Soooo, yeah, I got bored. What can I say? Even with such an illustrious life of binge drinking and hanging out with your mom, there are empty spaces to fill. And I give you something that came out of one of those spaces. The thought process here is, (and be careful, you’ll be entering my thoughts, so duck if you see heavy amounts of boobage, or, you know, do your best motorboat impersonation):

“Well, you know what I would really like? Besides a fudgesicle? Actually, that’s all I’d really like. Wait, then I can’t explain my chart. Well… okay, but this is the last favor I’m doing for you. (What, this is how my brain works… kinda makes you wonder why you are even here, right?) So… what I’d like right now, besides fudge in my mouth, is a sort of reference thingamajig and tells me where all my picks will land if I’m picking, let’s say, 5th in a 12-team draft. Where are the rest of my picks? WHERE I ASK YOU! Look at all this internal strife. FUUUUDGE.”

So, you see all that? I needed something to tell me where my picks are, because I react to math like I do canned asparagus. This is a bad thing for all you canned asparagus lovers out there. All three of you. So, here’s a nifty chart-thang that won’t necessarily help you navigate international waters, but might come in handy during your drafts…


Haha, just kidding. OR AM I?


Draft Pick Chart:


Click for full size.

  1. Allan says:

    Hey Jay we just drafted in a 12 team standard. What you think?
    QB: Ben Rothlisberger, Sam Bradford
    RB: Eddie Lacy, Mark Ingram, Joique Bell, Arian Foster
    WR: Julio Jones, Brandin Cooks, Larry Fitzgerald, Breshad Perriman, Davante Adams, Dorial Green-Beckham
    TE: Jordan Cameron, Dwayne Allen
    D: Patriots
    K: Dan Bailey

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Allan: I like the balance, and the te’s you nabbed.

  2. Grizza3569 says:

    i know its early, but things move early in our league…12 man dynasty league, no salary cap or keeper limitations. I have AP, Foster/Blue, Crowell and Ellington as rbs. Start 2 plus a flex spot. Was offered the #1 pick (only incoming rookies) for Foster/Blue and Torrey Smith (bye week fill in for me). Worth giving that up for Gurley or Gordon or even joseph randle in a keep forever format? Thanks!!!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Grizza3569: yeah, I’m okay with that in a keeper format.

  3. Slobberknocker says:

    Thanks for getting us through baseball season with your football fixes.

    12 team keeper. Standard scoring.

    I can keep 3.
    (Player – Round they I get them)

    Lacy (1st)
    D. Thomas (1st)
    (if I keep both it would be a 1st and a 2nd)

    F. Gore (3rd)
    D. Hopkins (6th)

    L. Murray (12th)
    J. Landry (12th)
    (if I keep both it would be a 12th and a 13th)

    Your thoughts?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      No worries at all!

      I’d go Lacy and probably Murray and Landry for the value.

      • Slobberknocker says:

        @Jay: Thanks Jay!

  4. kmda007 says:

    Since my baseball team fell apart, been looking forward to football…10 team, 2 QB, PPR
    I can keep 4

    Rogers (rd1)
    Bryant (rd2)
    A. Brown (rd4)
    L. Bell (rd3)
    Wilson (rd5)
    Hill (rd16)

    Really should keep Rogers and Wilson since it is a 2 QB league, but don’t really know where to go from there. Thanks.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      I think you might have to just keep one qb to get the Hill value pick while holding onto Bell and Brown. Really tough decision on Dez there too.

  5. Andy says:

    Hey Jay,

    How late would you have to get Gurley to draft him and Leveon on the same team?

    Also, did you catch ti5?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Andy: I did and the ti was fantastical. I just made up a word because it was so great. Then again, I am a huge EG fan (have been for 2+ years), so that may be why.

      Hmm, you’d probably have to draft Gurley in the third or fourth round depending on how the draft room is trending…

      • andy says:

        @Jay: Yeah,I loved it. So much more intense than last year. Suma1l is a monster.

        I meant to ask would you ever draft Gurley if you took Leveon already? If so, when would you be willing to take him?

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @andy: Yeah, I’m okay with it. Same answer, I think the third round or fourth round is fine. Running back depth is really bad this season, so I’m fine getting two studs there. I do like Gordon more than Gurley though.

          And yeah, Suma1l’s neck pillow was probably the reason. PPD’s drafts were pretty amazing as well (along with Universe. Actually, they all played top-level).

  6. Clinton says:

    I’m in a ten team league. I have the 2nd pick this season as well as the 10th. (I paid my friend’s entry fee.) My draft starts Sept. 5th. I’m thinking Lacy with the 2nd overall pick. Now the big question is with my second pick in the first round do I go Luck or Rodgers? I appreciate your opinion.


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