The NFL and the Player’s Association are set to meditate for the next 7 days. Wait, no? Oh, they are going to mediation you say? That’s good I suppose.  I think the meditation would probably work better because they both need to get their shizz together.  But what I really think they need to do is to sit in a room with about 100 hardcore NFL fans and discuss their grievances and and the billions of dollars they are trying to divvy up.

Every news item is tainted by the CBA “negotiations,” but we will trudge on and repress all of our pain and suffering.

Steve Smith: The one with the Napoleon complex, is most likely headed to greener pastures and you really couldn’t find anything less green than the Panthers’ pastures. It’s cracked concrete with a few weeds poking out at best.  He somehow lasted until pick 153 in our Draftmaster league and I was pissed that I forgot about him. I won’t let it happen again. If he can be had anywhere near that late he should be a steal.  Smith to the Patriots looks good on paper, but that’s speculation at this point. Really, whoever he goes to will make him a bounceback candidate.

Tony Romo: The reports of his rehab are good. He’s throwing and throwing well and is high on my draft list. But I am starting to worry that his ADP is going to be a little higher than I first thought, but we’ll have to see.

Donald Driver: He says he plans on playing until he is forty.  He’s 36 right now and was slowed by leg injuries last season. It doesn’t seem like a very realistic plan. With Finley coming back and Jennings, Nelson and Jones still around I’m staying far away from Driver.

Nnamdi Asomugha: After the Raiders signed Richard Seymour to a huge contract it’s looking less likely that they’ll be able to pay Asomugha. This will upgrade some teams pass defense quite a bit, but also really hurt their pocketbook.  There are plenty of teams interested, but the Eagles have been mentioned more than once.

Julio Jones: The Alamaba star receiver is looking good to go early in the draft and my man Mike Mayock says there is no way he’ll get past the Rams at pick 14, but could go earlier. This would help Bradford out quite a bit, but it’s hard to believe he won’t need time to develop.  But getting McDaniels, Bradford and Jones on the same page would be a good thing for their fantasy futures.

Santonio Holmes: After the Jets placed the franchise tag on David Harris they said their number one goal is to sign Holmes to a long term deal. As they should. Holmes is easily their best receiver and Sanchez needs his consistency if he’s going to not suck. I like Holmes quite a bit for next season.

Vincent Jackson: The Chargers placed the franchise tag on VJax and are pretty much kicking his ass up and down wherever they are during this ass kicking. He held out last season to get a long term contract and they told him to go jump off a cliff and now they are going to string him along a little longer. It’s not a great situation, but Jackson has made his bed.

Dez Bryant: DB Killer didn’t quite get the playbook last season.  Amazingly this is good news as long as he’s  going to get it next season! He was awesome last season and didn’t even know the routes! I’m loving me some Dez.

  1. dentist says:

    Chet, thanks for continuing to kick it real during the off-season. I attribute 18.4% of my fantasy success to your good insight, and the entertainment value is gravy on top. More important, though, what BBoys are you listening to during your workout? I used to tap Ill Communication to keep me going on the elliptical.

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @dentist: I’m always down for keeping it real. I have them all on my ipod. I have a playlist of songs from all of them. I really like Hello Nasty though.

  3. TDCC says:

    This is really late but I just wanted to thank this site for helping me win my fantasy leagues this year. I won 2 out of my 3 leagues, the 2 I won both for money and the other was just a keeper league for no money. So mad props to the site and thanks for all the great advice and enjoyable reads over the season and even offseason.

  4. Joel says:

    was just surfing the net and thought I’d see what y’all are up to in the offseason. warms my heart to see you mocking already!

    Pray for football next year!

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