I was going to wait until the lockout was officially over, but eff that noise, let’s get some fake football going! Those of you who played last season know the drill, but here’s a run down of the drill again.

Our old favorite ESPN has opened their fantasy doors and we will ransack and pillage their free leagues while mocking them relentlessly. All leagues will be 12 team, head to head, 1 QB, 2 RBs, 1 RB/WR, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 D/ST, 1 K, and 7 Bench slots. Scoring will be default and the league must be a “League Manager” league and set to Public so we can go and deride those that have let their teams go fallow. You’ll also need to change the default playoff settings to 4 playoff teams and playoffs weeks 15/16.  As a league organizer it will be your job to set up the league identically to the others and to just be an outstanding person in all aspects of your life or be fined often and mostly without cause.

We’re going to have a bunch of leagues and crown a winner from each, then we’re going to crown ONE winner from all of the winners, making a super excessively large winner. We will be crowning the winner by taking each team’s points and multiplying it against a ‘league competitiveness factor’ (Rudy has developed a super secret calculus formula, so nobody but he can understand). So we’re going to fill up as many fantasy leagues as we can before the season starts and see who is the best Razzballer in all the land!

Last season our winner was the awesomely awesome Chris Abbott, who beat out over 100 Razzball fake footballers. Here he is holding his trophy. He looks so happy! Here are last seasons final standings if you would like to laugh at certain people, but in a nice way.

This season we have once again teamed up with Fantasy Sports Trophies who have graciously offered an overall trophy and individual league trophies. You will someday be able to show your grand kids these trophies and talk about the good old days when fantasy football was a gentleman’s game and everyone wore top hats and kids didn’t have android helpers and the air didn’t smell of sulphur.

Fantasy Sports Trophies offer a variety of fantasy trophies such as Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Auto Racing along with fantasy football draft boards for those that like to gather their fantasy clan together for a few brews and some good old fashioned ego depleting put downs. They also carry trophies of the less glorious type. Like, the Biggest Crybaby Award or the Bull Shit Trade Award. So take a look see at their site. There’s something for everyone.

Here is this years overall winner’s trophy in all its glory:

Each league will need an organizer (commish). The duties of the organizer will be to accept 11 other people into the league, set it up at ESPN as a “League Manager” league at the most conducive draft time and make sure the settings are the same as everyone elses. So, if you would like to be an organizer give me a heads up and we’ll get the leagues hoppin’! If you have any questions you can email me directly — doc at razzball dot com.

Email a commish directly to see if there is space in his or her league.

Razzballin’ Rough Riders
Heat Seeking Hobos
Razzball Champion League
Lightfoot’s Razz Ma Tazz
Cracklin Brats
Razz-berry Bidets
Razz Dream Teams
Razzball the FF League
Fantasy N00bs
Assassins of Razzville
Your Third Biggest Fear
Straight Razzin
Razzball North
Razzball’s No-Schmo-Ho’s League 
Email me if you would like to set up a league and commish!

  1. John M says:

    Ben ‘how does my dick’ Tate will be back and ready to defend his championship from last year

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @John M: I’m ready for some mother effin football!

  3. I’m definitely in again this year to defend my title. I can commish a league as well.

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chris Abbott: Welcome back Chris!! Good luck in your quest to repeat! We’d love to have you as a commish. I’ll get you up there.

  5. @Doc I still have the league from last year. I can empty it out and start again if you need a commish. I have to overcome the ignominy of finishing 100th!

  6. Likewise, the league from last season is waiting to be reactivated. I would be my honor to act as commish again to nine brave souls who can come to a consensus on a draft date and time.

  7. Ryan says:

    Can’t wait to participate and would be happy to commish a league. Been doing ffb for about 5 years now. Let me know.

  8. Corrrrection, make that 11 other owners. The leagues were 12 teams deep, weren’t they? Or did ESPN decide to make a change without asking again?
    If ya want me to act as commish, the league name is:
    Cracking Brats League
    Y’all can use my Yahoo address:
    iganderson at yahoo dot com

  9. Chris Abbott says:

    Yeah, the leagues are 12 teams.

  10. It’d help if I didn’t skim the main article, I guess. Thanks Chris.

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Ivar Anderson: @Howard: Hey guys, if you have the league from last year why don’t you just reactivate and see who comes back and if you need more we’ll open it up.

  12. Dominic says:

    Hey doc, dynasty league question… I’m looking to move Jahvid Best because I’m not completely sold on him and so far the best offer I’ve gotten is for the 12th pick in our rookie/free agent draft.

    I currently have Gore, McFadden and Fred Jackson as my other 3 RBs and am pretty stacked at WR. Do you think that is a fair trade? I will have picks 10, 11 and 12 then. It is a full IDP and PPR.

  13. Chris Abbott says:

    @Doc: Isn’t it difficult to see what teams have come back and what teams haven’t in ESPN leagues? For example, I reactivated a league from last year and there’s no way for me to tell who has signed in and says that they are going to play (other than me asking each one). Just sayin.

  14. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chris Abbott: Weird, well, they can just use that league as their new league and invite people from there.

  15. @Doc: Yeah, Chris is correct, but since I don’t mind, I will email all the prior year’s owners and give them a week or so to let me know they are back in. No response, then we have an opening.
    BTW: If anyone else is going to try this approach, make sure you give the owners a different e-mail address to reply to, or else if they just hit respond, it will go to ESPN and not do us a lick of good.

  16. @Doc Okay will do!

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dominic: I don’t like it for you. Best’s value is pretty low right now, but not that low. I wouldn’t give up on him yet.

  18. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Ryan: Hey Ryan, that would be great. If you don’t mind me putting your email up there we’ll get it going.

  19. Ryan says:

    @Doc: Yeah go for it. Once I’m up there I’ll get a league set up and start inviting people when they email me. I’ll let ya know when It’s full.

  20. Blaraldo P. Mander says:

    Chris, you have mail. Looking to defend my single league championship and take out last year’s overall winner in the process.

  21. Zach says:

    Excited? yeah. Ecstatic? you bet. Elated? let’s not go crazy. Fantasy football is back!

  22. Chris Abbott says:

    There is one spot left in the Razzball Champion League. I like the competition that is building up here. All these people are gunning for me which will make it much better when I win again! =)

  23. John Butte` says:

    The Butte Marauders are back! No Butte is safe! The streets will flow with the blood of the nonbelievers!

  24. Anyone league managers having any trouble cleaning out last year’s league? ie: dropping players? It’s pretty tedious doing it one by one.

  25. Chris Abbott says:

    @Howard: You shouldn’t have to drop players. ESPN will keep last years data and will reset the teams after the new draft is complete. If you need to remove a team all together, just remove the owner. But don’t worry about players being there now as those will all reset when the draft takes place.

  26. Thanks Chris!

  27. Just a quick update on the returning Crackling Brats league:
    Including myself, we have 3 of 12 teams returning so far. Cut off date will be Monday, so if anyone is interested in taking over a non-claimed team, you can send me an e-mail:
    iganderson at yahoo dot com
    I’ll keep you on file and will send out invitations based on date and time received in my inbox.

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    Thanks everyone. We are getting closer to this damn CBA getting done! Real and fake football await!

  29. Chris Abbott says:

    My league is now full.

  30. Howard says:

    21-07-11 I have two definite openings in Razzball Rebels and possibly four more. Still waiting to hear from some alumni. Join the league that spawned the reigning champ!
    Anyone interested, email me howtathor at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  31. Ryan says:


    Hey quick update for you.

    League Name: Heat Seeking Hobos
    Status: Full

  32. Doc

    Doc says:

    Hi guys, looking for some new organizers if you’re up for it.

  33. Ryan G says:

    Absolutely interested in joining any that are open

  34. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Ryan: @Howard: @Chris Abbott: @Ivar Anderson: I forgot to put in the post that we need to change the playoff settings so we don’t have a week 17 playoff game. So you’ll need to change the playoff settings to 4 teams/1 week per playoff matchup /14 regular season matchups No week 17 playoff matchup

  35. Ladd says:

    I’m totally interested in joining or organizing a league.

  36. @Doc: Funny you should mention that. ESPN has a way of changing settings from year to year. Before the season begins, we should make certain all the leagues are set up properly. Maybe we should post the settings from one of the new leagues to make certain the reactivated leagues don’t have any surprises.
    I will make the playoff change though right now.

  37. Ladd says:

    @Howard thanks for letting me get in on the Razzball Rebel’s league!

    I’m looking forward to drafting and going for a championship!

  38. @Ladd Glad to have you on board. Looking forward to a competitive season! Once the league is full we can all agree on a draft date, probably later in August.

  39. @Doc Checked my settings and I have 14 weeks, Playoffs start week 15, 2 rounds. That’s what was in place from last year.

  40. mike says:

    Just came across this website. Wanted to know more about joining..Are these private leagues? What are the requirements to joining?

  41. mike says:

    wanted to know more about this league..can someone contact me..

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @mike: No requirements. Just email one of the league managers to get in. Their emails are at the bottom of the post. Glad to have you on board!

  43. Update on Cracking Brats league:
    There were 3 2010 owners who returned, so we have 8 new team openings. I have sent invitations to 4 potential new members, but that leaves at least 4 more openings. If you want a slot, e-mail me at:
    iganderson at yahoo dot com
    and I will send you an invitation. Once the league is full, we can plan the draft.

  44. Update:
    Crackling Brats league is now full.

  45. Lubey says:

    Hey is there any room left?? I cant seem to email razz the roof

  46. Doc

    Doc says:

    All our current leagues are full. We are looking for more commishes for new leagues. Any takers?

  47. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Art: Cool Art. I’ll get you up there.

  48. Chris says:

    I’d love to get in a league.

  49. Art says:

    Doc, I have 3 spots still open.

  50. Sean says:

    I would love to join one of the leagues if there is still room. I can also commish though I’m already pretty overbooked with leagues as it is. Would rather not post my e-mail here but reply to me with whom I should send my info to and I’m in.

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Sean: At the bottom of the post are the open leagues. Give one of the commishes an email.

  52. T-Bone says:

    I want in on this!!! missed out last year and regretted it. If ya need me to commish a new league let me know.

  53. Crystal says:

    @Doc – The email addresses for the commishes with open leagues don’t seem to be showing.
    @T-Bone & Sean – I still have a few openings shoot me an email if you want in. iamsunshine at gmail.com

  54. Sean says:

    Thanks Crystal but I’m already got in on bybrklyn’s league. I can make another team if anyone needs fillers but I’m good with one. Wouldn’t want an unearned advantage ;)

  55. BrewCrewBuckFan says:

    I would love to give it a go,

  56. BrewPackBuckFan says:

    Sent Crystal a email to join.

  57. BrewPackBuckFan says:

    Crystal league is full, still looking to join a league

  58. Dakota Loomis says:

    I’ve got lots of openings in my league, but a finite amount of Vaseline.

    Send me an email at [email protected]

    Also, the league is now named – Your Third Biggest Fear

  59. dukedevil says:

    I am new to the site but I would love to destroy all of your hopes and dreams by winning this commenter league championship. I will send out an email request to loomis

  60. Shane says:

    Regarding – Fantasy N00bs: Itztal at aol dot com (FULL)

    I am in this league and as of right now there are 4 open spots. There could be some open invitations hanging out there, but could be worth a try to contact this commish if anyone is still looking to join a league.

  61. Dakota Loomis says:

    I’ve got five open spots. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in a league made up so far of six quality individuals and one drunken troll of a league manager who last year drafted Sidney Rice in the fifth round.

  62. Troy Hutchinson says:

    Hey Dakota looms I’m in for a league if u still hv spare spots, I’ll drop an email to ya


  63. Dakota says:

    Looks like I’ve got a single spot left in what will surely be a mess of a league.

    And question: do we have to do a snake draft or are auctions allowed? These details are not covered in the initial post.

  64. B.J. says:

    Are there any spots left in any of the leagues? I totally forgot to try and get into my league from last year.

  65. B.J. says:

    I’d be interested in organizing another league if anyone is looking to join.

  66. mike says:

    any leagues open? got in late…

  67. theevilempire says:

    I’d also be interested in joining a league if there are any openings.

  68. phorts says:

    Also interested. Might be willing to be the league manager too if needed. Lemme know!

  69. RiffRaff says:

    I’d like to join a league too

  70. Dakota Loomis says:

    Spot opened back up in Your Third Biggest Fear

    email me at dakotaloomis at gmail dot com if you’re interested.

  71. Dakota Loomis says:

    Oh yeah, draft is set for 8:30 PM ET on Tuesday the 30th of August

  72. phorts says:

    Sent you an email Dakota. That draft time is fine. phorts at hotmail dot com.


  73. Matt L says:

    I would like to join a league if there is an opening! Let me know

  74. Adam says:

    Would love to join a Razzball league, if there are any open. My Email is [email protected]

  75. Blake C says:

    Would like to join a league, if there is any openings let me know.
    Email address is [email protected]

  76. Matt L. says:

    Is there a possibility of starting another league?

  77. Doc

    Doc says:

    Got a new league up now

  78. Adam says:

    how do I join?

  79. richardmeadors says:

    Wanna say thanks to the jerk who bailed on razz-berry bidets right before the draft. uneven number of teams now. What would it have hurt you to be a dormant team? AAARGHH!

  80. DILinator says:

    Hey Doc! I sent you an e-mail about this as well, but to be sure that I didn’t send it to a bad address, I just wanted to post and let you know that I am willing to start up and run a league for you if you’d like another one set up. Just let me know!

  81. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Anyone looking to get in a Razzball league can email me for an invite:

    [email protected]

  82. DILinator says:

    I’ve just created a Razzball league as well, so if you’re interested in joining e-mail me at: [email protected] Looking forward to a fun season! :)

  83. DILinator says:

    We still have 6 spots open in the No Schmo-Ho’s League, and we’ll pretty need to draft Wednesday night to get it in before the season Thursday. So if you’re looking for a last minute league to jump into, this is it! Send me your e-mail at [email protected], and come on in!

  84. DILinator says:

    Razzball’s No Schmo-Ho’s League is now full (at least assuming everybody sent an invite joins)! If something opens up, I’ll re-post here, but otherwise, thanks to those that joined, and I’m looking forward to a fun and competitive season!

  85. A Hill O' Beans says:

    What happens if you’re in an RCL and the settings aren’t correct? I still hold out hope that our commish will check in before the season starts and fix them, but I haven’t received any replies to league messages or emails sent to the commish yet.

    Our schedule is all screwed up. There are 2 teams on byes every week (one particular team is on a bye every single week of the season). Plus our playoffs start in week 13 and each playoff matchup is 2 weeks long.

    Again, I hope the commish fixes it before the season starts, but that’s in 2 days at this point, so I’m wondering what to do…

  86. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Razzball North has been filled.

  87. Razzo Rizzo (Badabing) says:

    Well here’s my team for my inaugural foray into the Razzball community (Razzball north,commenters league). I give my team a B. What do you think Doc.

    Matthew Stafford, Det QB
    LeGarrette Blount, TB RB [Breaking News]
    Knowshon Moreno, Den RB
    Beanie Wells, Ari RB [Recent News]
    Calvin Johnson, Det WR
    Greg Jennings, GB WR
    Roy Williams, Chi WR [Breaking News]
    Owen Daniels, Hou TE
    Saints D/ST D/ST
    Sebastian Janikowski, Oak K


    Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB
    Sam Bradford, StL QB
    DeMarco Murray, Dal RB
    Danny Woodhead, NE RB
    Donald Driver, GB WR
    Jacoby Jones, Hou WR
    Lance Kendricks, StL TE

  88. kevin says:

    I was wondering if u are going to put out a “pass -defense schedule grid” for this year like last years

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