I have tried to put as much into one document as I possibly could. I couldn’t fit the players’ waist size and favorite liqueur on there, but I tried. These right here are for Non PPR Leagues. I will get the PPR Sheet up today as well and maybe a .5 PPR if I can wrangle the time. Now that we are inf full draft mode these are going to be my major focus for updating because keeping all of the other rankings updated is beyond all human capabilities at this juncture.

I’ve been doing quite a few auction drafts this season and I can tell you not one has gone the same as another.  So putting down values is a difficult task.  I took a look at other sites to see how they go about it and they were all over the map as well. This is because auction drafts don’t follow the same pattern as snake drafts and they change as the league size does.  You can easily see a player that is obviously below another player in everyone’s rankings go for more money.  It all depends on need and available cash.  This is why auctions are so fun!

I decided to put my player prices around the top of where I would take that player if it was the right situation.  My rough percentages for each position in a $200 Salary Cap, 16 player roster are QB 10% ($20), RB1 20% ($40), RB2 10% ($20), RB3 10% ($20), WR1 15% ($30), WR2 10% ($20), WR3 5% ($10), TE 5% ($10), K .05% ($1), D/ST .05% ($1), 6 Bench 13% ($26)

Those are rough.  Do not blindly follow them.  Auctions are all about staying flexible.  Here is my Auction Strategy Post from over at FanDuel.  I know you want to read it over and over again! But don’t forget to bathe and dress yourself.