We at Razzball realize that exporting our views across the country has damaging consequences on the blogosphere. To help make amends, we are reaching out to leading team blogs and featuring their locally blogged answers to pressing 2010 fantasy football questions regarding their team. We feel this approach will be fresher, more sustainable, and require less energy consumption (for us anyway). The 2010 Carolina Panthers Fantasy Football Preview comes courtesy of Cat Crave.

1. There has been some talk of Jimmy Clausen competing for the starting job or possibly coming in later in the season.  Matt Moore finished the season strong and got the new contract.  Is there any way Clausen sees the field this season as long as Moore stays healthy?

I don’t see Jimmy Clausen taking over as the starting quarterback at any point this season, unless Moore and Cantwell get hurt — that is, if Cantwell can stave off Clausen throughout training camp and keep the No. 2 job backing up Moore. The only way Clausen might see time as the starting quarterback, is if Moore’s performance is equal to or worse than Jake Delhomme’s was last year, which considering the defenses he played against, most notably Minnesota’s, I don’t see Moore’s production dropping that much, if at all. In addition, Moore has been touted by many fantasy experts as a sleeper pick for this year.

2. Many fake football players are trying to read the tea leaves when it comes to this year’s production from the Panthers’ two outstanding backs, Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.  How do you see the workload being split this season?

I see the workload being split the same way as it was last year, as close to 50/50 as possible. I’m a little concerned about Stewart’s mysterious injury, two weeks after Stew stated he was 100%, but this Achilles heel has been an underlying issue every training camp, and I don’t think there’s anything to really worry about there.

3. Steve Smith put up better numbers with Moore at the helm last season than Delhomme.  Do you believe he will continue that trend this season?

So long as Smith can stay healthy, I definitely think he can put up better numbers than he did last season. Smith is the bell cow receiver on offense. A lot of experts say that because the Panthers are a heavily run-oriented team, that it affects Smith’s draft value. I think it makes Smith more of a steal in the second- and third-rounds, as he always seems to put up solid numbers when he’s healthy, regardless of the offensive attack.

4. Coach Fox has been known not to start rookies if he can help it.  Does Brandon LaFell start the season across from Smith or does Dwayne Jarrett hold him off?

That definitely depends on Jarrett’s progression in his fourth year with this team. Until now, Jarrett’s not really been given a real chance, having Muhsin Muhammad to compete against for the No. 2 job. Which makes sense, because I’d definitely go with the older, proven receiver over a guy who hasn’t really shown enough drive to seriously be considered a contender for a starting spot. Now there are no excuses for Jarrett. It’s his job to lose, and thus-far rookie wideout Brandon LaFell has been building a strong case against Jarrett for the No. 2 receiver job. If Jarrett’s serious, he’s going to really have to try a lot harder than he has been the first full week of training camp.

5. Armanti Edwards is intriguing.  His conversion from quarterback to wide receiver seems to be going well.  With the state of the Panthers’ receivers do you see him making an impact this season?

Edwards is definitely intriguing. He’s been compared to a second-coming of Steve Smith because of his size and dare I say, incendiary speed (shown in college). But he’s also a rookie and so far he’s not really latching onto the receiver plays and tasks. Plus, the heat in training camp is getting to him as well. I don’t think it’s anything to get too worried about, because when you consider he’s a rookie, then you have to figure the nuances of learning a new position, playing at the next level, and all the pressures and stress that go with it, will wear him down some. I don’t see him making much of an impact early on, but as the season wears on, I say by early-to-mid October, we’ll see a different player than we saw at training camp in Spartanburg.

  1. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: frequent baseball commenter here and I was just wondering if you do responses for football like Grey does for baseball? I’ve got a stacked team in a keeper league and I can’t figure out who to keep amongst the giants, my guys, not the NYG variety. Thanks man.

  2. vinnie says:

    Hey Doc……new reader and love your column. I’m participating in a PPR league starting 2 Qb’s. I have the last pick in the first round -10th. I’m leaning towards taking the best 2 QB’s available since the highest scoring players….due to the scoring system…..are Qb’s. Am I crazy??Thoughts from all are welcome. Thanks.

  3. Pound Sand says:

    I question seeing Charles ranked as the #10 overall player. Don’t you have concern about T Jones stealing some of his thunder? I just don’t understand how Charles can be ranked so high.

  4. Pound Sand says:


  5. Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: Yep, fire away!

    @vinnie: I think it really depends on who is there. I would for sure take one QB, but if you can get a top tier RB/WR with the other and wait for Cutler/Kolb for your second QB I’d do that.

    @Pound Sand: I saw Shonn Greene overtake Jones last season and that was with a stout line. The Chiefs line isn’t as good and won’t allow Jones to plow through the middle for 4 yards a carry. JC is Chris Johnson-like and can create on his own and will get a lot of work in the passing game. Overall I think he ranks as the 9th best back in the league.

  6. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Hey, Doc. 16 team Auction Keeper League. I was just sent this message from a fellow GM. What’s your take on it?

    “Hey man,

    I’ve got a pre-draft trade idea for you. I’ll give you Chris Johnson for Andre Johnson, Mccoy and either Brown or Forsett (either one). Here is my rational; Andre is more expensive than CJ and CJ will produce WAY more. You have so many backs that it makes sense to package a few away for a an upgrade.

    So here is where it makes even more sense for you; right now you starting (emphasis on starting) lineup is as follows

    QB Rodgers
    RB1 Charles
    RB 2 McCoy
    WR1 Johnson
    WR2 Ocho Cinco
    WR3 Britt
    TE Celek
    WR/RB Forsett or Brown
    QB2 no one

    and you have 30 bucks to spend

    If you take this trade your roster looks like this

    QB Rodgers
    RB1 CJ
    RB 2 Charles
    WR1 no one
    WR2 Ocho Cinco
    WR3 Britt
    TE Celek
    WR/RB Forsett or Brown
    QB2 no one

    and you’ll have 51 bucks to spend (if you give me forsett, 54 if you give me Brown)

    So with 30 bucks to spend you will not get a good QB. With $51 to spend you will get one of the top 4 QB’s available. Now even if you don’t you then have $51 to spend and can get 2 very good receivers for that money as receivers will be overlooked with people spending big money on QB and RB. So with $51 dollars and a BETTER roster you will definitely get either a top flight QB or 2 elite receivers (maybe like Megatron and Bowe, or Boldin and Colston).”

    I know it’s long haha, but what are your thoughts? My initial reaction is no, and I think I can get a decently valuable QB for $30. It also may seem like a lot to give up for CJ. Thanks.

  7. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: Kick ass! So, it’s a small league, 8 Team H2H, but we keep 2 guys that can’t be the same position. It’s also a $50 entry fee, so there is some money riding which makes it more important. I had quite possibly the perfect roster last season, not sure how I got there, but it easily won me the league. Here’s my roster:

    QB – Rivers
    WR – Wayne
    WR – Moss
    WR – Austin
    RB – CJ
    RB – Rice
    TE – Clark
    BN – VJax
    BN – Turner
    BN – Harrison
    BN – Celek
    BN – Finley
    K – Hartley
    Def – SF; BAL
    D – Cushing
    D – Poz

    The pertinent info about scoring is as such: normal Yahoo league with -1 for Ints, -1 for sacks, 3 point bonus at 250 yards passing, 6 point bonus at 335 yards passing, 0.5 ppr, 3 point bonus at 100 yards rushing, 6 point bonus at 150 yards rushing, 2 point bonus at 100 yards receiving, 4 points at 135 yards receiving. Everything else is basically a typical Yahoo league.

    Who the hell do I keep where we only keep 2 and they cant be the same position? I wish it was the whole damn team. Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks in advance!

  8. LMack says:

    Hm. In a 12 team, 2 QB league I could see Moore taking one of my 8 bench slots. 8 TD’s in 5 games against some decent defenses, he could be ownable.

  9. paulzone says:

    Please rank the following qb’s with this scoring system:

    1 pt for every 25 yds pass, 6 pts for pass tds, -2 pts for fumble/int, 3 pts bonus for 300 yds pass, 1 pt for pass td of 50-74 yds, 2 pts for pass td of 75-99, 1 pt for every 10 rush yds, 6 pts for rush tds.

    rodgers, brees, manning, brady


  10. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Cheese: I’d reject it just on the condescending email alone. It’s close, but I don’t think it’s something you need to do. Is it PPR? If not it’s pretty close, but if it is, not that close. McCoy and AJ are much better in PPR.

    @Wilsonian: Yeah, that is a kick ass group. Sucks you can’t keep more. CJ is the only “no-brainer.” Then it looks like you have to choose between your WRs. Those three are all very close. If it was a Dynasty I’d go with Austin, but it’s not so it’s a toss up between Wayne and Moss. As long as Revis finally signs I like Wayne by a nose based solely on schedule, but Moss is the superior talent. All that to say it’s a toss up and I’d take Wayne.

    @LMack: For sure. He’s worth a backup slot in 1 QB leagues.

    @paulzone: I like the order you have there — rodgers, brees, manning, brady

  11. BAM says:

    What do you think about the DraftDynamix Draft Analyzer?

  12. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: Thanks! That’s the way I was kind of leaning, being keeping Wayne and CJ. It’s a real tough choice though with Austin and Moss looming large. I really wish we did keep more, preferably my whole starting line, but I’m the Commish and I don’t think my leaguemates would be too happy with that, especially since I’m the 2-Time reigning Champ. I’ve also had a couple of friends who know their football pretty well say I should keep Moss because Brady is in a contract year, and another saying to keep Rice because he doesn’t trust CJ to do it again, and another saying to not keep Wayne because he tailed off the last 1/4 of the season last year and he thinks he’s on the downward slope.

    What’s the difference between a “Dynasty” and a “Keeper”? We keep two, no time limit and no draft implications. It’s just your first two picks of the draft and then we start with the last place team. That could mean the difference in keeping Austin. Dallas’ offense could be disgusting this year…

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