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The Bye Week factor is in full effect. Fantasy owners are being strung out and forced to start players they hadn’t even heard of a few weeks ago. Players like Brandon Lloyd, who were written off five years ago as draft busts, are coming out of the woodwork and putting up Andre Johnson numbers. Speaking of, players like Andre Johnson were supposed to carry our teams and are barely carrying their own weight.

I have talked about this season a lot with Doc, Jones, and other knowledgeable Fantasy people. It’s just hands-down the craziest year in the NFL in recent memory. There’s no rhyme or reason to many of the things that are going on out there. In most of my leagues, the people in first place are total morons who drafted terrible. But, somehow, that “LT in the 6th, TO in the 7th” has worked out for them despite all logic to the contrary that ought to apply.

So what do we do in a crazy season like this? Should we follow the herd? Is it time to start making ridiculous trades just to try and get through one more week?

Some people are in a situation where if they lose this week, there’s almost no way they’ll make the playoffs. Those people are going to have to swallow their pride, weaken their team’s long term, and make a bad trade. It’s unfortunate but we’ve all been there. So if that’s your situation, I understand. Just realize that you’re going to have to work the waiver wire and free agency like a Champion from here on out to be competitive down the stretch.

If you’re at or near the top, or in the middle of the pack, don’t make any sudden moves! It’s not time to play it safe, it’s time to double down. Over the course of history, studs put up digits. Even in leagues where my record is 2-3 I am looking to cash in on the Peyton Hillis, Brandon Lloyd types to get upper tier players. I recommend that you do the same. Now, your “projection” for week 6 might lessen because of a trade like this but remember how bogus the projections are a lot of the time anyway.

When a lion is picking out an antelope, it looks for the three-legged, cross-eyed one that’s drooling on itself. That’s what we are looking for in trades. The best thing about the Bye week is that it creates these situations artificially. Most people (myself included) don’t consider the Bye Week as a factor when drafting and simply go for value. But when that Bye Week comes along, sometimes you find yourself in a must-win situation. You are a three-legged, cross-eyed antelope. Sorry.

For week 6 the Cardinals, Bills, Panthers, and Bengals are on a Bye. Not exactly an embarrassment of riches but there are some players I wouldn’t mind targeting on those teams. Here are the ones I like for each team.

Arizona Cardinals

Beanie Wells: I like him A LOT. He has come back from the injury healthy. Not very productive, but healthy nonetheless. Even better than that, the Cardinals have been feeding him the rock. From here on out, Beanie has more upside per the price tag than any running back in the league.

Larry Fitzgerald: Without Warner he’s not going to be the Larry Fitz that we’ve come to know and love. Even so, he’s still Larry Fitz. He had a nice game in week 5 and could be due for a multiple touchdown game. If the price tag is reasonable, I’m all in.

Buffalo Bills

Fred Jackson: He will get his this season. The ceiling isn’t particularly high but the floor’s not that low either. I’m not going to give up a whole lot to get him but he should be a nice RB3/Flex starter for you.

C.J. Spiller: If you’re in a league that counts return yards he’s extremely valuable. He’ll be getting plenty of touches in the offense and might even usurp Jackson on the depth chart. His ceiling is a little higher than Fred Jackson’s but he probably won’t end up with more fantasy points for 2010.

Carolina Panthers

DeAngelo Williams is a stud and the Panthers can’t throw the football. He should be getting 18+ touches game in and game out. I would definitely be targeting him, especially if his owner is desperate for a win in week 6.

Cincinnati Bengals

Terrell Owens: AKA “the player.” I didn’t think TO would produce the way he has thus far but he looks great. Palmer has been extremely erratic but they’ll still put the ball in his hands. The days of 1,500 yard seasons are past TO but for 2010 an 80 catch, 1,200 yard, 10 TD season isn’t out of the question at this point.

Cedric Benson: He continues to pound the rock. Last season he was a workhorse for the Bengals most of the season but slowed down toward the end. I’m worried that the same thing will happen this year. Given his solid production thus far, Benson’s price tag will probably be too high for me in most instances. See if you can pry him away at a discount.

  1. Fletch says:

    Drew: 12 team PPR dynasty league

    I give Rodgers

    I get Flacco, Colston, Britt and 2011 3rd rounder

    I have a couple scrubs to dump to make room.

    I think it’s a good deal for me as I am hurting bad at WR and Flacco is younger and only getting 7 pts less a week on average than Rodgers in our league.

    Should I do it?

  2. Gambler says:

    Currently have Turner.. Should I try to trade him to get Mendenhall or him and another player to get Ray Rice, or should I just be content?

    I have the top RB’s for the rest of the year ranked: AP, CJ, Ray Rice, Gore, Foster, Mendy, Turner, MJD, and S-Jax.. in that order. Does that look about right?

  3. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    @Gambler: I know you didn’t ask me, but I would stick with Turner. As someone who owns him, he has been a bit dissapointing, but that is only because he hasn’t been getting in the endzone. I assume that will change over the course of the season. Only issue with Turner is whether or not he can stay healthy. You would just be overpaying if you traded him for another top runningback at this point.

  4. dirt says:

    Mjdrew for brandon llyod and forte?

    My recievers are pretty stacked and my running game has been weak with the exception of forte, who wins this trade? Is mjd still a first round stud or is mercedes lewis robbed all his redzone ttouches

  5. weird fishes says:

    use #1 waiver on britt? dumped moss for collie and torain the day before moss got favruhd and collie started wearing a boot. neato. would be dropping legadoodoo, non ppr. lineup looks like this, 2rb 2wr 1 flex

    felix jones
    fred jackson
    d brown

    a johnson
    m thomas
    j jones

    train wreck of a season already, thanks for the help. big fan
    fred j

  6. Wilsonian says:

    Hillis/Holmes for Forte? Who wins that one? I would be getting Forte.

  7. Pepe Silvia says:

    Giving myself whiplash from nodding my head at your first two paragraphs. I’m 1-4 and 11th out of 12 in a league where I’ve got Andre Johnson, Nicks, MJD, Mathews and Best. Not sure what more I CAN do, but it’s definitely Hail Mary time.

  8. 24hourjack says:

    my RB situation is getting ugly……..two questions:

    1)does Thomas Jones have ANY value as a RB2,from here on out?….

    2)what do you think of Deji Karim?….should I drop Hightower and p/u Karim?……

    is that 3 questions?……..shit,now thats 4.

  9. sal says:

    @Gambler: I like Mendy over Turner

  10. The Vaporizers says:

    What do you guys think about this trade? I am thinking about offering Forte and Brandon Tate for LeSean McCoy. Pretty sure the owner would do it. No brainer, right?

  11. MrR8DER says:


    Should I make this trade

    Best Vick Walter and R Moss
    Mendanhall Brady Wallace and AJ

  12. Ryan says:

    Hey Doc, what are your thoughts on Branch? Worth a speculative pickup now that he’s going to NE?

  13. Dirt says:

    Which Defense do you like for next week?

    Which defense do you like for the rest of the season?
    Dal, MIN, NE

  14. Max says:

    ROS: Pettigrew or A Hernandez?

    Pettigrew has been beastin, but I’m thinking Hernandez may be a big beneficiary of Moss being shipped out…

  15. dirtyd says:

    Trade my Hillis for Deangelo or Mathews or keep Hillis.?

    Its for my Rb3.
    1 PPR

  16. D.A. says:

    What are peoples thoughts on Austin Collie and Mike Wallace going forward? I’m trying to acquire them in a trade.

  17. Pepe Silvia says:

    @MrR8DER: if you’re getting the Mendy side and “AJ” is Andre Johnson, then shit yes.

  18. The Vaporizers says:

    @ Gambler, I would want Mendy

  19. MrR8DER says:

    Do you think Vick is the starter when he comes back?

  20. Pepe Silvia says:

    Thinking about offering Bradshaw and Brandon Tate for Beanie and Larry Fitz. Seem smart or should I go for more (maybe asking for DJax instead of Fitz)?

  21. Wilsonian says:

    @stumanji: thanks man. I’m trying to target someone with Hillis and Holmes but I’m not sure what I should be looking at. I’m really wanting a better RB, but have been unsuccessful so far, plus my league is really tough to deal with.

  22. stumanji says:

    @Wilsonian: Maybe try for a Turner, Charles, or DeAngelo? That package is probably hard to move because I’m not sure anybody really believes in Hillis enough to give anything up for him, and the Browns are still the Browns. Holmes doesn’t have much value because of his pedestrian numbers last night. He looked rusty and should get better, but I doubt anybody is dying to trade for him.

  23. Wilsonian says:

    @stumanji: good point. I was really looking to turn Hillis/DMC into someone like Mendy or Turner or Rice…but DMC’s boo-boo really sucked the life out of his value for the time being. I’m also dominating right now, so I’m not sure I really want to overpay. I could always deal Boldin instead of Holmes to make things look prettier (I have Wayne, White and Marshall, as well).

  24. slimshady says:

    Who do you like better in non ppr?

    Felix Jones or Shonn Greene for rest of the year?

    Also, do you still think G Jennings is a buy low? Do you think he will get better? ARod doesn’t seem to be targeting him a whole lot…

  25. dingo says:

    is best for fitz too much to offer?

  26. trick dad says:

    non-ppr league, should i pick up kenny britt or louis murphy?

  27. Eric C. says:

    Hillis or Deangelo Williams?

  28. herschel says:

    @Drew: short term replacement for finley in a ppr league, heath miller or kellen winslow?


  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Fletch: I’d go for it.

    @Gambler: That’s pretty close to how I have them. I think Turner is due some TDs and quick. I’d hold.

    @dirt: I like the MJD side, but only if you have room for Karim.

    @weird fishes: I would go for Britt there.

    @Wilsonian: Tough, but I like the Hillis/Holmes side just by a little bit.

    @24hourjack: Hah. I think Jones is still the goal line back and worth a flex. I like Karim a lot and could see making that move for a possible pay day.

    @MrR8DER: Mendy side for sure.

    @The Vaporizers: I’d go for it.

    @Ryan: Too many mouths to feed there. Hernandez, Welker and deep threat Tate should be the main guys.

    @Dirt: Not really loving any of them for next week, but I’d lean Manny at home, hoping Romo throws some picks. I’d probably lean Minny.

    @Max: Yeah, liking Pettigrew more and more, but AHer has elite ability if he can get into the endzone. I’m leaning AHer.

    @dirtyd: I’d go for Deangelo there.

    @D.A.: I like both enough to target in a trade.

    @MrR8DER: Yes

    @Pepe Silvia: I’d go for it, but it is a speculative play.

    @slimshady: I think Finley’s loss helps Jennings, so I do like him. He came on toward the end last year and think he can do the same once the Pack get on track. I like Greene more, but I think Jones is guaranteed more carries if he stays healthy. Tough call. Greene is more speculative. I’d play it safer with Jones.

    @dingo: I think it’s a little too much, but close.

  30. Joel says:


    RBs are Best, SJax, Hillis,Bradshaw and Felix Jones. WRs are Austin, Nicks, Hines Ward (TB Mike W. is on the wire). I just lost Finley to injury. Non-ppr, pretty touchdown heavy with 1 pt per 20 yds gained. 2 Q’s: 1) I’ve been offered Foster and Welker for SJax and Austin. Since we’re so touchdown heavy, I worry about SJax’s lack of TDs alot. Would you do it to get Foster? 2) I picked up heath Miller as TE. Is Zach Miller enough of an upgrade to deal Felix Jones for? THANKS.

  31. Black Beard says:

    Which do you see as having the higher waiver priority:

    Drop Hester for Britt or drop the Panthers D for the Giants?

    I have a fair amount of depth at WR but have been streaming defenses all year. Thanks!

  32. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: thanks Doc. Another question…do you see any moves from my team to the available FAs or guys on the waiver wire?

    QB: Rivers
    WR: Wayne
    WR: White
    WR: Marshall
    RB: CJ
    RB: Best
    TE: Keller
    W/R: Hillis
    BN: Boldin
    BN: Holmes
    BN: Tate
    BN: Run DMC
    BN: Moreno
    BN: Big Ben

    Here are the available players:

    Williams (TB), Crabtree, BJax, Britt, Bess, MSW, Steve Johnson, Colston (he’s on waivers through tomorrow), Torain

    Any moves that you see?

    Thanks, man.

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