So I’ve been looking at different ways to look at this season’s strength of schedule against the rush and pass. What players really have the toughest rows to hoe?  I’m guessing the weediest ones, but I digress.  So I started looking at last year’s team stats and decided to just compile the ones I found most telling.

Soon I will take these compiled rankings and look at the schedules for each team.

The numbers are where each team ranks in that specific category.  Here they are for rush defenses:


PFF Rush: Rankings put out by Pro Football Focus

FO Rush: Rankings put out by Football Outsiders

Yds/game: Rankings for rushing yards allowed per game

Yds/carry: Rankings for rushing yards allowed per carry

20+ yd rsh: Rankings for number of times an opponent had a run over 20 yards

Rush TDs: Rankings for number of rushing TDs allowed

FP allowed: Rankings for fantasy points allowed to running backs