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The playoffs are here to separate the real from the fake. Are you the fantasy player who sets your lineup based on ESPN projections or are you thinking for yourself and going out and grabbing your championship? I hope it’s the latter. I’m certainly going to be aggressive as hell with my rankings for the next 3 weeks. I’m going with my gut, and my gut has been mostly right for the second half of the season. Nobody is safe if they aren’t putting up the scores, ya dig?



Players That I Like: 

Peyton Barber is a borderline RB1 this week AS LONG as he starts over Doug Martin this week. Detroit isn’t good against the run, whatsoever. If Dirk Koetter is, in fact, trying to save his job in Tampa that is slipping through his fingers more and more each week he will hand the reigns over to the running back who gained 143 yards on 27 touches and led the team in both rushing and receiving in week 13. Philip Rivers is my #1 quarterback this week. He is one of the hottest hands in the league with a favorable match-up and everything to play for. Will Blake Bortles repeat what he did in last week’s game? Probably not, but he is quietly getting the ball rolling and is a top 15 quarterback for me this week, so keep that in mind if you’re queasy about starting Kirk Cousins against the Chargers.

Josh Gordon and Larry Fitzgerald are my juicy top 10 WR plays this week. Josh Gordon showed me a lot on Sunday against a stingy Los Angeles secondary. Gordon is playing in Cleveland for the first time in three years and he has everything to be fired for in a somewhat favorable match-up. Larry Fitzgerald is a reception monster this year. Fitzgerald is 2nd in the NFL with 82 receptions this season and 9th in yardage. Tennessee is 25th in the NFL this year in passing yards given up. The last player that I like is Greg Olsen. If Olsen is in the lineup, the volume should be there, making him worthy of a start at a very weak position.

Players That I Don’t Like:

I have Mike Evans ranked as my 22nd wide receiver this week. Evans hasn’t scored a touchdown in 6 games and has yet to go over 100 yards this season. There’s no reason to put him in your lineup if you don’t have to, especially with a match-up with Darius Slay on the horizon. I do think DeSean Jackson WR2 worthy this week. Somebody will be catching 15-yard passes from Jameis when Tampa is down 14 late in the 3rd quarter and it’s not going to be Evans. I would also temper your Kenyan Drake expectations this week. He could have a decent day, but based on the match-up, it’s possible that he doesn’t see very many touches in the 2nd half.

I think that Derrick Henry is going to start seeing more and more of the snaps for Tennessee. I don’t see Demarco Murray doing much, unless he rips off a touchdown run. That’s always possible. Some analysts have T.Y. Hilton ranked in the range of playable. I think that is a bit of a stretch, especially if Buffalo is able to get White back in the lineup. Another anti-Hilton trend of note is that every time T.Y. has scored double-digit fantasy points in a week, he’s followed it up with a single digit score in the following game.

  1. The MilkMan says:

    Would love some advice –

    RBs on Roster: Kamara, Mckinnon, Morris, Crowell, Davis

    Need to pick three to start, also still have the option to pick up Payton Barber but would need to drop one of my RBs, or either TE I have (Rudolph & Doyle)


    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @The MilkMan: I’d drop Doyle for Peyton Barber and start him along with Kamara and Morris. If Doug Martin gets the start over Barber, I’d play Crowell over Barber. If Doug Martin DOES start over Barber, I wouldn’t immediately drop Barber, I’d see who has the heavier workload that day and if Barber has a good game. I hope this helps! Good luck!

  2. Cram It says:

    Is there any world where you would start McCown over Russell? I envision an increase in rushing yards and maybe a rushing TD for Wilson, but I don’t know if it’ll be enough to compensate for the potential shutdown in the air.

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Cram It: yeah, I think McCown is a pretty safe play for 15 points, but probably no more than 18-20. Russ always has the potential for more if he is running a lot this week, which I could see as well. If you’re trying to be safe, I’d say McCown

  3. Matty Ice Is Beat says:

    When can I give up on Matt Ryan?

    QBs available in my league are McCown, Keenum, and Bortles.

    Would have to either drop Ryan or a flex play to make room.

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Matty Ice Is Beat: I’d pick up Keenum and start him. Time to start putting our previous biases aside and realize he works in this offense.

      • Sinkhole Demayo says:

        @Unbreakable_MB: it’s first time in his life that he’s had a good line and receivers ever (outside of hopkins while at HOU). he’s the epitome of the “in the NFL skill sets at same positions are nearly equal in many many instances, it’s MUCH more about supporting casts (outside of the elite guys like rodgers/brady of course)). LAR were a complete shit show at OL and receivers when he was there starting.

  4. Dave says:

    Snuck into the playoffs….I’m streaming QB’s….best option of the bunch?


    Opponent has AJ Green
    I have Theilen, R. Anderson and Cooper….Goodwin is available.

    I’m leaning Garropolo, but that’s also because of my anti-Winston bias. I think Keenum or McCown having good days bodes well for my WR as well, and having Dalton takes away my opponent’s best player. I’m favored by 18 points this week as he lost Gronk.

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Dave: Keenum is consistently performing well. I’d be willing to put my season on the line with him knowing that he performs well in this offense and he has Thielen, Diggs, and Rudolph in the redzone to lean on.

  5. OldMilwaukeePounders says:

    Yo MB,

    My team had a miracle 9-4 season despite losing 3 of my first 4 picks (DJ, Rodgers, Allen Robinson) for most all of the season. Looking to keep it going and maybe win a title. 12 team, H2H, PPR.

    Available options are:

    Goodwin, Dede, Barber

    I’ve got:

    QB – Goff
    RB – Drake, Burkhead
    WR – Funch, Amendola
    TE – Doyle
    Flex – Crabtree
    D – Jags
    K – Zuerlein

    B – Gronk, Fuller V, Damien Williams, T Williams, Byron Marshall, Zay, Rodgers

    This is an FAAB league, and right now I’m thinking drop Terrance Williams for Goodwin. Anything else you’d consider? I’m actually excited to be short handed again, since I’ve been doing it all year. Playoff round 1 and I’ve only got 1 of my first 5 picks playing! Lol.

    Thanks, homie!

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @OldMilwaukeePounders: congrats, good job clawing yourself out of a hole. I’d want to roster Barber, don’t mind dropping Zay. And yes I’d sub out Williams for Goodwin in a heartbeat

      • OldMilwaukeePounders says:

        @Unbreakable_MB: MB – I was able to add Goodwin, Barber, and Mike Davis using all but $3 of my FAAB. Now the hard part of deciding who to actually start! Any suggestions?

        • MB

          Unbreakable_MB says:

          @OldMilwaukeePounders: Goff, Drake, Burkhead, Crabtree Goodwin, Barber if he starts, Davis if he doesnt

          • Oldmilwaukeepounders says:

            @Unbreakable_MB: Thanks, man! Thoughts on adding Dede for Fuller ROS? Savage is hot trash.

  6. The Shady KHunt says:

    What do you think about dropping Powell for GB DST? I have the Lions for week 15 vs Chi.
    Other players I could drop are Goff and Darkwa. I have Brady as my QB and stashed Goff so no one else could play him.

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @The Shady KHunt: I don’t think there is a big enough difference between the Detroit and GB D/St to drop a player that could be valuable to somebody else’s run. I don’t hate the Cleveland offense this week.

  7. Drekkan says:

    So perhaps an odd question – but I’m in a 12 team standard scoring ESPN league that gives a first round bye for teams ranked 1 or 2 at the end of the regular season.

    I finished number 2 in the league, and have this week off. Next week is a one-game semi final and then the championship in Week 16. I’m generally comfortable with my non-DST components of my team:

    QB: Brady

    RB/RB (Start 2 of): Jordan Howard/Kenyan Drake/Jay Ajayi/Marlon Mack

    WR/WR (Start 2 of): Yreek Hill/Adam Thielen/Alshon Jeffery/Paul Richardson/Marqise Lee/Kenny Still

    TE: Jimmy Graham

    Flex: (see above)

    I’ve been streaming defences and looked ahead a bit to the weeks 16 and 17 opponents for Cleveland, and found the Bears – who give me a decent defense against the Brown in the championship week.

    My main question is whether I trust the Bears against the Lions in week 15? Top alternatives are:

    1) Seahawks (against the Rams)
    2) Saints (against the Jets)
    3) TItans (at the 49ers)

    So do I drop a guy like Marlon Mack and pick up one of these just to give me a better Week 15 matchup?

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Drekkan: I’d definitely grab the Saints and use them the rest of the season. I’d be careful streaming against the Browns going forward.

      I’d go Howard Drake Hill Thielen and Jeffery

  8. Jeff P says:

    Must win this week to get in the playoffs –
    Ryan vs NO
    McCown @ Den
    long shot but best matchup Garoppolo @Hou
    (also available on the wire Winston vs Det)

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Jeff P: McCown for me

  9. Scott P says:

    Week 14 is the last week of the regular season in our league since only four of ten teams make the playoffs. I locked into first, so it doesn’t matter for me this week. It’s a good thing too since I am looking terrible right now.

    Wilson, Cousins – Wilson is carrying my team
    Hunt, Kamara, Mixon, Ajayi – Kamara is stud, the rest are a crapshoot
    AJ Green, Tate, Parker, JuJu, M. Lee – Green has been solid, but the rest? Child please..
    Gronk – Smash (have Brate this week)
    Lutz – He’s a kicker
    Pittsburgh – Meh, what are you gonna do?

    Hopefully next week when the playoffs begin, my team actually gets their crap together.

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Scott P: you’ll be alright with the correct mixes and matches, I think Mixon is starting to figure things out a bit. Flex spot might be a struggle though

  10. brian says:

    Yo MB

    PPR playoffs. need 1 from DT, martavis, or mike davis? and need 1 from stephen anderson or ASJ? who ya got?


    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @brian: hey Brian, I’d play DT and Stephen Anderson

      • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

        @Unbreakable_MB: r.anderson might be out, this might affect ASJ vs s.anderson.

  11. MC Lovin says:

    Howdy MB!!

    It’s playoff time! I earned myself a week 1 bye, I don’t play this week I will play next week in semis in week 15. I am the 2 seed finished 9-4 not too shabby

    It’s espn style I’ll face either 3 or 6 seed regardless due to bracket style

    Here’s the 3 seed team
    QB’s alex smith starter, Brees on bench

    His RBs: mark Ingram, Darkwa, Burkhead, buck Allen , Jonathan Stewart

    His WRs: brandin cooks, adam theilen, juju, stillls, martavis Bryant, mike Wallace, Cobb, amendola

    His TEs: Rudolph, & sefarian jenkins

    His D is Ravens D

    His kicker is gostkowski.


    Here’s the 6 seed’s roster

    QB: Big Ben

    His RBs: Demarco Murray, Alvin kamara, Dion Lewis, James white, joe mixon

    His WRs: Emmanuel sanders, Kelvin Benjamin, Jaron brown, Robby Anderson

    His TE Ertz, and Julius Thomas on his bench

    His D: Steelers D

    His kicker is adam vinatieri


    Here’s my roster

    QB’s:mariota, Dak Prescott, jameis Winston

    RBs’s:Melvin Gordon, Kareem hunt, Christian mcaffery, McKinnon, AP, ekeler, mike Davis

    WRs: Keenan allen, Baldwin, tyreek hill, hogan, josh Gordon, Davante Parker

    TE I stream here I added kroft for week 13

    D/ST chargers

    Kicker I stream here

    1.) drop Marcus mariota or hold? Week 15 he’s at SF and Tennessee is in the playoff hunt. Do you think the Bucs could be in a shootout week 15 they host the Falcons & Winston didn’t look bad week 15. Lastly if Dak shines week 14 he gets the Giants , by shines I mean throw for over 200 yards he hasn’t gotten above 200 yards or reach 200 since week 9.

    – If Dak does perform well week 14 , week 15 he gets raiders D in Oakland on SNF


    Now lf I drop mariota I’d be looking to add one of these:
    Aaron jones, gio Bernard, Rod smith,
    or another D:
    – Bengals, week 15 @ Minnesota
    – Cowboys D , week 15 @ Oakland
    – Bucs D, week 15 vs Falcons
    – Falcons D, week 15 @ Bucs
    – bills D, week 15 vs Dolphins

    ** or just stick with my chargers D as set it & forget it, however week 15 chargers get a tough matchup going to KC to face the Chiefs offense

    — As far as TE,
    For week 15:
    Hooper @ TB
    OJ Howard vs Falcons or is it the brate time?
    Ricky seals, @ Washington
    Stephen Anderson @ Jacksonville

    Lastly give one more chance to Davante Parker or cut him ? If I cut Parker I’d add either Trent Taylor, Dede Westbrook, Ryan grant, Peyton barber, or chris Carson?

    **** side notes chris hogan was back at practice today that will be huge if he’s back this week I don’t expect too much since he’s missed a ton of games but no Gronk the targets should be there

    Week 15 in addition to Thursday night football (Broncos at Indy). There are 2 Saturday games; bears @ Detroit- then chargers at KC.

    Thanks man!

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @MC Lovin: what’s up McLovin!

      I’d drop Mariota, I’ve lost all faith in him, Dak week 15 looks nice so you should be fine.

      Set Chargers D and forget it!

      I like Stephen Anderson against Jax out of the bunch.

      I’d drop Parker for Westbrook

      Good luck!!

  12. Eric says:


    I agree with your rankings when it comes to Burkhead over Khunt. It’ll be the first time I bench the once-studly rookie, but without Gronk and based on recent history, Rexy looks mighty sexy for Week 14. So why am I having second thoughts like every five seconds? HELP!

    – Eric

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Eric: about Burkhead?! He’s gonna do great, don’t stress about it, he has a better touchdown rate than Alvin Kamara!

  13. DHurm says:

    MB! thanks for the rankings.
    rolling with Freeman & Burkhead at RB, but have a question about the three WR’s I should start (one slot is a flex) AJ, Allen, Theilen, Gordon & Baldwin?

    also, not optimistic about starting Stafford or Cousins, so I grabbed Dak off waivers, he’s the play based on circumstances, right?

    Thanks Bud!

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @DHurm: hey dude! Gotta play AJ, Allen, and Gordon. Best matchups. I’d roll with Stafford as long as the prognosis is good on the hand injury, otherwise I guess Dak is fine. Definitely not playing Cousins

  14. Dave says:

    So I have Kamara, Mixon, and Barber for my 2 RB spots (PPR) if Mixon doesn’t get cleared and Doug Martin returns which might happen – should I pickup Forte, Gore, Kerwynn Williams, or CJ Anderson and start them over Barber? And if yes which one?


    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Dave: I think Barber will see a healthy workload regardless so I wouldn’t drop him for any of those guys. But if that turns out not to be the case I like Anderson’s matchup

  15. Scott says:

    Which qb would you start this week? Cousins at chargers, Winston vs det or McCown at den? I don’t like cousins matchup and his o-line issue. Mccown has been so good but does his fantasy glory end this week. On the surface den is a messs but it is at denver. Den has given up a lot of passing scores, but talib is back this week. I’d have to add Winston if he is the play.. Thx

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Scott: I’d roll with McCown, I think he has a high floor

  16. dau99 says:

    need some start tips —- Best 2 pick for WR to start Week 14 NFL:

    de’andre hopkins – houston
    antonio brown – steelers
    aj green – bengals
    keenan allen – chargers

    and, what are a couple teams we should look at starting on Defense Week 14 NFL?


    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @dau99: How does one acquire all 4 of those receivers? Are you God?

      Keenan Allen and DeAndre Hopkins

      Denver, and Chargers

  17. Jeffrey Gilden says:

    Quick question – I have Brees and Wentz to choose from. I know most people have Wentz ranked higher for this week, but is there any change to that if Ingram doesn’t play? Who would you go with?


  18. Scott says:

    I need to pick 3 players out of this group to use this week: hilton, delanie walker,
    goodwin, mike Davis, Olsen. This is for 2 flex spots and a wr/te spot. .5 ppr. I
    have walker, goodwin, hilton in my lineup as of now. Thx

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Scott: tough pick between Olsen and Hilton tbh, but I’d keep it as you have it

  19. William Trill Cauley-Stein says:

    MB, good sir. How are you? I appreciated your advice last week. I am in a 0.5 PPR ten team league. Could you please help me with my line up for week 14? I appreciate it. A win this week would lock up a playoff spot for me.

    QB1- Goff or Keenum?

    RB1-Freeman? Miller? Coleman? R. Burkhead? D. Lewis? T. Coleman? S. Perine?

    RB2-Miller? Coleman? R.Burkhead? D. Lewis? D. Freeman? S. Perine?

    WR- M. Bryant


    FLEX-L. Miller? T. Coleman? R. Burkhead? Hopkins? D. Lewis? S.Perine?

    TE- Henry


    D-HOU? Or MIN? Or NYJ?

  20. Jake says:

    Hey bud I am looking into week 15 at defenses out of these which one you like the best.

    Lions at home against Chicago
    Saints home against Jets
    Bills home against Miami
    Skins home against Arizona

    Thanks man …

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Jake: what’s up man, I like the Saints against the Jets

  21. Jerry says:

    Hyde or Shepard in a full point ppr league? Thanks!

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