The news of the day is of course labor negotiations and that news is as boring as watching the MLB Home Run Derby. The speculation continues to be that a deal is a week or two away. All I know is that they are still talking and that’s good. If they stop talking, well, then we’re screwed.

I am currently hard at work ranking players and if you’ve been paying super close attention, or just casually clicking once a month, you’ll see I’ve got our top 10 WRs and RBs, so you can guess what’s next, that’s right, kickers. We’ve also got our Next Great Fantasy Football Writer competition in full swing and are getting submissions in daily. Remember they are due by July 22nd and that all of Rick Bayless’ restaurants in Chicago do have gift certificates. The Razzball Commenter Leagues will be starting up soon as well, so that’s another thing that is awesome. Man, I have a lot of work to do!

Like I said, fantasy news is pretty slow right now, so I’m going to drag this intro on a little bit longer to make this post look a little meatier so you’ll think you’re getting your money’s worth. Oh wait, you aren’t paying anything for this. Here you go:

Colin Kaepernick: The reports are coming out from whatever they are calling their get together practice things and CK is wowing with his arm. Alex Smith has a limp noodle or a Penningtannon for an arm and only his veteran-ness will keep him as the starter to start the season. Harbaugh has said it is an open competition and the best man will win, which means Alex Smith’s days are numbered. But this really makes it tough to have much faith in the Niners passing game. I’m going to take a pass on VD and Crabs this season, and it’s probably a good idea for you to take a pass as well, in all aspects of your life.

Ryan Grant: He says he’s been informed by somebody somewhere that he’s still the lead back and I’d have to agree. His upside is depressed due to James Starks, but he still has value as the goal line/lead back for the high scoring Packers. As long as the playoffs remain in people’s minds Grant may be had on the cheap.

Cam Newton: A couple of beat reporters for the Charlotte Observer believe that Jimbo Clausen will start the season as the QB and then Cam Newton will take over when they feel he is ready. This is definitely fallout from the lockout because a pile of rocks could play better than Clausen and have. We will probably hear plenty of similar stories involving veterans playing over rookies and veteran free agents being resigned by their teams because they want the stability they bring.

Andre Roberts: He finished the season strong and if Steve Breaston goes the way of free agency, he has a good shot at being the #2 WR starting the season and if the Cards get Kolb or even Orton he could have some value if we ever get a season and if a meteor doesn’t hit us between now and then.

Donovan McNabb: Speculation continues to run wild that McNabb will end up in Minnesota and I see no reason to try to squash it.  I’ve always been a DMac fan. He has his faults as a QB, but he is a legitimate starter in this league and the Redskins organization is a cluster-eff of monumental proportions. With Harvin, Shiancoe and Sid Rice (IF they pay him), I think McNabb could pull a Favresque return in Minny. I’d be happy with him as my backup.

Hines Ward: Ward was arrested for a DUI and if the charges stick there is a chance he’d be suspended for a couple games, but it’s way too early to speculate on all that. So I’ll stop now. The end.