during my recent peyote ceremony with some local natives. While I do get the positional rest of season rankings to the press promptly each and every Tuesday, prior to waivers and FAAB, I also feel it’s important to provide more context later in the week to assist in trade negotiations and other important roster decisions. If you desperately need a running back and are rostering all of Thielen, Golladay, Woods and Evans, then my positional breakdown doesn’t help you to construct the perfectly reasonable trade offer for James Robinson, Ty’Son Williams or Myles Gaskin. Now we also have the overall rankings table below to view positional valuations relative to other positions, while still having the option to sort by individual positions. The best of both worlds, which I tasted during that peyote trip. And over the past two days, I’ve also taken more time to refine these rankings after digesting more of the week one action and listening to some very valuable community feedback from you intelligent readers. The positional rankings from earlier in the week also delve a bit deeper into the rankings compared to this overall top 150 provided below. Anyway, here’s my sortable rest of season rankings for half PPR 2021 fantasy football:

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