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Tight ends are the kickers of the receiving world, but they keep trying their hardest to become the receivers of the receiving world and some are doing that well. Many of our top TEs were injured last season and I may be wrong in this, but it seems like the large, lanky, slow over the middle players who are reaching for passes might have a good shot at getting hurt, but I’m just making that up.

But I really am worried about Antonio Gates. Last season he was on pace to set every record in the books, but he hurt is foot, again. And now he is on the PUP list. They are just trying to ease him back, but with Vincent Jackson back and Gates with a bum foot I’m putting Jermichael Finley ahead of Gatesy.  He is going to reinvent the position.

Player Team Re TDs Re Yds Recpt Fumb Points
Jermichael Finley GB 9 1150 85 0 169
Antonio Gates SD 8 1100 75 0 158
Dallas Clark IND 8 1025 100 0 150.5
Jason Witten DAL 6 1000 85 0 136
Vernon Davis SF 7 850 55 0 127
Owen Daniels HOU 6 875 70 0 123.5
Jimmy Graham NO 7 750 70 0 117
Rob Gronkowski NE 7 700 50 0 112
Kellen Winslow TB 6 750 65 0 111
Marcedes Lewis JAC 6 725 65 0 108.5
Jared Cook TEN 5 725 55 0 102.5
Zach J. Miller SEA 5 700 60 0 100
Aaron Hernandez NE 4 725 60 0 96.5
Dustin Keller NYJ 5 650 55 0 95
Brent Celek PHI 5 650 55 0 95
Ben Watson CLE 4 700 50 0 94
Lance Kendricks STL 5 625 50 0 92.5
Tony Moeaki KC 5 625 50 0 92.5
Heath Miller PIT 5 625 50 0 92.5
Chris Cooley WAS 4 650 65 0 89
Brandon Pettigrew DET 4 650 65 0 89
Greg Olsen CAR 4 650 54 0 89
Julius Thomas DEN 5 550 50 0 85
Kevin Boss OAK 5 550 45 0 85
Tony Gonzalez ATL 4 600 60 0 84
Todd Heap ARI 4 500 50 0 74
Jermaine Gresham CIN 4 500 50 0 74
Anthony Fasano MIA 4 500 45 0 74
Dennis Pitta BAL 3 450 35 0 63
Kellen Davis CHI 3 400 40 0 58
Visanthe Shiancoe MIN 2 450 40 0 57
Ed Dickson BAL 3 350 35 0 53
Fred Davis WAS 3 350 30 0 53
Evan Moore CLE 3 350 25 0 53
Kyle Rudolph MIN 2 350 30 0 47
John Carlson SEA 2 325 35 0 44.5
Michael Hoomanawanui STL 2 300 30 0 42
Martellus Bennett DAL 2 275 30 0 39.5
Tony Scheffler DET 2 275 20 0 39.5

  1. Wilsonian says:

    Ok, so assuming I do that deal of CJ for Vick in my 8 Team Keeper league. It’s a 0.5 PPR, QB TDs are 4, all other TDs are 6, .1 points per yard gained rushing or receiving. And there are a couple of bonus points awarded for game yardage totals (can add either 3 or 6 points to a QB, RB, WR, TE).

    Here would be my lineup if I did the deal:

    QB: Vick
    WR: White
    WR: Wayne
    WR: Colston
    RB: Hillis
    RB: McCoy
    TE: Daniels
    W/R: McFadden
    BN: Rivers
    BN: Mike Williams – TB
    BN: Felix Jones
    BN: VJax
    BN: Stewart

    Now I have to keep Vick, and then I have to keep one more guy who isn’t a QB. Who do you keep? I’m leaning White and then going with RBs in the first two rounds. What do you think?

  2. Ryan says:

    I have a feeling that Greg Olsen is going to finish about 20 slots higher by the time the season’s done.

  3. Jim Parkey says:

    You don’t see any fantasy relevance of TEs in Minn? Doesn’t McNabb toss a lot to TEs? I guess not, or you’d have one (Shaincoe or Randolph) in the top 20!

  4. Josh says:

    Can you elaborate on Jermichael at all? He’s had one good year and the Packers have plenty of targets to spread the ball around to as well.

    Also I’m a little surprised Daniels and Miller are ranked higher than Vernon Davis.

  5. Reggie says:

    You are incredibly underrating a few guys here….Jermaine Gresham (could EASILY see him ending the year with 700-900 yards and 6-9 TD’s) and Jared Cook, who apparently is set to explode in Tennessee, and we know he’ll get plenty of looks since unreliable Kenny Britt is the only other receiving threat they have. Just my opinion of course!

  6. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Reggie: If the Bengals score 9 TDs all season I’d be a little surprised. I have Cook with 700 yards which is pretty good for a TE. I could see eclipsing that TD total, but I’m worried about Hass playing 16 games.

    @Josh: He was Rodgers’ first read over Jennings when he was playing last season. Big target, fast, matchup nightmare.

    @Jim Parkey: Put those two together and you have a top TE.

    @Ryan: Not with Cam at the helm and Shockey there as well.

    @Wilsonian: It’s between White and McCoy. Really depends on who you think you can get. I like McCoy a little more.

  7. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: I’ve got 5th pick, and the guy going first has already said that he’s taking Hillis. So there’s only 3 picks until I go. I honestly think I need to go White and then take McCoy with my first pick – or another comparable back. Thanks man.

  8. Professor Chaos says:

    Hey Doc, I have one of those good problems. Deciding between 5 keepers from the following group is torture:

    Mike Wallace
    Brandon Lloyd

    The first five I listed is where I’m leaning. Thoughts? Also, considering moving Foster straight up for Ray Rice. I know you have Foster as the number one, but how often does a guy ranked number one finish there? He took a lot of pounding last year and just lost Leach (to Ray Rice, coincidentally).

  9. Dakota says:


    Honest to God TE question:

    Is there enough separation between TE tiers to spend a fourth or a fifth round pick on a TE? For example – Finley, Clark, and Gates are all off the board and you’re picking at the beginning of the fifth? Do you take Witten or slam the breaks and pick up whoever is available in say the 9th/10th (Lewis, Miller, Gronkowski…)?

    Just curious.

  10. Ryan says:

    Shockey? Is he still relevant? And you know as well as I do that every rookie QB needs a binky. Olsen has shown the potential to be a dominant receiving tight end; he just needed the right system to show it. His new OC is a former TE who’s going to give Olsen every chance to make all the plays downfield that he never got in Chicago. Even Beason, who played with him at Miami, was raving about his potential in the new offense.

  11. Karen says:

    Hey Doc…any idea where Fantasy Affair went?

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Professor Chaos: I love Rice and he’s in the same tier as Foster do I wouldn’t say it’s dumb, but I believe Foster has just as good a shot as any of the backs and I’m not worried about the trouble players have repeating. It’s happened plenty of times, but that’s not really the issue. Foster is in a blocking scheme that fits his style perfectly and he’s an extremely dedicated player. I don’t see a let down. If he stays healthy he’ll be top 3.

    I agree with your first thought on your keepers.

  13. DDT says:

    Doc, I just drew draft slot #7 in an 8 team 2QB league. I am thinking of going QB-QB if any two of Vick, Rodgers, Brees, Brady, or Manning are still available. Silly idea?

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DDT: not silly. I can completely see that.

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