If you watched the Pro Bowl, I’m sorry.  If someone wants to tell me about it in the comments that would be cool. Here are some freshly hand-picked links that I think will be good and nutritious for the whole family.

Bryan Fontaine gives us his Dynasty Rankings. He’s always on point so take a look.

Evan Silva takes a look at the success or lack there of for quarterbacks drafted in the 2nd round .  It’s not a pretty picture.

You Heard It Here First gives us their 2011 Quarterback Rankings. I think they were stealing from my brain! These look a lot like what I am thinking for next season.

The N.Y. Times Fifth Down Blog takes a look at athletes on Twitter and how they are often complete morons.

Paul Bourdett over at NFL Fanhouse gives us some nice fantasy rules to live by.  My favorite is to be wary of late season/playoff breakouts.

Dave Richard looks at some players who might be on the chopping block this off season and the fantasy implications.

The National Football Post hands out their 2010 Fantasy Football Awards.  Somehow I didn’t win anything!

Carl is not pleased with Jay Cutler’s lack of effort and Roger Goodell’s pay cut —

Here’s the word on the street.

Jeff Fisher gives Old Man Adams the goodbye note.

I love reading Cold, Hard, Football Facts to help me look at players stats in context.  They have a nice post on playoff QB rankings.  Guess what, Joe Montana was good.

A cool NFL statistics site Playerfilter is worth a look.  They also have a cool TD/Int post on 2010 quarterbacks.

Advanced NFL Stats give us 8 stats they think suck.  I also found this older post over there that looks at taking the randomness out of fantasy football.

And you can nominate your favorite fantasy football blog here.  Does Matthew Perry have a blog?

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    You have an incorrect link for the twitter athletes being morons. Hopefully you can update that cuz I wanna read it but then again I could be wrong and it might still be the right link

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