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Hello everyone! We are back with another episode of the Razzblitz podcast, except this time we bumped up the freezing cold takes and analysis on DeShone Kizer to bring you a special 90 minute version of the podcast! Matt and myself are joined by Reid and Stan as we preview everything you need to know about Week 14, from DeShone Kizer (did we mention DeShone Kizer?), to Rob Gronkowski’s suspension, to some fantastic matchups in Kansas City, Tampa Bay and Buffalo.


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2017 Accuracy Rank QB RB WR TE K DST IDP
Week 13 10 53 31 17 15 36 17 4
Week 12 15 65 33 22 6 38 25 1
Week 11 81 53 107 40 92 43 40 13
Week 10 37 61 53 38 43 50 43 4
Week 9 27 68 25 31 53 23 26 1
Week 8 45 15 72 62 59 8 14 7
Week 7 27 7 65 4 84 43 32 2
Week 6 35 108 39 3 51 78 38 4
Week 5 90 81 86 73 73 84 88 11
Week 4 24 10 67 72 98 37 62 3
Week 3 29 42 66 56 51 18 34 7
Week 2 76 79 96 25 64 18 95 7
Week 1 7 6 43 28 62 35 62 6
Cumulative 26 23 58 5 34 22 37 4
2016 Accuracy Rank QB RB WR TE K DST IDP
Weekly Rankings 9 31 5 27 40 9 4
Draft Rankings 3 66 10 7 23 66 112

Happy to see that Razzball is bringing it just in time for the playoffs. Rudy has been absolutely destroying the accuracy rankings much like how I destroy most forms of cheese. The question is, who’s the cracker in this anecdote? Regardless, congrats to Rudy for finishing first overall in Week 13!

Our Week 14 Rankings for Standard, Half-PPR, PPR and IDP leagues are right after the jump! (And our Rest of Season rankings have been updated and can be found here!)

Please, blog, may I have some more?

The playoffs are here to separate the real from the fake. Are you the fantasy player who sets your lineup based on ESPN projections or are you thinking for yourself and going out and grabbing your championship? I hope it’s the latter. I’m certainly going to be aggressive as hell with my rankings for the next 3 weeks. I’m going with my gut, and my gut has been mostly right for the second half of the season. Nobody is safe if they aren’t putting up the scores, ya dig?

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Here’s hoping you made the playoffs in all your leagues; of course the one league I didn’t make it was the one that cost the most paperclips; that’s what we call it in my work league, at least we do until the Supreme Court decides gambling is legal everywhere. So let’s thank Chris Christie (sitting front row) and the wonderful state of New Jersey for bringing this case to the Supreme Court (under the guise of State’s Rights, no less) because gambling should be legal in America. Then I thought about trips to casinos, the race track and OTBs and realize if there was one thing we need is not more places to make bets in America. I can absolutely wait on sports gambling at 7-11, McDonalds, Target, Starbucks, and everywhere in between. I’m sticking to Fantasy thank you very much.

Anyway the season has progressed rather quickly it seems, and I’m not ready for the fantasy season to be over in three weeks. So let’s do what we can to enjoy them. You guys that have been with me through the weeks know we are talking Free Agent Auction Bidding. Back in week one we started with $100; now I’m going to try something different, giving us $25 to play with. So let’s get spending!

Please, blog, may I have some more?

Like my old baseball coach used to tell us when working on turning double-plays at second base, “You gotta get one to get two.” Fantasy football playoff time is finally upon us and you’ve gotta get one win to get two (and then most importantly, three.) Below you’ll find some of the hottest adds of the week to help your team maintain their dominance and get the first “one” in round one of your playoffs.

Let me know what you’re looking at on your waivers in the comment section and I’ll let you know what I think Tuesday evening.

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Good morning Razzball readers. I’m glad all of you made the playoffs because of our excellent advice site-wide. Maybe some of you won’t lock your playoff spot until your last-minute push from Monday Night Football, that’s fine too, because you’re going to make it. There’s a lot a couple of different things that need to happen for me to make it through to the playoffs in the Industry Duds league. It didn’t help that a certain writer, who obviously doesn’t write for this site, didn’t set his lineup and a team ahead of me who doesn’t deserve a win might get a win. I hope this fantasy karma follows him throughout the playoffs in the leagues that he cares about. Selfishness doesn’t get you anywhere, buddy.

I liked the way that this article came out last week, so I want to do it again. It’s playoff season, we don’t need to wade through the bullshit anymore. Let’s talk about the players who are going to help us win every championship that we can. Let’s have fun waiving our fingers at the players who are going to sit on the bench because they can’t cut it in must win games. How about some stats? Do you like trends? I love trends. They’re trendy. So hot right now. Can you tell I’m just trying to eat up words right now? It’s really taking up more of your morning bowel movement than necessary. Enough already! Give me the juicy stuff MB. What did you see on the red zone channel? Tell me what you saw in the box scores MB. TELL ME WHAT YOU WERE RIGHT ABOUT. Don’t even bother with the stuff you missed, it’s not important and it makes you look dumb. You’re not dumb, MB. Just give me your thoughts.

Please, blog, may I have some more?
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