B_Don and Donkey Teeth are looking at the WR position. Donkey Teeth published his top 10 WR rankings for 2021 fantasy football on the site. While the guys are fairly lockstep among the top tier, they have some differences of opinion on the 2nd and 3rd tier. Listen in to hear why DT is all over Keenan Allen this year and who B_Don is moving up into his top 10. 

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What is up everybody? It’s EverywhereBlair, coming to you from the UP region — no not the Pixar movie, that area near the talon of Michigan — where I’m currently surrounded by a thousand acres of forest and eagles. I’m taking advantage of a rainy morning to bring you — yes you! — a recap of my DataForce Charity League best ball draft, which will help illustrate draft tactics that will be useful for all of you as we enter the main fantasy football draft season. 

Meet me after the jump and I’ll show you Konami Code I used to help my draft strategy against a draft room filled with touts and, well, me.

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Set the scene – you haven’t eaten all day and you’re really hungry. Youre going out to dinner with friends, and they decide to go to a Thai restaurant. You don’t usually choose Thai in your normal dinner rotation, but you’ve had it before and don’t hate it. You open the menu and see dishes with names that aren’t exactly familiar to you. Some of them don’t even look too appetizing. You have to choose between Som Tum, Tom Yum Goong, Gaeng Daeng and Pad Thai. Ah, Pad Thai! You’ve seen that name before. You think you may have had that once and you don’t remember if you liked it or not, but you think it was ok. Naturally, you order the Pad Thai and hope it works out for you. Well, the Thai menu is the New York Jets backfield, and the Pad Thai is Tevin Coleman.

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When looking at rookie quarterbacks, redraft league players can pretty much forget the class and even dynasty league managers with 1QB don’t need to stick their neck out for a rookie. However, with the growing popularity of superflex and 2QB leagues, selecting a rookie signal caller has become more important.  These types of leagues are often starved for starting QBs and the only way to obtain one is a difficult trade or drafting an incoming prospect. For managers in these types of leagues, this could be the most important article you read this summer! 

Two metrics that I value in quarterbacks are completion percentage and yards per attempt. If a prospect can deliver the ball to his receiver as well as challenge the defense downfield, that’s likely a recipe for success. For more information on my process, check out last year’s rookie quarterback rankings

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When I released my top 10 quarterbacks for 2021 fantasy football there was shock from how high Jalen Hurts checked in. There was awe from how low Dak Prescott fell. And there was guilt from Tom Brady’s snubbing. So I retreated in shame, into a cave. Each day tabulating the numbers, ranking and re-ranking, visualizing which quarterbacks would be the 11th thru 30th best fantasy QBs in the year of two-thousand-twenty-one. After two weeks in solitude I emerged from the cave victorious, with a new completely random list of quarterbacks and E. coli from the squirrel poop water I drank. Anyway, here’s my top 30 quarterbacks for 2021 fantasy football:

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B_Don and Donkey Teeth are back to talk about their Scott Fish Bowl best ball draft with a bunch of familiar faces around these Razzball parts. B_Don and Donkey Teeth both start with a QB, but then head in opposite directions. DT fires off a couple of RBs, and then what does B_Don think about his Keenan Allen pick in the 4th? On the other side, B_Don starts QB/QB and fires off Mixon, AJB to pair with Tannehill, and then 2 more RBs. Find out how the guys plan to approach the rest of the draft and superflex/TE premium leagues in general. 

The guys then move on to Donkey Teeth’s top 10 RB rankings. The disagreement starts right off the bat with 1, 2, and 3. CMC is consensus, but is that the smart money if you are aiming to get the #1 RB at the end of the year? If not, who would the guys bet on? The guys discuss the risk level on Derrick Henry and Alvin Kamara for completely different reasons. Tier 3 is fairly large for both of us, but our orders are a bit different. 

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I was recently reviewing my very first ever fantasy football draft. I often get nostalgic and find myself looking back. The first team I could find stored in a draft history option from a site was from 2009. A great squad of since retired players like Maurice Jones-Drew, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Thomas, and Tom Brady… Never mind on that last one. Congrats Mr. Brady on reaching the midpoint of your career in Tampa Bay. Looking forward to your next sixteen seasons and your Canton induction in 2041, I mean if you can get the resumé together.

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Fantasy Football Tight End is like the beef brisket of fantasy positions. It’s not an exciting cut of meat. It’s not a particularly tasty cut of meat. But you can get it cheap and if you cook it slow and season it properly, your friends will think you’re a genius. Of course you need to know what you’re doing. Not just anyone can land a delicious piece of meat like Darren Waller in the 14th round. Just as some novice chefs are better off playing it safe and paying up for the prime rib, some fantasy managers are better ponying up for the peace of mind that comes along with a Travis Kelce. This is a the dilemma each fantasy chef must weigh for themselves. How confident are you in your slow cooking abilities? Anyway, here’s my top 10 tight ends for 2021 fantasy football: 

Click here to see all 2021 Fantasy Football Rankings.

*Note: These rankings are geared toward half PPR scoring. Projections provided in this season’s rankings are NOT my own, they come from Rudy Gamble’s World Renowned 2021 Fantasy Football Projections. These preseason projections are available free of charge, while Rudy’s in season weekly projection subscription is currently available until July 31st at an early bird discounted price of only $17.99 for the entire season! These are the same weekly projections which have won Rudy Gamble the FantasyPros designation of “Best Bold Ranker” for the years 2017-2019 (and likely 2020!). 

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When is it time to officially Stop Drafting Travis Kelce?

No, this analysis isn’t all about Travis Kelce, but it basically is since we know we are all thinking it. If you have been reading this series before for running back (click here for RB article) and wide receivers (click here for WR article) you know the drill.

1. The years sampled were 2011-2020 for the tight end position only
2. The scoring format used for this analysis is full PPR
3. The analysis benchmark we will be discussing today is 50 targets. Every tight end ages 21-37 had to have at least 50 targets to qualify
4. When conducting the analysis, it was important to have a baseline for targets as many tight ends who don’t make it typically only play 3-4 years in their early 20s…..yada yada yada we used the same veribage from the previous articles so go check them out. 

Tight End Age Analysis

Like we always promise we will give you the high-level data first and you can take it for what it is worth. The first chart will includes the following:

Age – The tight end (TE) age for that season
Total TEs – Total tight ends (TE) who played at that age over that past 10 years
Total TEs 50 – The number of tight ends who hit 50 targets in a season
% who hit 50 – This is the percentage of tight ends who played at that age who received 50 or more targets in that season at that age
Total Points and PPG – These are the points and PPG in full PPR that these tight ends had at that age on average who hit 50 targets in a season

AGE Total TEs Total TEs 50 % who hit 50 Average of Points Average of PPG
21 9 1 11.10% 94.7 5.9
22 43 11 25.60% 132.1 9
23 116 21 18.10% 125.9 9.1
24 163 27 16.60% 122.3 8.5
25 145 42 29.00% 142.3 10
26 139 31 22.30% 145.9 9.9
27 106 31 29.20% 150.4 10
28 88 27 30.70% 140.3 9.5
29 76 21 27.60% 141.8 9.5
30 52 14 26.90% 163 10.6
31 41 15 36.60% 158.2 10.4
32 25 11 44.00% 135.9 9.4
33 19 9 47.40% 137.2 8.7
34 13 5 38.50% 145.2 9.8
35 8 4 50.00% 164 11.3
36 3 2 66.70% 190.9 13
37 4 4 100.00% 143.9 9

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