In a time long, long ago (2 months) BEFORE writing at Razzball I thought I knew more than all of the fantasy experts. This wasn’t out of disrespect. It’s just who I am, and I would argue that is who most of us who play fantasy sports are. We think we know everything. We have the game figured out. We have a natural competitive spirit. Well once again it is time for all our readers to congregate to Razzball Commenter Leagues (RCLs) and prove that you know more than at least me, maybe the rest of the staff, and 200+ other competitors.

As always we will have prizes for the winners completely free of charge, BUT the ultimate prizes are brand new this season. The top 10 overall finishers will have an automatic invitation to the now famous 2020 Razzbowl. The Razzbowl has been a featured discussion topic on SiriusXM fantasy sports radio over the past week, and we want more of our fans to have the unique opportunity to play against some of the industry greats in 2020. All you need to do to qualify is join a Razzball Commenter League (you don’t actually have to comment), dominate, and get to the top of the leaderboard… Hell, join 5, join 10, give yourself as many shots as you can they’re FREE! We have teamed up with Fantrax again this season to support our RCLs. I play a ton of cash leagues at Fantrax myself. They have an updated mobile platform, and the best payout structure for hosted leagues in the industry (almost always 90%+). So after you sign up for your shot at the 2020 Razzbowl give the Fantrax platform consideration for hosting your home leagues, or join me in the hundreds of cash game options.

As for the RCLs they will once again be 12 team PPR leagues w/ standard rosters and this year 6 bench spots. This will leave the waiver wire more open for in-season movement. My favorite component of RCLs and the Razzbowl is that it is a league of leagues. In these contests you see more strategies deployed to make each separate draft its own unique animal.

Note: Razzball contributors are playing in the leagues, but are NOT eligible for prizes. If a Razzball contributor finishes 1st or anywhere in the top 10 that spot will be skipped in the prize process and the prize will move down one finishing spot.


Embedded below is a google sheet with all the information needed to join the RCL(s) of your choice with your favorite contributors. Simply click the link and sign up. If you have any issues reach out in the comment section and I will work to get it fixed ASAP. Drafts will run from August 15th to September 3rd. The league format will be 12 team PPR with but we are changing up the rosters! (QB/2 RB/3 WR/TE/SUPER FLEX/FLEX/FLEX). That’s right, we are getting rid of defenses and kickers and adding flex spots in their place. Also, we are incorporating a SUPERFLEX spot and if you aren’t aware, that means you can start a 2nd quarterback every week. 

  • Prize for Overall RCL Champion: Spot in 2020 Razzbowl + Rotowear tee shirt
  • Prize for Overall finishers 2-10: Spot in 2020 Razzbowl
  • Overall finishers are determined in the order of:
    • League winner
    • Season record
    • Total points scored as a tiebreaker.

Without further ado… All of the leagues that are available:


  1. The Great Knoche says:

    Somebody tell Truss we need this on the baseball side.

    • MB

      MB says:

      The popularity is recognized and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something special for baseball next year.

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