Tired of clicking multiple links just to look up where one of our writers ranked Gerald Everett? Wondering who Gerald Everett is? Good, because I’m with you on both counts! With MB and Zach providing the Razzball readers with their own rankings (a contrarian consensus, as I like to say, to pretend I’m clever), we’re going to provide our 2017 Fantasy Football Staff Rankings for the first time ever, a place where you can find all of our weekly rankings in one spot! The players will be sorted by our average ranking, providing you a great way to see how the Razzball Staff feels (questions posted in our comment section will be answered by all ranking writers!), and it’ll also provide our specific rankings so you know how each of us feel about a player. So many feels, so little time. Follow us after the jump for your Official 2017 Razzball Staff Rankings for Week 13!

  1. Scott says:

    Which qb do I use this week: Winston or McCown. Why am I skeptical on mccown? I just have a bad feeling about kc waking up. I also need to pick a wr out of Parker (My only healthy wr left that isn’t in my lineup, Cutler playing) or add goodwin or Seth Roberts. Goodwin probably has the best qb he’s had all year, Crabtree and cooper out and Patterson is iffy. .5 ppr. Thx

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Scott: McCown. Playing Winston is bad news

  2. When Buying Gifts Don't Confuse the Diary of Hans Frank and Anne Frank says:

    20 team PPR with IDP slots, i have these:
    1 flex spot
    LB (2) david/ogletree/perryman/hitchens (hitchens is the usual bench, he just had his best game though)
    DT (1) buckner
    DE (1) dunlap
    S (1) reid SF
    CB (2) carrie/mccourty
    and this offense:
    QB (1) staff/bortles
    RB (2) gurley/collins/drake/forte/m.davis/b.marshall
    WR (3) crabtree/hill/parker/s.roberts (starting this week)/k.wright
    TE (1) ertz
    1 flex
    K butker

    news that s.lee is back next week, drop hitchens now for him or just wait and try to drop perryman for him later (this would ensure i get that high end DAL MLB if lee gets hurt yet again). no DL spots or i’d not have dropped lee in the first place.

  3. Steve Anus says:

    with AAron back (the RB one) j.will or drake in flex, PPR

    2. with jjss back, mart bry or t.will (LAC, m.will out again)

    • Steve Anus says:

      @Steve Anus: 3. daily show over both of j.will/drake IF mccaffery doesn’t play. issue here is that CAR plays later than GB and MIA, so this might not be known till too late.

    • MB

      Unbreakable_MB says:

      @Steve Anus: I’d go with Drake in the flex

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