Dynasty rankings are looking forward and reflect how I think a player will perform for the next 3-5 years.  Age is a major factor in these rankings.

1.  Chris Johnson (9/23/85)

2.  Arian Foster (8/24/86)

3.  Jamaal Charles (12/27/86)

4.  Lesean McCoy (7/12/88)

5.  Ray Rice (1/22/87)

6.  Adrian Peterson (3/21/85)

7.  Maurice Jones-Drew (3/23/85)

8.  Darren McFadden (8/27/87)

9.  Rashard Mendenhall (6/19/87)

10.  Mark Ingram (12/21/89)

There’s not much difference between the top 6 running backs.  You can make a case for anybody in the top 6 to be the #1 pick but I like to go with the sure thing when I’m drafting that high.  I need to see one more year out of Foster before I move him to the #1 spot.  I love Charles and McCoy in PPR leagues and they will put up Brian Westbrook type numbers for the next 5 years.  The only question mark I have about them is if they can handle the workload.  Rice is a very safe pick after the top 4 and his value will increase if he is able to land the goal line work.  I’m not as high on AP as most people are.  He has a ton of wear and tear on his legs dating back to college and his running style leaves him susceptible to big hits.  MJD is only 26 and doesn’t have the usual amount of wear and tear as most running backs his age.  McFadden is risky due to his injury history but he has all the talent to be a top 5 RB for the next 5 years.  I would wait until the 2nd round to take him though.  Mendenhall is a workhorse and is in a great situation in Pittsburgh.  He just needs to put a muzzle on his twitter account.  Ingram landed in the perfect situation in New Orleans and will be a lock for double digit TD’s in the Saints high powered offense.

Stay tuned for 11-20.

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11 years ago

If we only have an 8 game season like it sounds might be a possibility, does that change any of the thinking for drafting, especially in keepers or dynasty. Such as an older guy who doesn’t have to put as many miles on his legs this year, which might keep him fresher for next year. Also, any guys who seem to pick up the pace down the stretch. Any thoughts?

11 years ago

Glad to see some updated dynasty rankings. I have a tough question. In a league (standard scoring plus 0.5 pts per catch) and I have this possible trade:

I give: Mendenhall and Felix Jones
I get: JCharles and someone to be named

My squad is loaded, so it’s a matter of questioning Charles over Mendenhall? Start standard lineup plus a RB/WR flex

My core guys:

WR – AJohnson, GJennings, Maclin, Colston, MWilliams (TB)
RB – APeterson, CJohnson, Mendenhall, FJones, Tolbert

I wouldn’t have many bye week issues at RB because I can start a 4th WR at flex.

Just not sold on Felix as a lead RB and his injuries are also a concern for the long term.


11 years ago

So I am the commish in a dynasty league.

This is our 2nd season so this will be our first rookie/free agent draft. I just wanted to find out how you actually do it.

Yahoo will not let us expand rosters because we are already at the limit with 30 players. The lineup is as follows:

QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, K, D, LB, LB, LB, DT, DE, DE, CB, CB, S, S, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN

So clearly its IDP heavy and we have 11 bench spots but it still feels like our benches are tiny.

Do you recommend going to another site as well, like mfl?

Do we just do a draft and cut players we don’t want or what?

Do you just do a straight snake from last years standings?

11 years ago

@Matt Dougherty: thanks thats probably how we will do it

11 years ago

Would you give a 2 year keeper contract to James Starks or Ryan Torain, or would you play it safer and go with Witten? (those are my top 3 choices)