We are coming down the end of this article for the season. Next week will be it. But before it ends, let’s look at some players who could help or hurt you come playoff time for fantasy.

At this point of the season, there are few real chances to sell high or buy low. But there are still players to look at for trades. Whether it be someone to acquire, or someone you have been holding who needs to go. We will now take a look at some of those players here.


Solid Gets:

Carlos Hyde| RB| Houston Texans-

The Texans are on a bye this week. It could make it even easier to get Hyde from his owner because of this. We saw Duke Johnson get a lot of work in London. But Hyde has been the main man in Houston for most of the season. He had a 100-yard game against the Chiefs and has averaged over 16 rushes a game for the season while averaging over 4.5 yards per rush.

With an offensive line in shambles and only getting worse, this is a solid baseline to use going forward. Especially as they try to wrangle the division from the Indianapolis Colts coming down the stretch.

While not a sexy name, Carlos Hyde is a name you will hear on a good amount of fantasy playoff teams. Hopefully your team is one of them.    


Adrian Peterson| RB| Washington Redskins-

Dwayne Haskins stinks. The Redskins stink. This is why Jay Gruden was fired and Bill Callahan took over the team. One thing we know about Callahan is that he wants to run. With Derrius Guice still injured and Chris Thompson spending his obligatory time out as well, it falls to Adrian Peterson to fill in. And fill in he has, including 108 rush yards this week against the Bills in Buffalo. Yes, he has lost a step, but who amongst us hasn’t? He is still the best player on the team and a player his teammates respect. He is not going to give up and the team around will support him in this endeavor.

If there is any light at the end of the tunnel in the nation’s capital, it begins and ends with Mr. Peterson. He will be the go-to man the rest of the season. And the bell cow work he will get, makes him a wonderful add. If he is on waivers? Scoop him up. If someone already has him though, throw out a small offer and see if you get a bite. You might be surprised.

Philadelphia Eagles D/ST- 

The Eagles have a bye this week followed by the Patriots and Seahawks, this isn’t great. But the playoff schedule is juicy. With games against the Dolphins, Redskins and Giants you will want to start this defense if you can. That is all. I mean, as I said, it is defense.


Bye, Bye Birdie:

Terry McLaurin| WR| Washington Redskins

We have been talking about getting rid of him for a while. Now it is imperative you separate from McLaurin.

Sure, he is likely the offensive rookie of the season. Well, maybe not anymore. But the second half of his season is turning out to be as bad as the first half was good. This is due in no small part to the change in coach. The new coach, as we have seen wants to run the ball a lot. This limits the chances McLaurin gets in the pass game. Even in the game Sunday in which the team was losing bad, he only caught four passes for 39 yards. With Dwayne Haskins behind center, this will only go down. Haskins doesn’t know the playbook. Doesn’t care to learn the book. And feels entitled to anything he wants. Jamarcus Russell much?

Hopefully he gets his crap together for next season. But as for 2019, it is a lost cause. Both for Washington and as a byproduct, McLaurin. The times were fun while they lasted but it has run its course. If you can flip him for a WR two or three, make the move. Don’t wait until it is too late, and you have to end up dropping him anyway. The Nationals may have won the World Series but everything else in Washington is a mess. And it starts with the Redskins.

Le’Veon Bell| RB| New York Jets-

Sure he had 121 yards against the Dolphins. But it took him 25 touches to do this. And to be honest, everyone has this type of game, or better against the Dolphins. Miami has the 31st ranked defense against the run in the NFL and the Jets could still barely get anything going. Even Bell only had 66 of those yards on the ground on 17 carries.

Coming out of the game, he also had a knee injury. While likely not serious, it was severe enough for the team to go sign Josh Adams from the free agent wire. This means even if Bell is healthy, they may want to limit him a bit more going forward, so he holds up for the long haul.

Whereas we are all excited to see the upcoming schedule for Le’Veon Bell a few weeks ago, that elation has turned to utter indifference as we see he is not the same after a year off. And behind an offensive line which cannot hold up while he tries to juke and jive in the back field before going anywhere. This type of running worked in Pittsburgh because they had a great offensive line. The Jets? Well, they do not. And it has shown all season as Bell has struggled on a weekly basis to perform. A few weeks ago, everyone, including me, had him as a buy. I was wrong, they were wrong. Try to get something for him before the trade deadline. Don’t get garbage for him, but if you can flip him for an RB2, make the deal.

  1. Cram It says:

    I’m on the fence with McLaurin. With Haskins, yeah he’s useless, but if Keenum gets back under center….I mean, we don’t know yet if it’s Keenum or Haskins the rest of the way, right?

    • Cram It says:

      Eh, it looks like Haskins is going to get a chance the rest of the season, so bye McLaurin!

  2. Wacha Wacha says:

    Would you grab Powell or Montgomery in the event that Bell is injured or limited?


    • dominick

      Dom says:

      No. I don’t think their offense is good enough to even want somebody else other than #BAL if he’s not there.

  3. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    where are you getting this from?

    “Haskins doesn’t know the playbook. Doesn’t care to learn the book. And feels entitled to anything he wants”

    j.russell we know this was true of, this guy here has played less than 2 full games currently. with previously an idiot coach. and a horrible line. why not “rosen is as washed up as brock lobster is/was (osweiler)” it sure looks that way so far of course with rosen, but he’s also been on quite likely the 2 worst O-lines at the time he played, with coaches that certainly appeared to be intentionally tanking when he started (that now makes 3 straight MIA regimes of sure as hell looking like they are trying to tank, at least when it comes to using their best RB they had on the roster at the time, l.miller, ayaji, drake now all underused, then thrown away for about nothing each time).

    • dominick

      Dom says:

      The reason I did not bring that up about Rosen is pretty simple. Because I was talking about the Redskins and Terry McLauren not the dolphins. Ask for where am I getting that from, there are numerous reports from many different platforms stating that he is not learning the playbook and feels entitled. You can find them in many different arenas including major outlets like bleacher report, athletic and others.

      • Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

        i’m seeing the bleacher one from nov 6th now, and yeah it sounded like he didn’t give too much of a shit when the old coach was around, likely since the reason he wasn’t playing was the old coach didn’t want him playing (regardless of how good at the playbook he was). that issue resolved itself when the old coach got removed. if that kind of stuff continues of course his career (haskins’) won’t last long.

  4. The Hol says:

    What are some names you’d target when trading Mclaurin?

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