I am not disgusted by where any players’ ADP is right now, but there are a few that give me agita.  And here are a few —

Thomas Jones ADP 79 — The Jets saw TJ fall off a cliff at the end of last season and that was with an extremely talented o-line.  They replaced him with LaDainian Tomlinson who, last season, looked a lot like my uncle Billy trying to “burst” through the line during our Thanksgiving football festivities.  Will TJ get the goal line looks? Yes.  Will he be successful? My sources say no (my sources are the voices that get through the tin foil). The Chiefs o-line is not built for TJ’s lack of speed and elusiveness.  That’s one reason Larry Johnson was horrid and Jamaal Charles was the opposite.  I’m staying away from Tom Jones.

Donald Driver ADP 65 — I am a huge fan of Driver’s.  He is a hard worker, consistent fantasy producer and an all around good guy, but his fantasy prospect are falling.  Maybe he comes off his two knee scopes ok, but even if he does, the targets are going to start falling with Jermichael Finley, James Jones, and Jordy Nelson all becoming legitimate targets.  If all this knee scope talk drops him in your draft I could see grabbing him late, but if his ADP stays at 65 I’m passing.

CJ Spiller ADP 68 — He is currently going ahead of last year’s starter Fred Jackson.  I have no doubt he is a more dynamic player than Fast Freddie, but he is a rookie without a defined role. These hybrid players usually don’t make much of a fantasy impact until their role is set and they can can get steady looks.  Add to that the awful QB situation in Buffalo and you have a recipe for some not too tasty Spiller Spaghetti (or some other sp- food).

Reggie Bush ADP 74 — Bush is one of the reasons I’m down on Spiller.  Hype and name recognition are still keeping Reggie at a relatively high ADP. he finished at 134th overall in standard scoring at ESPN last season and that’s with an uptick in TDs.  He was the 37th overall RB just behind the dynamo known as Julius Jones.  Yes, in PPR he is worth more, but even then he is going way too high based on his “PPR Stud” label, which isn’t accurate.

Carnell Williams ADP 86 — He barely hung on for a whole season last year and I think that is his upside at this point in his career.  We’ve already heard that Coach Morris will ride the “hot hand,” so Derrick Ward, who also is injury prone will take away carries and this is on a team that just isn’t very good.  If you have the choice between two running back by committee members always go for the one on the better team. If Addai gets injured you have Brown starting on a high powered offense.  If Ward is injured, all you have is Caddy.

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    I would be interested in joining a razz league, and organizing it if necessary.

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