I was reflecting back on my 2015 Fantasy Football season and I started to sob a bit. I know it sounds ridiculous, but before you pass judgment, they were tears of joy because Fantasy Baseball is right around the corner. Now, you might be wondering why I bring this up and I’m not even sure why. Oh, yeah, it’s because this year’s 2015 Razzball Commenter Grand Champion and the winner of a $150 Best Buy gift card and a Razzball T-Shirt is actually a Razzballer I know from the baseball side of the site…

POP’s! Congratulation Pop’s, your savvy drafting and well-played lineups have taken you to Razzvana and a pass into electronic consumerism.

I went and looked over his team and he finished the year with the 3rd best QB (Blake Bortles), and among WR/RB/TE, he had three of the top-7 (Antonio Brown, Allen Robinson, Devonta Freeman). He also had the number one kicker, Stephen Gostkowski, and the seventh best TE, Travis Kelce. What this all equates to is one well balanced team and an owner who made some good moves all season. As a bonus, the commisioner of the league will receive a $50 gift card to Best Buy for following Jay’s directions when setting up the league. Way to go random guy, *looks at memebers page* oh, hey, it’s our very own Malamoney. Jay can a writer win the gift card? (Jay’s Note: Nope. But we’ll think of something…) I haven’t been briefed on this scenario yet. If you want to see the final standings then click the link below!


On the other side of the RCL universe is the space I like to play in, the RazzDP. This year we had a record five leagues and got to pop Jay and Tehol’s IDP cherry’s. Thanks you two for stepping up to the demand. Also, before I announce the winner I want to thank Kevin, the IDP guy, for his great work, week after week. The 2015 RazzDP champion is Exotic Blitz & Chitz from the RazzDParino league. Congratulations, EBC, you won a tough league that was so tough that the league runner up was also second overall in the IDP master standings. You can click on the link below to see the final standings.

RazzDP Master Standings

With a team that was beyond loaded on offense with names like Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Greg Olson, and A.J. Green, it was hard to think anyone was going to beat them every week. Pair that with defensive studs J.J. Watt, LaVonte David, Khalil Mack, and Malcolm Jenkins, well, the recipe for success was complete. Great job ECB, you crushed it. For your reward you get your choice of any shirt from the Razzball store.

Until next season, when I expect you all to come back and bring a friend, this is Jack signing off for 2015. Oh and go over to the baseball side and sign up for an RCL when we release them next month. No, wait, not yet, go read January Grey as he reveals his ranks and sleepers for the coming season. Go on, get over there and read it.