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Any fantasy football related questions about your team can, and probably, will be posted to the site in the form of a mailbag.

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LeSean White
9 years ago

First off, I love what you guys do…Hard hitting,sometimes irreverent thoughtful stat based analysis. I just found out about your website about a month ago. I’m a fantasy sport GEEK. I participate in 2 football(1 traditional, 1 auction keeper) that i have won every year, a nascar league, baseball auction keeper, and golf league…You guys do a great job with all of the things you do, i was just wondering(aka hoping) if you might be interested in having me do a Fantasy Golf column for you. I could talk about things like, why the fuck did Will Willcox have 20-1 odds on Bovada starting this weeks tournament? (he is -1 after day one, and doesn’t have odds anymore) . his favorite food is Spaghetti, and his mother,Kim, is a golf instructor…Just sayin, I research the shit out of stuff, and i love talking shit…can i have a job? Respectfully yours, Pete Silver

Tim Williams
8 years ago

FYI. In the Top 200 1/2 point PPR list, Kelce/TE is listed at #55, and #57.

8 years ago
Reply to  Tim Williams

Ah, thanks for the heads up, I’ll get that fixed later today.

6 years ago

Why are there Multiple different football rankings for each helpful football article?

It seems like over 50% of your articles are different writers rankings.

You guys used to provide much more in the line of helpful and insightful articles. Now its just ranking after ranking.

Maybe have articles about future players to look at for the second half of the season for example….someone to stash.

Maybe a little more on who you should target and who might get you that player.

Something other than this writer ranks that player 32 but this other person likes him at 23 and so on.

6 years ago
Reply to  Glen

Hey Glen, lots of great suggestions here, but just for reference, we have a staff of writers, myself, Matt, and Zach, and they are there to offer a contrarian view and consensus in terms of rankings. They are also very dedicated to answering any and all questions to help the community in those posts and their many other contributions. That being said, rankings are a big deal in today’s fantasy football world, and it’s just a nature of living in that world. But keep in mind that we had 97 posts in the month of September, and nearly 80% of that content wasn’t related to rankings at all.

Thanks for the feedback!

Joe Buttgereit
5 years ago

I, like many others, have an obsession for all the things fantasy sports, particularly fantasy football. I’ve been writing articles, mainly rankings on a site of my own creation (fantasysportsnerdz.com) for two years now, and I’m currently contributing a few articles a week to a pair of other sites as well (5thdownfantasy.com & advancedsportslogic.com). In addition to my passion for fantasy sports, I have a passion for writing that sets me apart from other applicants. I have an ability to express my opinions and thoughts efficiently and concisely through text.

I am determined to succeed in a career in fantasy sports in some way, shape, or form. I’m working on building a more prominent Twitter presence to network and build contacts in the industry. I believe this site would be perfect for me to showcase my knowledge and passion for the sport. I currently play in two 16-team dynasties, as well as multiple re-drafts every year. I do have a high success rate in the leagues, generally winning a championship or two every year, but I take more pride in helping others dominate their leagues.

I also participate in the FantasyPros expert rankings program. My rankings and picks aren’t eligible for the accuracy contest yet, but I’m hoping to be included for next season. Currently this season (including the non-eligibles, like me obviously), I’m ranked 44th in the weekly picks accuracy, and 83rd in the overall player rankings list. I can present a screenshot if it’s necessary since you can’t fact-check due to my non-eligibility for the official accuracy lists.

You can find plenty of samples on the aforementioned sites, but I can also provide any documentation and samples necessary. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from you!

5 years ago
Reply to  Joe Buttgereit

Email me at [email protected]