After years of offense-only Razzball Commenter Leagues, 2014 saw the long overdue introduction of Individual Defensive Players to the RCL world in the form of RazzDPs. We’re back again for Season Two, and it promises to be even better than Season One. Or at least it promises to be better than True Detective Season Two, but let’s set the bar a little bit higher than that! J-FOH is focusing on the baseball side of the Razzhouse for now, but he has graciously agreed to return and host his own RazzDP league, so we’ll have at least two leagues again this year.

Now for the specifics, in the form of an FAQ:

Q: What are RazzDPs?

A: RazzDPs are the IDP version of the standard Razzball Commenter Leagues. They are 100% free and the scoring system and format on the offensive side of the ball are exactly like the standard RCLs.

Q: What’s different about RazzDPs?

A: Instead of a Team Defense/Special Teams roster slot, there are 6 IDP roster slots (2 DL/2 LB/2 DB), and two additional bench slots. The IDP scoring system is as follows:

Stat Points
Solo Tackle 1.5
Assisted Tackle 0.75
Sack 4
Interception 4
Forced Fumble 4
Fumble Recovered 2
Pass Defended 2
Touchdown 6
Safety 6
Blocked Kick 6

This is an increase in the IDP stats across the board, but it accentuates the defensive side of the ball more than the Yahoo standard scoring system, and isn’t that the point? For readers who have asked this before, this is pretty much my preferred scoring system outside of one that includes position-specific scoring.

Q: Can I join if I’ve never played in an IDP league before?

A: Yes! One of my biggest motivations in creating these leagues is to spread the love of IDP leagues. Last year we had a mix of experienced and inexperienced owners, and our eventual RazzDP Champ hadn’t played in an IDP league in over 5 years. There has even been rumors that the Elder Gods will bless the RazzDPs with the presence of Tehol, which will add yet another element of mystery and intrigue to these leagues. To reiterate, these leagues are 100% free, and comprised of Razzball readers like you, so the barrier of entry literally could not be any lower.

Q: What do I get if I win?

A: Last year we had two leagues, and the Champ got his pick of Razzball shirts, courtesy of Grey, but the more leagues we have, the better the prize.

Q: That sounds awesome, how do I join?

A: I’m glad you asked that. The links for this year’s leagues are below:

Kevin’s League: Click Here!

JFOH’s League: Click Here!

We’re starting with two leagues for now, but if those fill up we will add more by including the links in the Comments or in future posts. We have a great group of IDP fans here at Razzball, so I’m excited to see these leagues grow in Season 2.



  1. S.H says:

    Hey Kevin, have you noticed any surprises thus far on the defensive side of things, if so are any worth picking up.?

    Thanks again

    • Kevin Kumpf

      Kevin Kumpf says:


      Seeing Ryan Shazier on the field is a surprise in and of itself, and he’s looked good so far. Arthur Brown has also made some noise as well, which is nice to see. I’ll be doing updates to rankings next week, along with a post outlining what’s changed since the start of camps.

  2. Adam says:

    Is it crazy do to the “NO WR in first couple rounds??
    There r so many
    If my first 3 picks are jamal charles or Lynch..then Rodgers,then jimmy graham…
    I can then Select from a group of jordan Matthews,then Allen Robinson,Charles Johnson,Maclin,Brandon Marshall etc
    Is that crazy?

    • Kevin Kumpf

      Kevin Kumpf says:


      I’m not super high on Graham, but even if you went RB/QB/RB, I still like those options are WR. You’d probably have to spend at least 2 of your next 3 on WR though.

  3. B.J. says:

    Hey fellas,

    I have been offered an interesting trade in my 12 Team NonPPR league. I would get Brandin Cooks (a guy I really like) for Markus Wheaton and TJ Yeldon. I take a bit of a hit at RB with Yeldon on the move but I am getting a high upside WR2 with potential to crack the top 10. I think I can make due at RB until Bell and Foster come back.

    My roster

    QB- M. Ryan WR- AJ Green, Evans, Boldin
    RB- L. Bell, Yeldon TE- Olsen
    Flex- Ivory K- Hauschka DEF- GB

    Bench- Wheaton, A. Blue, A. Foster, C. Sims, Malcom Floyd, Cutler, D. Williams

    Thanks in advance

    • Kevin Kumpf

      Kevin Kumpf says:


      I’d definitely make that trade. Blue/DeAngelo should cover well enough for their respective starters until they return, and that WR trio would be legit.

  4. Wallpaper Paterson says:

    I joined Kevin’s league. My team name is Oklahoma Seatbelts because New Mexico Portugeuse Man-of-Wars would not fit.

    • goodfold2 says:

      @Wallpaper Paterson: it does suck in yahoo most of the razzball team names don’t fit.

  5. goodfold2 says:

    hey hey hey welcome back. i do like that you’ve fixed the forced fumble vs fumble recovered b.s. that i’ve seen in pretty much every league. this is in that 20 team dynasty where i’m WAS and need at least 10 of those all the time (can stash IR guys to count). Last year this league was my first ever IDP and got thrown into deep waters. Some good/bad first season pts
    1. grabbed c.campbell off waivers when he was hurt
    2. dropped k.robinson (only from following rankings) and then he blew up later, got unlucky there
    3. got screwed by comish when he forgot to put in my 4th rounder for IND’s 2nd rounder from a trade i made where i signed over the rights at even being IND predraft (i would’ve taken watt with that extra 2nd rounder, got m.johnson TB instead of watt, yuck)
    4. learned rookie CB are sometimes better than anything you could’ve drafted due to being targeted all day (see b.wreh wilson, bouye, breeland)
    5. traded j.jenkins post season for s.moore on your advice and now see moore is ranked 19 spots lower on LB list. I’m guessing somebody got traded at MIA to help out Jenkins which we didn’t see coming?
    Anyhoo, gotta figure out how many to keep (max 30). I have picks 4, 24, 33, 44 which should have some value. Start 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex (could be TE), 1 K, 2 DE, 2 DT, 3 LB, 2 CB, 2 S. We have .5 PPR, but also .25 for rushing attempts, .125 for passing attempts, .25 for completions, -.125 for missed passes. tackles 1.5, assists .5, sack 2.5, pick 3, forced 1.5, recovery 2, safety 3, pass defended 1, kick block 2, TD 6, tackles for loss 1, yards per TO return .1.
    QB RG 3, Cousins
    RB- AP, Morris, Sims, Helu
    WR Garcon, D-Jax, Roberts (.1 pts per return yard too)
    TE Donnell, Reed, ASJ
    K Novak
    DE Campbell, Heyward, M.Johnson
    DT Donald, Paea (apparently will play DE, so score here, as we know how mostly useless DT’s are)
    LB David, Trevathan, S.Moore
    S- W.Moore, Buchananon
    CB Hall, Breeland (it looks as if Breeland starts from depth charts)
    My definite drops appear to be Bouye (backup), wreh wilson (backup), merriweather (off WAS and backup), butler LB (really fell down the ranks, this might be who i dropped robinson for early last year when he was ranked higher).
    So my last keeper (if i’m valuing this well) options are
    1. McCoy as QB #3 (to make sure i was WAS’s QB)
    2. 1 of Taliaferro or Michael (ranked behind Sims and Helu, but maybe long term one is worth more?). We only have to start 1 though and this is for RB #5
    3. Hightower (rank 50) as LB#4 and right now i can draft guys ranked 37, 43, 44, and 48 (weatherspoon, anthony, e.kendricks, durant)
    4. Byrd as S #3 (29th in DB’s) when i can draft guys ranked 11, 18, 36, 39, 40, and 50 (collins, mathieu,harper, goldson (WAS too), .s.thomas, w.hill).
    5. M.Lee as WR #4

    See if you agree with these assumptions too:
    trade one of ASJ or Donnell (maybe before draft).
    certainly grab a WR at pick 4 (hopefully Cooper), as my WR are not deep.

    thanks, tell me if you like any rookies (IDP’s) more than the top WR’s or IDP’s to draft that i have listed for long term,

    • goodfold2 says:

      @goodfold2: after keepers are put in i’ll likely have some ranked IDP names available predraft. Our draft isn’t till sept 6th.

      • Kevin Kumpf

        Kevin Kumpf says:


        Such a cool league, thanks for the re-primer. As for Jenkins/Moore, Miami traded Ellerbe and Oakland signed Curtis Lofton and Malcolm Smith. Predicting the offseason is hard!

        Your QB situation, like Washington’s, is not fun, but with RG3 and Cousins already, are there any better QBs on the waiver wire?

        With the 1 starting RB requirement, I think you shoot for the moon with Michael rather than hope for scraps with Taliaferro. In all honesty you could probably drop both and be fine.

        Your LB situation is tough given the players involved. I’d drop Hightower for Anthony or Kendricks given the keeper aspect of the league. Anthony is likely to contribute more this season, but I like Kendricks more long-term. I’d also have no issue dropping Sio for one of them or Weatherspoon if it looks like he’s not going to end up starting.

        At Safety, things are interesting. William Moore is already hurt (surprise, surprise), so I would focus on someone who’s proven and healthy. The fact that Goldson is on WAS helps you as well, so he would probably be my choice if you’re not happy with Byrd. Byrd’s ceiling is high though, so standing pat is likely fine.

        I like Marqise Lee’s talent, but he’s expendable, especially if you get Cooper. I think you’re definitely fine to trade one of your TEs, but you definitely don’t need to, especially with ASJ as a wildcard for now.

        IDP rookies are a little bit thinner than usual this year. Anthony/Kendricks at LB is really all I would look at, with Shaq Thompson and Bernardrick McKinney as the only other options for the time being. At DB, Collins has a high ceiling, but is no guarantee to start in Week 1. And up front, I’ll pass on pretty much all of the DLs until I see production. Good luck with the draft!

        • goodfold2 says:

          @Kevin Kumpf: as i don’t have a 4th rounder (trade from last year for IND’s second rounder is being done now) my next pick is at 84 overall, so probably not good here. this is mostly why i’m thinking to keep 26 now.
          1. from rankings, other than the LB mentioned it looks like i should go for collins or mathieu in pick 2 or 3 (24,33)
          2. with the moore injury and likely able to get at least one good S, but also hightower being behind those guys you mention who’s my best keep for 26th man? there aren’t any good QB’s, other than the 2 big rookies. even if i keep byrd over moore (damn rotoworld doesn’t mention his injury) i still need to keep another guy.
          it could be michael, mccoy, moore (with injury for depth), hightower, or lee.

          3. do you agree with paea working out at DE (lots of value since he counts at DT). or is hageman that much better there (not that i’ll drop paea predraft, as there’s no guarantee i even could get hageman, since i’d rather get cooper, LB, S first anyway)

          • goodfold2 says:

            @goodfold2: looking like michael has the upside (even as RB #5). i likely will use the 4 picks i have for
            4 overall = cooper or agholor
            24th LB or S
            33 LB or S depending what i did at 24
            44 another WR or maybe another backup QB.
            There’s of course no guarantee i can get back a LB as useful as Hightower (but it’s more likely i do get back a good S, as 6 guys including Moore are draftable in top 50 DB’s).

            • goodfold2 says:

              @goodfold2: i went with keeping michael and the three S’s, and not Hightower. Look at this list of guys who all weren’t kept
              Marks, Ratliff, Hankins, McDonald, Floyd, those, along with the Paea I dropped and Hageman are very highly ranked for DT guys over at Fantasy pros
              J.Smith, Hatcher (they rank him as if he’s a DT, which equates to DE 35), Ayers, Long
              Roby, Hayward (both ranked top 6 for CB)
              Rolle, R.Johnson
              Burfict, McClellin (they have this guy ranked DE 2, but listed in LB spot?)
              Anyway, so with all of that open I only kept 25 guys, so i’ll also pick at 84th overall. I’ll pick up the rookie CB (breeland out for about 4-6 weeks) at WAS taking his place.
              Some questions
              1. why is misi listed as middle LB at MIA on ourlads but only ranked LB 65 by fantasy pros and not at all by you? he wasn’t kept.
              2. michael johnson is ranked twice at fantasy pros, once at TB as DE 30, and again at CIN as DE 53? You have him as DL 38 (and it says +7 over expert rankings) so i’m guessing you are going off of him being ranked DE 30 over there.

              • Kevin Kumpf

                Kevin Kumpf says:


                I like the decisions you made, and it should make you more flexible both during and post-draft.

                For Misi, his ranking is due to his current battle with Kelvin Sheppard to even start, as well as Jenkins likely taking over in the middle on passing downs. He’s a guy with the potential to rise, but he’s never shown an ability to put it all together, so it seems like all IDP rankers are being as conservative as I am.

                Not sure what’s going on with Michael Johnson. He’s clearly on Cincy, so it seems like a Fantasy Pros bug. I’ve always been a fan, but he’s dealing with an injury right now, and his ceiling isn’t all that high. I don’t think you should drop him necessarily, but DE is a position of strength for you, so if you see an option elsewhere that you like, he could be on the chopping block.

                • goodfold2 says:

                  @Kevin Kumpf: with my other needs and strength of value in draft i’ll have to wait to see if somebody better is after draft for DE improvement (and that is the backup spot right now as is). I’m guessing either it’s a fantasy pros glitch or some rankers haven’t ranked since he got traded, or maybe they did, ranked him twice, and fantasy pros hasn’t fixed it and taken out the TB ranked one.

    • MrMojoRisin says:

      I wanna play an RCL IDP league
      I never stop trying even in down years
      Ive been doing IDP for 5yrs rather successfully @J-FOH:

  6. Mobin Couldn't Hack It says:

    i see you mentioned something in your top 100 post about this, but i’m in 2 IDP’s,
    1. a 20 teamer with these spots D (IDP flex, so a LB if possible probably i would think), 2 LB’s, 1 DT, 1 DE, 2 CB, 1 S (i have no idea why 2 CB and 1 S)
    2. a 14 teamer with 2 DB’s, 1 LB’s and 1 DL.

    Trying to figure out how to rank them by merging your tiers to Jay’s offensive players tiers or by rounds. In the first i’ll also have to go off Fantasy pros for the deeper players past 100 overall of course. Like say at WR or RB 55 or something your tier 3 say could kick in. Any good rules of thumb like that?

    • Kevin Kumpf

      Kevin Kumpf says:

      @Mobin Couldn’t Hack It:

      These are some pretty strange roster setups. DLs are devalued in general (other than Watt), and LBs and weirdly CBs are more valuable than they would be otherwise.

      In terms of merging Offense and IDP rankings, you’re definitely on the right track with taking the tiered approach. Unless I’m making a move on Watt or one of the top LBs (that would depend on your offensive roster setup and scoring system), I’m waiting until I get through Tier 7-8 of Jay’s rankings before taking IDPs. At that point I might look to IDP tiers 1-3, while mixing in offense as well, but the draft will dictate your moves at that point.

      Good luck!

      • Mobin Couldn't Hack It says:

        @Kevin Kumpf: that’s the margin i was looking for, around Jay’s 7-8. good stuff there. as i have to overall rank mix here. and your tier 4’s (wouldn’t even be used in league 2 likely). i typed that wrong, in league 2 it’s 2 DB/2 LB/ 1 DL. league 1 would be better off with 2 S and 1 CB over the 2 CB 1 S.

        • Mobin Couldn't Hack It says:

          @Mobin Couldn’t Hack It: just realized we’ll be drafting 500 guys for league 1, damn. good thing it’s not also dynasty as decisions would get even harder near end of draft esp. I’ll have to go off Fantasy Pros once yours and Jay’s overall lists run out.

          • Kevin Kumpf

            Kevin Kumpf says:

            @Mobin Couldn’t Hack It:

            I think with your positional requirements for IDP, you should be set with the top 50 at each position that I ranked (outside of maybe CB). Once you get past those guys, you’re really better off streaming anyway, and loading up on offensive backups with upside.

            • Mobin Couldn't Hack It says:

              @Kevin Kumpf: oh yeah, i forgot you individual positions go quite a way beyond 100 total, other than the weakest spot (DT), and the hardest to predict and 2nd weakest spot (CB).

              • Mobin Couldn't Hack It says:

                @Mobin Couldn’t Hack It: bout to start, i got 4th overall and we have .25 per rushing attempt, and PPR full, so i kinda have to go RB over A.Brown i think. I’ll be back to post what i ended up with. first draft of the year.

                • Mobin Couldn't Hack It says:

                  @Mobin Couldn’t Hack It: wow, that league had some people that had no idea about IDP’s, and many autopickers. you’ll understand how much. (kickers gone in round 9, team D’s too some). 20 teamer 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 flex, 1 team D (but team D only has to do with yards and pts allowed, picks/TD/fumble are only IDP stats here).
                  QB Rivers (5, many worse QB gone by next pick had i waited)
                  RB, Bell (1), Hyde (3), Sims (8), D.Robinson (14), J.Allen (21), J.White (24)
                  WR Hopkins (2), Colston (Jay’s high ranking, 4), Wheaton (should be moved up with Bryant Susp 6), M.Wilson (11), Aiken (16)
                  TE Gate (7, probably reached a little), Green (15)
                  K – Gould (25, some teams drafted 2 kickers, so i’ll likely get better here)
                  Team D – SD (23, yahoo has them ranked for yards allowed and pts allowed top 15 or better)
                  DE Quinn (9, Watt went at 70, no more IDP till same guy who grabbed Watt went Kuechely at 130)
                  DT Donald (18)
                  LB – Posluzny (3 rounds after Keuchely, round 10), S.Lee (13)
                  S- Cyprien (17)
                  CB- Hall (19), Parker (KC, 21)
                  D (flex) C.Jones (12, crazy low)
                  BN -as soon as i drafted McCourty (CB, 20) i noticed he’s hurt for at least 4 weeks, so i’ll be dropping him for likely Burfict or some other IDP backup, or maybe QB backup.

                  1. with C.Jordan/Lofton/Burfict/Vernon/Hughes out there drop McCourty for one of them? (Lofton and Jordan have same bye as Lee,Quinn,Donald. Hughes has same bye as Hall,Cyprien,Posluzny). Probably better off with LB depthwise as i have 2 DE’s already, and 2 LB total for 2 spots.

                  2. Drop which of J.Allen/J.White for either 1 of these QB’s (mallett/j.mccown/g.smith/t.taylor) or just streaming IDP slot?

                  • Kevin Kumpf

                    Kevin Kumpf says:

                    @Mobin Couldn’t Hack It:

                    I think you definitely drop McCourty for an LB. I like Burfict’s ceiling, but you already have an injury risk with Sean Lee, so Lofton is the safer option.

                    James White seems safe to drop, but those QB options don’t look worth it to me. I’d rather wait and see if things change by the time Rivers has his bye. If you’re looking for an IDP to fill that spot, any of the DEs you listed should be rostered, even if they are for streaming purposes.

  7. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    this one really shows how so many are going off yahoo rankings (which seriously has guys ranked that aren’t even ranked at all by fantasy pros, and FP ranks a shit load of people) for IDP’s. with all of these top 50 around i’m guessing i have NO need of backups for IDP’s.
    All of these available: griffen, robinson, lofton, wilkerson, c.johnson, c.jordan, alonso, tulloch, vernon, and many many top 30 DB’s as well out there. More DB’s i’m seeing drafted whose names i don’t have any idea of all over the place.

    how’s this one look, 14 teamer with full PPR and non-big play IDP (very few IDP’s though). i took it over a month or so ago, and it has a.brown as 4th round keeper and forsett as 21st (last) round keeper. only 2 teams have better keepers than me probably, with one guy having OBJ in 21st and Bell in the 7th. Another guy has AP in the 21st and somebody else great in a late round. 6 PT passing TD’s. 1 flex. 2 RB, 3 WR. 1 TE.
    Rodgers (first time all year, wanted top dude for 6 PT passing for once this year, 1st round)
    RB- forsett (21)
    Stewart (3rd)
    Vereen (7), Duke J. (9), Mason (11th, that’s crazy, gurley hasn’t even blocked once yet), D.Robinson (14),
    WR – A.Brown (4)
    Evans (2)
    Garcon (9, almost went Fitz instead)
    R.White (6), Hurns (16), M.Wilson (17)
    TE Gates (12)
    Hill (15)
    K -added just after draft, dropped Herron. no 2 day wait. NO guy (right now)
    DL Quinn (10)
    LB David (8), J.Collins (13)
    DB Rolle (18), Ihedigbo (20)

    • Kevin Kumpf

      Kevin Kumpf says:

      @Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey:

      Looks like a title contender to me. Shocking how many IDPs are still out there, but like you said, Yahoo’s rankings don’t really make sense. Your DL/LBs are no-doubt studs, so if there is anywhere to look for help on D, it would be streaming DBs if either of your guys falter.

      • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

        @Kevin Kumpf: since i said this 4 of those top guys have been added by other teams that likely autopicked the late rounds, but they themselves either know something about defense or are using a good rank.

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