Najee Harris – Alabama – 6’2″ 230 lbs. – 3/9/98 (23 years old)

  • Strong, but not elite balance allows him to take (or deliver) a hit and keep going. 
  • Speaking of delivering hits, he’ll drop a shoulder into an oncoming defender or push through the pile.
  • Pulls through arm tackles. Keeps grinding at the end of plays. 
  • Has a knack for getting the first down or touchdown. 

Good vision to wait for a path to open outside. Breaks it back inside and drags the arm tackler for the first down. 


  • Not just a bulldozer, he has all the moves.
  • Has the athleticism to make a guy miss, in addition to be able to bulldozing option.
  • Has the leap in the toolbox. More than once he leaped a defender for a big gain. 
  • Has the acceleration to get outside or to burst through the hole once it opens. 
  • Unfortunately, his top speed isn’t top level and I wouldn’t expect him to hit many home runs in the NFL. 
  • Can use a stiff arm, spin, juke, or power move to beat defenders. 



  • Moves well laterally, but wouldn’t say he’s top level in this department. Best in a one cut and go situation.
  • Feet can get hung up at times, especially when he’s trying to do more than a one cut. 
  • May dance behind the line at times, but his patience is a benefit more than a detriment.
  • Top level patience to allow his blocking to develop and see what gaps will be opening. Waits behind the line for his blocks to get set up. 

Waits for the cutback and then, he gone. 


  • Sees the next block well when the play gets to the 2nd level. 
  • His good vision applies at the line and down the field to gain yardage. 
  • Can get get small and squeeze himself through blocks. 
  • Has the acceleration/burst to jump through the hole once it opens (and before it closes). 

Finds a crack in the line and shows burst to get the first down and into the secondary in a hurry.


  • Strong pass catcher. 
  • Grabs the ball out away from his body. Has a solid catch radius for a RB. 
  • Does have a tendency to turn his body and look back toward the ball rather than catching in stride at times. 
  • Showed he could catch facing directly at the QB and moving laterally, didn’t really have any opportunities to catch one over his shoulder. 
  • Ran mostly check downs and swings until later in his career. Had some nice grabs his junior and senior season. 

One of the few times he ran outside and got the ball. Nice move when the DB breaks back to cover him followed by a stiff arm for the TD. 


Total package in 1 play.